Stress Management through Mind Engineering

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Experiencing stress in our everyday life is only human. Be it altercations with peers, upcoming deadlines or unnerving life events which can’t be controlled. There’s good stress that motivates us, and there’s stress that’s unhealthy; it controls our thoughts and feelings, leading to insomnia, heart diseases and even mental health issues. So how do we stop sweating over small things and start living blissfully?

Author(s): Rama Prosad Banerjee
Year: 2024

Language: English
Commentary: Stress Management using Mind Engineering
Pages: 236
Tags: Stress Management , Mind Engineering, Work & Organizational, Psychology Personnel Selection, Assessment, Human Resource Management Mental Health Business,

Title Page
Copyright Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The World of Stress
Chapter 2: Stress Management through Indian Insight
Chapter 3: Stressless Mind: Concepts and Practices
Chapter 4: Case Study in Stress Management
Chapter 5: Occupational Stress Injury
Chapter 6: Work-life Stress: The Human Environment
Chapter 7: Mind Tech
Chapter 8: Exploring the Mind
About the Author