My Descent Into Hell: A Continuing Memoir of the Son of John F Kennedy's Assassin; Two More Assassinations and Their Consequenc

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This is the sequel to "My Father Killed President John F Kennedy," wherein the author detailed the planning of JFK's assassination, first published in February 2021, with a revised edition in October 2022. He has felt a deep responsibility to provide factual information about those involved, many he knew, and their motivation. That there actually was a conspiracy. That book has been endorsed and promoted by Kennedy Assassination expert Robert Groden as being factual. This book chronicles the author's disillusionment and alienation of his father, the chief assassin, as the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy follow. And the consequences for him as he attempts to reveal the truth. "I like this book - very much, Bell is a survivor of harrowing personal and political upheaval, his private Golgotha, hell, and crucification. The temptation of course is to dismiss an account like this as fiction, dreamed up by a disenfranchised voice with some kind of axe-to-grind." "But what if it's true?" -David Allen of Hollywood Book Reviews "For a book so incredibly comprehensive, the root is undoubtedly an evolving father-son dynamic that exposes the underbelly of society and sheds light on several of history's watershed moments..." "Succinctly written, Bell's work is easy to read yet intriguing in its historical references." "...the strong blend of history's pivotal moments juxtaposed in the day-to-day life of the characters who were real-life, flesh-and-blood human beings lends itself beautifully to the idea of what darkness can forge. In the wrong person, darkness can rot one to the core. Yet, in the right, that darkness can become an avenue of light and redemption, an emblem of greater things to come." -Mihir Shah of US Review of Books

Author(s): Bruce H. Bell
Edition: 1
Publisher: Bookside Press
Year: 2022

Language: English
Tags: JFK, Assassination, Coup d'etat, Orris Bell, Witness Account, 11/22/1963, Conspiracy, Plot to Kill JFK, CIA, Cemtral Intelligence Agency, General Charles Born, General Curtis Lemay, JCOS, Allen Dulles, Dallas,