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Daily Report Form - NCDOA > State Construction Office

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Daily Report Form - NCDOA > State Construction Office

SPECIAL INSPECTION DAILY REPORT Date: Project Name: Inspection Type(s): Continuous Periodic Circle One: ... Final Placement Time Elapsed Time No. Drum Revolutions Initial Slump Final Slump ... State Construction Office

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Monthly Utilization Report - King County, Washington

Final Report A Electrician Carpenter Labor Other TOTAL Report Period Yr Year Type of Report ... CITC=Construction Industry Training Council Equipment Operator Date Prepared Minorities/ Disabled ... Employee name (in Firstname, Lastname format) participating in the Apprenticeship program.

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Project Templates - exinfm

Stoplight Report Deliverables Accomplishments During ... Format What type of communication is this? Who sends? Who gets ... (40,000 ft. view), the size of a project. This estimate should not be considered final as requirements and technical specifications typically have not been fully ...

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Final Cost Reporting Template - Alberta Electric System Operator

Procurement Report Final Cost report Project Name: System Portion Customer Portion TOTAL ... - The TFOs will report the actuals and variances indicated by the shaded boxes. ... Sub-Contracts Generally Refer to Construction Labour Contracts 2.

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Payment Requisition # - Florida International University

SAMPLE READ ME FIRST ACS DurAcc DurAD DurAE DurD DurPay DurPM Date ... Construction Manager: FIU Project Manager: Period from: Period to: ... I certify that I have checked and verified this MBE data Report and it is a true statement of the value of the Work performed by the listed MBE's; ...

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The system must allow portions of the data gathered on a Dispute or Claim to be available in a hardcopy report in a format that can be sent and read ... Bid Date, Bid $, Award Date, Approved Date, Begin Construction, Complete Dt, CCA Date, Final Dt, Final $, number ... sample of metal ...

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GIS Steering Committee Project Status report - Home

... Data Entry Interfaces have been updated to connect to new database format. Traffic Volume Report is functional. ... Resource materials have been acquired and sample sites chosen (The Dalles ... Final report and training sessions are under development. 1/12: Deliverables received, project ...

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Comprehensive Maintenance Plan Template - p-12 - New York ...

... however, if you want to see how this material will look in the final Capital Plan Report. Sample Town CSD Valley ... School Facility Report Card School District/BOCES: Sample Town CSD ... are there elements in this building that would require construction or maintenance projects to be ...

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... (EVERY 2 MONTHS) STATUS REPORT FORM (FOR MM/YY) Project Description SR 123 2b. Provide the Actual Invoiced Amount in dollars. 2d. Estimated Total Underground Utilities 2c. Provide the total Final Invoiced Amount in dollars. 1c. Estimated ... Please do not modify the format of the FORM! Copy ...

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NSTAR Electric, Construction Solutions Program, Program Year 2002, Impact Evaluation, Final Report Construction Solutions Energy and Resource Solutions, Inc ... cluster sample approach This report presents the results of the process evaluation and impact evaluation of the Efficiency Maine Low ...

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FMAGP Applicant Forms - Federal Emergency Management Agency

Construction Instructions Construction SLA Instructions SLA Counties Contractual Instructions ... ALL SHEETS ARE PRINTABLE ... Select this box if this is not a final report Select this box if the base is cash

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State Detail Level 1512 Template - Workforce Training and ...

Drop-down. 2-digit prefix with sample sorted by 2-digit prefix. Activity Code 2 (NAICS) Prefix only Activity Code 3 ... Construction 31 - Manufacturing 32 - Manufacturing-Wood, Chemical manufacturing, ... Final Report Answer “No ...

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Role Transition Plan - California

Specify meeting format (e.g. face to face, conference call, ... Construction Project Data Analysis Compile project information Provide overview ... the knowledge transfer giver and receiver sign-off by entering their name and date of final completion ...

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A323 Form - University of Cincinnati

Sample Grant Budget SRS AD Form Dept Form ACCT_Type ADVANCE ARRA_LOC ARRA_Y_N AwdType ... usually apply to Federal construction grants. FFR FINAL FFR (SF425) FINAL REPT ... FINAL REPORT E160 PAGE Qtr/Semesters 12FS 13SS 13US

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Requests Report - United States Department of Defense

... Foreign Military Construction Sales Agreements, ... Interdiction of Warsaq Pact Logistics in Central Europe by Dr. Henry T Ponsford, The BDM Corporation Final report July 1977 ... We seek this information in electronic database format (as allowed in accordance with the EFOIA) ...

