Tarikh-i-Firoz Shahi

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Tarikh-i Firoz Shahi is the finest specimen of Indo-Persian historiography produced during the Sultanate period in India. Written by Zia ud Din Barani during the reign of Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq, it was completed in 1357 CE and was dedicated to the reigning monarch. Primarily a history of the sultans of Delhi, it begins with the reign of Sultan Ghiyas ud Din Balban and concludes in the sixth year of Firoz Shah Tughlaq's rule. It covers Balban's dynasty, the Khaljis and the Tughlaqs.

Author(s): Z̤iyāʼ al-Dīn Baranī, Ishtiyaq Ahmad Zilli
Edition: 1
Year: 2015

Language: Persian
Pages: xiii, 396 pages
Tags: Delhi (Sultanate) History, History, India Delhi (Sultanate)