Evolutionary Psychology: An Introduction

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While evolutionary psychology is a fascinating science, it is also often misunderstood. In this highly acclaimed undergraduate textbook, Workman and Reader assume no prior knowledge of evolution and instead carefully guide students towards a level of understanding where they can critically apply evolutionary theory to psychological explanation. The authors provide an engaging and balanced discussion of evolutionary psychology without committing to a specific school of thought, and organise chapters around topics familiar to psychology students. Retaining the successful structure and pedagogy of previous editions, the text has been updated to include the latest advances in the field, with new material added on homosexuality, a consideration of feminist criticism, grandparental investment, and developments in neuroscience and epigenetics. The fourth edition is now in full colour, with new figures and photographs, revised boxed case studies, additional discussion questions, and an updated online test bank.

Author(s): Lance Workman, Will Reader
Edition: 4
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Year: 2021

Language: English
Pages: 504

Half-title page
Title page
Copyright page
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Boxes
Preface to the Fourth Edition
1 Introduction to Evolutionary Psychology
2 Principles of Evolutionary Change
3 Sexual Selection
4 The Evolution of Human Mate Choice
5 Cognitive Development and the Innateness Issue
6 Social Development
7 The Evolutionary Psychology of Social Behaviour – Kin Relationships and Conflict
8 The Evolutionary Psychology of Social Behaviour – Reciprocity and Conflict
9 Evolution, Thought and Cognition
10 The Evolution of Language
11 The Evolution of Emotion
12 Evolutionary Psychopathology and Darwinian Medicine
13 Evolution and Individual Differences
14 Evolutionary Psychology and Culture