2022 FRM Exam Part 2 - Operational Risk and resiliency

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Year: 2022

Language: English
Tags: Financial Risk Manager FRM

Chapter 1 Revisions to the Principles for the Sound Management of Operational Risk
Chapter 2 Enterprise Risk Management: Theory and Practice
Chapter 3 What Is ERM?
Chapter 4 Implementing Robust Risk Appetite Frameworks to Strengthen Financial Institutions
Chapter 5 Banking Conduct and Culture
Chapter 6 Risk Culture
Chapter 7 OpRisk Data and Governance
Chapter 8 Supervisory Guidance on Model Risk Management
Chapter 9 Information Risk and Data Quality Management
Chapter 10 Validating Rating Models
Chapter 11 Assessing the Quality of Risk Measures
Chapter 12 Risk Capital Attribution and Risk-Adjusted Performance Measurement
Chapter 13 Range of Practices and Issues in Economic Capital Frameworks
Chapter 14 Capital Planning at Large Bank Holding Companies
Chapter 15 Stress Testing Banks
Chapter 16 Guidance on Managing Outsourcing Risk
Chapter 17 Management of Risks Associated with Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism
Chapter 18 Regulation of the OTC Derivatives Market
Chapter 19 Capital Regulation Before the Global Financial Crisis
Chapter 20 Solvency, Liquidity, and Other Regulation After the Global Financial Crisis
Chapter 21 High-Level Summary of Basel III Reforms
Chapter 22 Basel III: Finalising Post-CrisisReforms
Chapter 23 The Cyber-Resilient Organization
Chapter 24 Cyber-Resilience: Range of Practices
Chapter 25 Operational Resilience: Impact Tolerance for Important Business Service
Chapter 26 Principles for Operational Resilience
Chapter 27 Striving for Operational Resilience