Concepts for a Democratic and Ecological Society : Grassroots Strategies for Social Change

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Yavor Tarinski examines the fundamental conflict between democratic aspirations and the imposed norms of capitalism, the potential for directly democratic and ecologically designed cities, the imperative to renew the commons, and the prospects for a genuine solidarity economy to overturn the ravages of capitalist economic growth. It critiques bureaucratic, technocratic and conspiracist tendencies both in mainstream discourse and on the Left, and offers a compelling and uplifting vision of a thoroughly transformed social order.

Author(s): Yavor Tarinski
Publisher: Zero Books
Year: 2022

Language: English
Pages: 112
City: Ridgefield
Tags: Sociology & Anthropology; Environmentalism & Ecology

Direct Democracy versus Capitalism
Rebel Cities and Libertarian Municipalism
Political Ecology: Overcoming Technocracy and Capitalist “Needs”
Analyzing the Commons beyond State and Capitalist Markets
Degrowth: Exposing the Fallacy of Unlimited Economic Growth
Solidarity Economy as a Revolutionary Strategy
Citizen Participation as Antidote to Social Paranoia