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RESOLVED, that the corporation sell to _____ the real property of the corporation located at _____ in accordance with the terms of the Contract of Sale dated _____ , and that the closing documents in ... CORPORATE RESOLUTION TO SELL ...

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Title: SAMPLE LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION Author: Knoerig Last modified by: Wolfgang Created Date: 12/6/2005 8:36:00 PM Company: EMCC DR. RASEK Other titles

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FORM OF LETTER OF AGREEMENT - The Federal Reserve Bank ...

LND1-3 SAMPLE. LETTER OF AGREEMENT [Print on the letterhead ... to discount, rediscount, or sell (with or without the Borrower’s ... assign, pledge, and transfer to any Federal Reserve Bank security interests in any or all property of the Borrower, whether now owned or hereafter ...

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sample authorization letter, Attachment 4). SPECIAL IDENTIFICATION. ... mortgagor's estate is making a reasonable effort to sell the property we. approve your request for an extension. The new deadline for sale of the.

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our written authorization before releasing the report, or any part thereof, ... without any warranty that the property will actually sell for the appraised value. ... SAMPLE ENGAGEMENT LETTER Last modified by:

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Trespass and Ban Policy of - Public Housing Authorities ...

... without authorization, ... Following GHA’s determination to ban a person from GHA Property, a GHA Trespass Letter (“the Trespass Letter”) ... Sell or solicit for sale without a permit from the City of Greenville, ...

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LEASE ADDENDUM - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Agreement by the Tenant that the Landlord may take or hold the Tenant's property, or may sell such property without notice to the Tenant and a court decision on ... Authorization to the Landlord to waive the Tenant's right to appeal a court decision or waive the Tenant's right to sue to ...

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Department of the Army Letterhead - Naval Sea Systems Command

... signature activity granting this authorization shall maintain inventory of all lasers systems covered by this exemption letter, or property ... or deviation from the scope defined in the table below require the manufacturer to obtain a new exemption authorization letter. ... Do not sell or ...

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I will endeavor in this letter to explain why the Radian Lien Protection product ... Radian is performing a title search to ascertain certain facts about the property. ... and advise the Department of Insurance of those actions so that it can deny Radian authorization to sell RLP in ...

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... made an assignment for the benefit of creditors, (ii) had a receiver, liquidator or trustee of your property, ... with corporate seal, if applicable, notarized as to its authenticity or Secretary’s certificate of authorization) ... PROPOSAL SURETY - SAMPLE LETTER OF CREDIT. IRREVOCABLE ...

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is found as a separate file on the Excess Property Website under the 1033 Excess PropertySample Forms link. ... A sample of this letter is posted on the GEMA Excess Property web site ... (sell or trade) without prior approval from DOD/LESO. DEMIL Code Description A - Non-MLI ...

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Short Sale Package - First International Title

In that regard one way to both get and sell listings of properties whose owners owe more than the property ... Short Sale Dept. sends in the Authorization Letter ... Sthreshley Sandra Gamito First International Title First International Title First International Title 2034 East Sample ...

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Language for the contract addendum - American Bar Association

AUTHORIZATION. Date: Lender of Record: ... Letter as to why the default situation exists: i.e., loss of employment ... and release them of any liability in the event they are unable to sell the property prior to foreclosure and for any activities related to the short sale and negotiations ...

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Cover letter – Initial Applications - Washington

Consent (Authorization) to Release and/or Use Confidential Information form. Real Property and/or Building Related to Financing and/or Insurance Attestation form. ... Number or letter all attachments and indicate attachment number / letter on blank line.

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Sample Room & Board Contract - FarmHouse

... occupying the Room. Damage to room or property used in common with other Students will be charged to all Students equally. ... The Student shall not sell or assign this Contract without the prior written consent of the ... Sample Room & Board Contract Author: Extension Service Last ...

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... Ward obtains court authority to sell the rental property to Joe Fish for $90,000 (UTC ... On May 2, 2003, Ward obtains court authorization to hire an auctioneer to sell the van and office equipment. On ... Sample Case #2 has been added to illustrate how a successor chapter trustee ...

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Request for Proposal - Syndicate Bank

... plan, drawing, pattern, sample or information furnished by or on behalf of the Bank in connection therewith, ... However, Purchaser shall have no rights or authority whatsoever to sell, lease, assign, license, ... Authorization Letter for attending the Bid Opening .

