Islamonomics: Islamic finance, commerce and the global Muslim market

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Islamonomics is a concise, fast-paced guide to Islamic finance from its origins to its new frontiers. Accurate, instructive, accessible – Dr Benedikt Koehler, Economics of Religion Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, LondonIslamonomics gives a whistle-stop tour of the history of the world through the lens of Islamic finance. Its focus on Asia is pertinent and important – Dr Sajjad Khoshroo, Islamic Finance Practitioner, Counsel at Allen & Overy LLP, LondonIn global efforts to secure sustainable business ethics, this Islamic voice offers an important contribution —Dr Werner Menski, Emeritus Professor of South Asian Laws, SOAS, University of LondonThe Islamic Finance industry is valued at US$3 trillion and finances deals in London, New York, Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai, Geneva, and Kuala Lumpur. Yet where does Islamic Finance come from? What has it accomplished? Why did it disappear? And why has it returned to prominence once again?In answering these questions, Mohammed...

Author(s): Akhtar Ismail Mohammed
Publisher: Garnet Publishing

Language: English