Aryan and Non-Aryan in India

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Author(s): Madhav M. Deshpande, Peter E. Hook
Series: Michigan Papers On South And Southeast Asia (No. 14)
Publisher: University of Michigan Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies
Year: 1979

Language: English
Pages: 328
Tags: Indian studies

Aryan and Non-Aryan in South Asia
The Nature of Tamil Devotion
The Marriage of Heroines and the Definition of a Literary Area in South and Central Asia
Aryan and Non-Aryan Elements in North Indian Agriculture
The Study of Dravidian Kinship
Linguistic Prehistory: The Dravidian Situation
Lexical Evidence for Early Contacts Between Indo-Aryan and Dravidian
Genesis of Rgvedic Retroflexion: A Historical and Sociolinguistic Investigation