Algorithmic Desing Workbook with Houdini / アルゴリズミックデザインワークブック

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This book is an algorithmic design workbook for SideFX Houdini contains 21 diverse exercises with two sample answers for each. This book is made for Houdini beginners to intermediates who want to improve their procedural modeling skills.  There are total of 21 questions with 2 different solutions for each on this workbook for you to explore the multiple possibilities in order to construct the procedural modeling process. It is written both in English and Japanese.

Author(s): Junichiro Horikawa 堀川淳一郎 著
Year: 2020

Language: English, Japanese
Pages: 135

01. Look at a target

02. Contouring

03. Random walk

04. Move along path

05. Switch objects

06. Sloped roof

07. Snow on object

08. Voxelize object

09. Attractor transformation     

10. Variation layout on grid

11. Undulated panels

12. Rotational slicing

13. Image remeshing

14. Vector field control

15. Gouged surface

16. Particle morphing

17. Silhouette morphing

18. Isosurface lattice

19. Braid rope

20. Fractal column

21. Surface marbling