What If It Were Easy: Using Movement & Mindset to Create Success in Life, Love, and Business

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With humor, insight, and wisdom, What If It’s Easy uses a one-of-a-kind mind/body method of integrating creative thinking and problem-solving into physical activity. Mind-body expert (and former star of Guiding Light and One Life to Live) Sonia Satra breaks down her award-winning approach, the Mindset Reset, with easy-to-follow steps for setting and reaching goals. Her revolutionary Moticise program combines cardio exercise with mindset tools, like visualization, goal setting, and affirmation. Each chapter of What If It’s Easy depicts a new step along the process of building up strengths and eliminating barriers. Satra draws from her experiences as a life coach, actress, and entrepreneur as she shares how mindset tools and physical movement can lead to greater motivation and progress. Her approach gives readers the tools they need to break out of feeling “stuck” and listen to their heart in order to find a life they really, truly love.

Author(s): Satra, Sonia;
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Year: 2024

Language: English
Commentary: Using Movement & Mindset to Create Success in Life, Love, and Business
Pages: 276
Tags: Using Movement & Mindset to Create Success in Life, Love, and Business

Table of Contents

Chapter 1How to Make a Million Dollars

Chapter 2Okay, So How Do You Actually Do Moticise™?

PART ONE: The Mindset Reset Process

Chapter 3Choose a Goal

Chapter 4Step into the Future

Chapter 5Two Powerful Questions

Chapter 6What’s Stopping You?

Chapter 7Taking Action

Chapter 8The Ring of Life

Chapter 9Celebrate!

PART TWO: How to Use Your Superpowers

Exercise 1The Courageous You

Exercise 2The Creative You

Exercise 3The Energetic You

Exercise 4The Daring You

Exercise 5The Persistent You

Exercise 6The Patient You

Exercise 7The Strong You

Exercise 8The Fun You

Exercise 9The Decisive You

Exercise 10The Focused You

Exercise 11The Flexible You

Exercise 12The Self-Confident You


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