Paid to Live the Dream: A Seafarer's Tale of Life Afloat

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Author(s): Anthony Edwards
Publisher: Singing Stone
Year: 2017

Language: English
Pages: 314

A boat not fit for purpose, a delusional owner, an engineer who knew nothing about engines. This wasn’t meant to happen!

When he was 15, Anthony had had dreams of wider horizons and distant shores. Then one day a good idea came into his head. If he could get a job on the tugs based just down the road, that would be a start. So, life at sea began on a Thames tug boat in the last days of steam. He was assigned the duties of cook and chief bottle washer – and on board were 8 burly tugmen who weren’t used to failures.

He graduated to working on deck, and on one of many biting, bone chilling watches standing on an open bridge it occurred to him that he could be doing this job in better weather! From this realisation the rigours of the Thames were eventually exchanged for skippering yachts in the Med, with quite a few steps in between.

Complaining charterers, storms and badly built vessels all contributed to a way of life full of danger and excitement – and gave him the stories needed to write a page turner written with verve and humour.

If you like uplifting books about achieving your dream you will enjoy this inspirational memoir – even if your own dreams do not risk to send you to a watery grave. This thought provoking book may even inspire you to live your own adventure – on or off the ocean wave.