Islamiyat: A Core Text for Cambridge O-Level

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The revised edition of O level Islamiyat has been reviewed and the content has been revised and resequenced to match the changes in the CIE O level syllabus, 2058/1, 2, for the year 2011 onwards. The book also incorporates the selected Quranic surahs and ayaat, and the ahadith, along with translation and explanation of each, and questions from the 2011 sample CIE assessments. The textbook is accompanied by a teaching guide, and both components are endorsed by CIE as prescribed resources for the O level Islamiyat syllabus.

Author(s): David Thomas; Mustafa Draper
Edition: Revised Edition
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2011

Language: English
Pages: 161
Tags: islam; islamic; deen; deeni; quran; qur'an; koran; muslim; faith; holy; god; allah; allaah; word; god's word; revelation; scripture; muhammad; mohammad; hadith; ahadith; hadis; hadeeth; hadees; ahadeeth; ahadees; ahadis; seerah; sirah; seerat; sirat; nabi; dua; prayer; book