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... (with disclosure authorization), including any subsequent credit reports requested by the United States Trustee ... A sample declaration is provided in the Supplementary Materials. ... This auctioneer or appraiser may not subsequently sell the property, unless the trustee or a designee, ...

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Sample Questions - Professor Isler

... Policies and procedures follow the letter of the EEO law. 102. In a ... finds that 75 percent of bargaining unit members have signed authorization cards. This means that ... At a regional manufacturing facility the quality control people sample 15 percent of the finished products to ...

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Sample Business Letters are listed in Alphabetical Order

Late Return Authorization. 222. Letter Canceling Unfilled Order. 223. Letter Notice of Job Opening. ... Notice of Intention to Sell Goods After Breach. 288. Notice of Layoff. 289. Notice of Lease. ... Promotional Letter, Commercial Property Broker. 396. Promotional Letter, Corporate Security.

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In this Security Agreement the term “Collateral” means any and all items of property of ... farm products, inventory, equipment, money, investment property, commercial tort claims, letters of credit, letter-of-credit rights, chattel ... This authorization is given as security for the ...

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The property or a representative sample of property will be ... The Government reserves the right to withdraw from sale any of the items listed in the sales catalog/brochure or to sell at auction items not listed. PROPERTY ... the Purchaser must prepare and sign an authorization letter ...

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INTRODUCTION - Connecticut

Letter of Authorization (K-61) ... (H6-B) is processed for a vehicle on-line, your dealership may now sell and register the vehicle on-line. ... Sample letter “A” will be mailed to the principal to notify them of the problem. 2.

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Sample Office Policy Manual. 2010 edition ... letter or in person, should immediately be forwarded to the managing broker. In the absence of the managing broker, ... The agent must secure a copy of the part of the will or court order which empowers the Personal Representative to sell property.

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... Fetch Document - SHRM Online - Society for Human Resource ...

... This sample handbook is intended to be broad and applicable to a wide variety of ... An employee will be required to sign the Wage Deduction Authorization Agreement to deduct the costs of such items from ... Company property, information or business opportunities may not be used ...

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Take a positive approach to fair housing practices and aspire to follow the spirit as well as the letter of the law. ... Broker Authorization to Contract. ... The agent may be concurrently working with the seller to sell the property and also working to buy a new property.

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Report Cover - Judiciary of California

The bidder's signature on this RFP certifies that it is authorized to sell the ... may be further required to submit a manufacturer's letter of authorization demonstrating that the ... 7.9.4 Any product that poses potential hazards to personnel or property must have a warning label which ...

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S A M P L E - Illinois Association of Realtors

Attach a copy of your letter of authorization from the SOS 5-15 (d) 20-20 ... direct or indirect, in property that was subject of a brokerage transaction during the past 3 years? Attach a list ... Do you sell or share consumer information gathered from or through the Internet or other electronic ...

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... (Letter 16) shall be provided to . MaineDOT. before the Municipality may request authorization to advertise for ... Acquisition of property rights necessary to construct and maintain the Project shall be ... No Assignment Without Approval. The Municipality shall not sublet, sell, ...

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LETTER OF CONFIRMATION - Everett Community College | Stay ...

For a check to be mailed an authorization form must be completed, ... You shall not sell any materials to participants nor collect any funds unless pre-approval has been obtained. ... You will provide a sample to CCEC for review at least one week prior to distribution date.

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NSP Multifamily Rental Program Gap Financing Loan Agreement

... but not limited to, the completed printed application, any written responses to any deficiency letter issued by Grantee ... in the case of a transfer of the Project, The Owner hereby covenants and agrees not to sell, transfer ... and no further authorization for such ...

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Sample Customer Intake Form (from NStep) - Southeast CDC

... or to sell our property to Southeast CDC. Furthermore, Southeast CDC also Partner with, ... and others only with your authorization and signatures. ... Sample Customer Intake Form (from NStep)

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Chapter 1

... Sample Letter of Delegation of Procurement Authority. Appendix G ... The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1998 (Public Law 105-85; 10 U. S. C. 2304 ... A merchant that has been blocked may still sell items that are authorized for purchase with the GPC.

