What Makes Us Social?

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Author(s): Chris Frith (author), Uta Frith (author)
Publisher: MIT Press
Year: 2023

Language: English
City: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Front Matter
Series Foreword
1. What is Social Cognition?
2. Learning from Others
3. Mirrors in the Brain
4. Sharing Emotions
5. The We-Mode
6. Joint Action
7. Predicting Behavior
8. Us and Them
9. Reputation and Trust
10. Mentalizing: The Competitive Heart of Social Cognition
11. The Dark Side
12. Modeling the Social World: The Computational Approach
13. Signals from the Deep
14. Consciousness and Control
15. Making Decisions in Groups
16. Communicating and Sharing Meaning
17. The Power of Teaching
18. Culture and the Brain
19. Getting Along Together
20. Facing a Pandemic Can Bring Out the Good in Us
Series Page