Revise SQE Business Law and Practice: SQE1 Revision Guide 2nd ed

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Up to date for the 2023 SQE1 specification, this book will develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of business law and practice as it is assessed as part of SQE 1.

 It is a clear and concise overview of the subject and is split into two parts, the first part dealing with business law and practice and the second exploring principles of taxation relevant to businesses and their stakeholders. The guide provides plenty of opportunities for testing functioning legal knowledge as defined by SQE1, and applying relevant legal principles appropriately to SQE-style single best answer multiple-choice questions.

Revise SQE, we're here to help you pass the SQE, simple as that!

Author(s): Benjamin Jones
Edition: 2
Publisher: Fink Publishing Ltd
Year: 2023

Language: English