Critical Studies in Indian Grammarians I: The Theory of Homogeneity [Sāvarṇya]

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Author(s): Madhav M. Deshpande
Series: Michigan Papers On South And Southeast Asia (No. 2)
Publisher: University of Michigan Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies
Year: 1975

Language: English
Pages: 236
Tags: Sanskrit, Sanskrit Grammar, Panini

Part I: The Pāṇinian Tradition
I. Principles of Historical Investigation
II. Pāṇinian Theory of Homogeneity
III. Kātyāyana's Theory of Ākṛti-grahaṇa
IV. Patanjali's Proposal of Prayatna-bheda
V. A Non-traditional Approach
VI. Back to Pāṇini
VII. Problems in Vākyāparisamāpti
VIII. Restrictions on Homogeneous-Representation
IX. Vyāḍi on Homogeneous-Representation
Part II: Non-Pāṇinian Traditions
X. Prātiśākhyas on savarṇa
XI. Śikṣās on savarṇa
XII. Non-Pāṇinian Grammars on savarṇa
XIII. A Historical Overview
Appendix A: The Scope of Savarṇa-grahaṇa