World History For Dummies

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Now updated! Your personal tour guide to the history of the world

Want to know more about global history? This concise guide explains in clear detail all the major players and events that have made the world what it is today. Covering the entirety of human history, this comprehensive resource highlights important developments in everything from religion and science to art and war — giving you an understanding of how the 21st-century world came to be.

  • Begin to connect with the past — label the eras as you meet the Neanderthals, home in on Homer, raise Atlantis, and preserve Pharaohs
  • Find strength in numbers — trace the growth from ancient civilizations to today's global community and discover what makes societies succeed or fail

  • Discover the impact of thought — explore the rise of religion, the roots of philosophy, and the advance of science — and how our feelings and beliefs continually redefined us

  • Know the global consequences of war — ride with the Greeks and the Romans, arm yourself with the cavalry, dig the trenches, and follow the paths humans took to wage modern war

  • Meet the movers and shakers — from great leaders and courageous revolutionaries to ruthless tyrants and unsung heroes

  • Examine significant events of the 21st century — from 9/11 and the Afghanistan and Iraq wars to climate change, Hurricane Katrina, and the economic rise of China, India, and Brazil

Open the book and find:

  • A detailed overview of history
  • The development of the world's religions

  • Reviews of essential historical documents, from the Bible to the Bill of Rights

  • The invention of writing and art

  • Scientific developments that revolutionized the world

  • Capsule biographies of people who changed history — and a few who were changed by it

  • Ten unforgettable dates in world history

Author(s): Peter Haugen
Series: For Dummies
Edition: 2
Publisher: For Dummies
Year: 2009

Language: English
Pages: 406

Table of Contents
Title Page
Part I: Getting into History
Chapter 1: Tracing a Path to the Present
Chapter 2: Digging Up Reality
Chapter 3: Putting History into Perspective
Part II: Finding Strength in Numbers
Chapter 4: Getting Civilized
Chapter 5: The Rise and Fall of Many Empires
Chapter 6: History's Mid-Life Crisis: The Middle Ages
Chapter 7: The Struggle for World Domination
Chapter 8: Grabbing the Globe
Chapter 9: Clashing All Around the World
Part III: Seeking Answers
Chapter 10: Religion through the Ages
Chapter 11: Loving Wisdom: The Rise and Reach of Philosophy
Chapter 12: Being Christian, Thinking Greek
Chapter 13: Awakening to the Renaissance
Chapter 14: Making a Break: The Reformation
Chapter 15: Opening Up to Science and Enlightenment
Part IV: Fighting, Fighting, Fighting
Chapter 16: Sticks and Stones: Waging War the Old-Fashioned Way
Chapter 17: The War Machine Gets Some Upgrades
Chapter 18: Modernized Mayhem
Part V: Meeting the Movers and Shakers
Chapter 19: Starting Something Legendary
Chapter 20: Battling Toward Immortality
Chapter 21: Explorers and Discoverers: Places to Go, People to See
Chapter 22: Turning Tables: Rebels and Revolutionaries
Part VI: The Part of Tens
Chapter 23: Ten Unforgettable Dates in History
Chapter 24: Ten Essential Historical Documents