The DevOps Career Handbook: The ultimate guide to pursuing a successful career in DevOps

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Explore the diverse DevOps career paths and prepare for each stage of the interview process with collective wisdom from DevOps experts and interviews with DevOps Practitioners Key Features • Navigate the many career opportunities in the field of DevOps • Discover proven tips and tricks from industry experts for every step of the DevOps interview • Save both time and money by avoiding common mistakes in your interviews Book Description DevOps is a set of practices that make up a culture, and practicing DevOps methods can make developers more productive and easier to work with. The DevOps Career Handbook is filled with hundreds of tips and tricks from experts regarding every step of the interview process, helping you save time and money by steering clear of avoidable mistakes. You'll learn about the various career paths available in the field of DevOps, before acquiring the essential skills needed to begin working as a DevOps professional. If you are already a DevOps engineer, this book will help you to gain advanced skills to become a DevOps specialist. After getting to grips with the basics, you'll discover tips and tricks for preparing your resume and online profiles and find out how to build long-lasting relationships with the recruiters. Finally, you'll read through interviews which will give you an insight into a career in DevOps from the viewpoint of individuals at different career levels. By the end of this DevOps book, you'll gain a solid understanding of what DevOps is, the various DevOps career paths, and how to prepare for your interview. What you will learn • Understand various roles and career paths for DevOps practitioners • Discover proven techniques to stand out in the application process • Prepare for the many stages of your interview, from the phone screen to taking the technical challenge and then the onsite interview • Network effectively to help your career move in the right direction • Tailor your resume to specific DevOps roles • Discover how to negotiate after you've been extended an offer Who this book is for This book is for DevOps professionals looking to take the next step in their career, engineers looking to make a career switch, technology managers who want to understand the complete picture of the DevOps landscape, and anyone interested in incorporating DevOps into their tech journey.

Author(s): John Knight, Nate Swenson
Edition: 1
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Year: 2022

Language: English
Commentary: Vector PDF
Pages: 234
City: Birmingham, UK
Tags: DevOps; Negotiation; Interviews; Twitter; Social Networks; Social Media; LinkedIn; Continuous Delivery; Continuous Integration; Career; Infrastructure as Code; Job Applications; Mentorship; Recruitment; Containers

Title page
Copyright and Credits
Table of Contents
Section 1: A Career in DevOps
Chapter 1: Career Paths
Earning potential
Constant learning opportunities
Impact on the company
Overview of DevOps history
Lean manufacturing
Extreme programming
DevOps culture
Foster collaboration
End-to-end ownership
Continuous improvement
Automate everything
Continuous learning
DevOps career paths
DevOps generalist
DevOps specializing generalist
DevOps security specialist
DevOps cloud specialists
Chapter 2: Essential Skills for a DevOps Practitioner
Scripting, coding, and programming
Navigating the command line
Source code management
Infrastructure management
Capacity planning
Infrastructure provisioning
CI/CD concepts
Continuous integration
Continuous delivery
Cloud-native frameworks
Microservice architecture
Soft skills
Beginner DevOps certifications
AWS certifications
Google Cloud certifications
Azure certifications
Other resources
Chapter 3: Specialized Skills for Advanced DevOps Practitioners
CI/CD pipeline DevOps engineer
Maintaining a shared pipeline library
Infrastructure as code
Cloud and application modernization
Advanced cloud skills
Application modernization
Choosing a modernization approach
Containers and container management
Container management software
CI/CD process security
Environment and data security
Advanced DevOps certifications
AWS certifications
Google Cloud certifications
Azure certifications
Kubernetes certifications
Competency matrix
Matrix breakdown
Compensation in relation to level and competency
Section 2: The Application Process
Chapter 4: Rebranding Yourself
Ways of improving your LinkedIn profile
Updating your headline
Additional sections
Updating your resume to match the career you are after
Contact information
Updating and or creating your personal web page
GitLab Pages tutorial
Sections to include on your personal web page
Leveraging Twitter and other social profiles
Chapter 5: Building Your Network
LinkedIn the right way
Getting noticed
Building lasting connections, online and offline
Building connections in virtual settings
Building connections in a personal setting
In real life
Quality over quantity
Networking and conversation starters
Lean Coffee
Lightning talks
Conversation starters
Chapter 6: Mentorship
The importance of mentorship
Assistance and guidance toward setting achievable goals
The motivation to help you achieve your goals
Career coaching
Useful advice
The mentor-mentee relationship dynamics
Choosing the correct mentor
Questions to ask when looking for a mentor
Asking an individual to be your mentor
Additional ways to get connected with a mentor
Mentors as a reference
Have you asked your mentor to be a reference?
Have you worked with the mentor?
Has your mentor seen you use your skills? Are they confident about your skills required for the role?
Chapter 7: Working with Recruiters
Different types of recruiters
First-party recruiters
Recruiting agencies
Freelance recruiters
The recruiter's role at various stages of the interview process
Where to find them and how they can find you
How to present yourself
How to negotiate
Things that do not work
Things that do work
Following up, but when?
The waiting game
Etiquette for following up with recruiters
Section 3: Interview Process
Chapter 8: Preparing for Your Interview
Phases of the interview process
First-round interview
Technical interview
Follow-up rounds
Best ways to prepare
What to expect
Tricks of the trade
Common mistakes
Things that do work
Chapter 9: Interviews Step by Step
Typical interview walk-through
First-round interview
Technical interview
Additional rounds
Offer stage
Non-typical interview walk-through
Out-of-the-box design
Tell me about a time
Section 4: Tips, Tricks, and Interviews
Chapter 10: DevOps Career: Tips and Tricks
Tips for transitioning to a career in DevOps
Personal DevOps journey
Stay on track, but entertain your interests
Life is busy; prioritize and focus on things important to you
Opportunity is often disguised in a deceptive facade
Making an internal career change is sometimes easier than changing jobs and companies at the same time
Apply for roles you find interesting, even if you do not meet all the requirements
Things to avoid during the interview process
Avoid providing inaccurate or misleading information when applying for a position
Avoid neglecting to respond to recruiters after you have applied for a position
Avoid inconsistent information across social profiles and your resume
Things to do during the interview process
Discuss your side projects
Come prepared, ready to discuss tool alternatives
Chapter 11: Interviews with DevOps Practitioners
Interview with a senior DevOps manager
Interview with a senior DevOps engineer
Interview with a DevOps architect consultant
Interview with a tech executive passionate about neurodiversity and inclusion
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