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Chapter 12 Events After Guaranty - Veterans Benefits ...

... this method may require obtaining the veteran's authorization/signature on such forms ... Lender certification of veteran's status Veteran intends to sell property on which he/she has an existing VA loan prior to closing on the ... 12-17 Exhibit 12-A Sample Postaudit Request Letter.

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Clause A114: Special tooling and/or special test equipment ...

Tryout parts must be accepted by inspection prior to using for fabrication of sample ... This definitive Order number _____ supersedes advance procurement authorization (APA) letter no ... shall determine the handling and disposition of the property. (4) Seller may sell any scrap ...

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Standard Application - Headquarters Marine Corps

Provide a representative sample of each product that you plan to produce and or sell bearing any USMC insignia. ... **Authorization to produce products bearing USMC marks will not be granted until the company has ... identify agency and property ...

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PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT - Colorado Bar Association

Authorization to Execute Statements. ... No Partner shall directly or indirectly sell, transfer, ... the contributing partner’s obligation is not reduced by the amount reserved by the Partnership or funded through a letter of credit). See Rule 265 I.A.4 ...

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - California State Parks

SAMPLE CONCESSION CONTRACT. 25 ... Comply with the letter and spirit of current and subsequent guidelines or ... and others. Demonstrate compliance with labor laws as specified in the RFP. The successful proposer will not: Provide or sell items or services considered inappropriate, deemed ...

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Drug & Alcohol Policy (Template) - Truck Safe Workplace

This Policy and each of its rules apply whenever an employee is on or in Company Property, surrounding ... transfer, offer, share, attempt to sell or obtain, manufacture, or be under the influence of any ... I voluntarily agree to provide a sample of my Urine for Testing and to submit to any ...

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... Sample Letter of Deliverable Rejection ... That price in an open market at which a willing buyer would buy and a willing seller would sell neither being under abnormal pressure and both ... It uses a claims-based access control authorization model to maintain application security and ...

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Other property may pass outside probate to a surviving joint tenant, ... (See sample Letter Advising That Lawyer is Unable to Continue in Practice provided in the attachments of this handbook.) 7. ... please sign the authorization at the end of this letter and return it to this office.

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GA Surplus Property Manual - Georgia

The missing or stolen property Appendix A is a sample form to document. Trash, ... there are situations that are in the best interest of the State to sell property directly to other governments. ... Letter of Authorization to Remove Property.

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Collection of Letter Agreements -

Sell/Rent your intellectual property to another business that can use it. ... Authorization to Negotiate Letter. ... This is a sample letter requesting the right to use copyrighted material from a copyright holder.

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COVER PAGE - aboutwsca

Report Sample ... "Contract" means a written agreement for the procurement of items of tangible personal property, ... the Procuring Agency. The Contractor, subcontractor(s), officers, agents and assigns shall not make use of, disclose, sell, ...

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3. Sample Deficiency Letter. 4. Sample Notification of Funding Approval. 5. ... to sell the property or not to proceed under the Preservation. program, ... authorization to send payments directly to the recipient's.

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Retainer Agreement - practicePRO

Cover letter 2. Contract for Legal ... One step is to make sure the estate assets are safe. Estate assets include money and property. How to Safeguard the Assets of ... and insurance policies. If necessary, we will ask you to give us written authorization to obtain this information. Legal ...

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ABA Legal Opinions Accord - WSBA Business Law

In presenting a sample opinion, ... We are rendering this opinion letter to you at the request of the Company pursuant to Section ____ of the Agreement. ... For example, a lender who intends to sell, after the closing, participation interests in a loan might ask that the loan participants, ...

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Sample Employee Manual - Model 2000

... without specific written authorization from the Salon Owner either during your employment with this Salon or after your employment ... A letter from your commanding officer is required to establish the dates of ... sell or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. ...

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Previous Section - Defense Acquisition University

Property acquired by exchange at acquisition cost must be recorded. ... Using FMS to sell the exchange item to a foreign customer and procuring a newer one with the ... provides a sample letter seeking MCOTEA concurrence. Should MCOTEA require OT, the PM will have to prepare separate OT ...

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... use and/or sell products and/or services that embody, ... as well as any such patent expenses incurred directly by SBC with RI's authorization, ... Background Intellectual Property and Project Intellectual Property of a party, ...

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