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MS Access database format. ... Construction Cost Data Report on better defining the friction coefficient of typical surfaces found on airport runways during winter. ... Final Report on the Safety Assessment of Carbomers -934, -910, -934P, -940, ...

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EOL-RS-App G-Outputs-TC - California Department of Public Health

Nurse Assistant Training Program Skills Check List Sample Form HS 276A Sample nurse ... Notifies facilities that the intended construction/renovation appears to ... printout, or data exported to Excel file format. User selectable. Currently, report only provides a list of overdue inspections

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Download - Welcome to | City of New York

Year of construction/Substantial Rehabilitation: Lamp Type Alternative Roof System ... Enter name of the professional/owner submitting this tool in the following format: last name then first name, separated by a ... Enter date when final energy audit report was submitted to the owner. Format: MM ...

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Staff Hour Basis Spreadsheet - Florida Department of ...

... time for sample collection, ... Through this task, the hardscape design is transferred to construction drawing format. ... Included in Final Report. The Geotechnical engineer will typically only perform permeability analysis, ...

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Record Index for Airport Deicing Proposed Rule - Water

MS Access database format. ... Construction Cost Data Report on better defining the friction coefficient of typical surfaces found on airport runways during winter. ... Final Sampling Episode Report for Greater Rockford Airport Sampling Episode 6529 and Sampling Episode 6530 August 29, ...

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Janitorial Services Work Request Form - Washington

Out of the ordinary cleanup following special event or office function or minor construction Plunge ... the final version of Work ... RFQ Response Schedule Summary Site Visit Guidelines Site Visit Sign-In Sheet Subcontractors Sheet1 Compatibility Report 'Work Request Form'!Criteria 'Sample RFQ ...

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MoDOT Standard ITP - Missouri Department of Transportation

The frequencies listed may be in "word format" such as ONCE PER DAY. ... Material report Final Grade 1 per 100'. top 2" Gradation top 2" PI 1 per 10,000 ton 1 per 2000 ton ... Provide Documentation prior to construction including job mix formula Equipment and Test Review

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Annual Report - Illinois Ag in the Classroom

Ideas are generally understood, could be outstanding, but does not follow format as listed above. 1x= Sample Expense Report Sample Budget 12345 Dodge Ave ... of an annual or final report to Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom by the date ... Construction of buildings or purchase of land ...

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Process Capability Analysis - Cooper Industries

Must be on Cooper Dimensional report format Material, ... AIAG format AAR Sample Product Parts Parts tagged in accordance with Cooper PPAP reference manual Master Samples ... Change to construction, material or component (L3) 7.

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LEED for Homes - U.S. Green Building Council

Included a new page of sample durability strategies. ... so project teams are welcome to make changes to the format as necessary. ... (preliminary vs. final) and the verification step (mid-construction vs. final). * NOTE * If you're using a Mac, the filters will not work.

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Is this the Final Report for the project ... Have you submitted the Aggregate Source Quality Report and if required the Aggregate Stockpile Construction Report? 1-25 1-10 1-12.5 1-16 2-16 2-20 2-40 3-12.5AW 3-12.5BW 3-12.5C 4-20 4-40 ... ck box /minor format Revised December 2013. Bruce Blue ...

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... Read Here

Corner sample of door showing material, construction, ... Test report format shall be NEMA “Transformer Test Report”. Transformers Rated over 75KVA: Final Approval: ... perform factory test and submit the factory test report for final approval. Show the construction ...

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Name will be included in final report, i.e. associated with data in the final report Total ... i.e. not associated with data in the final report New Construction (Cx) Multiservice establishments M4 Million BTU/year ... SAMPLE Food Service

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General Records Schedule GS1-SL for State and Local ...

5 fiscal years after submission of final expenditure report or receipt of last payment, ... final, and as-built construction plans/drawings and legal descriptions submitted by developers for proposed and ... correspondence, memoranda, public input, sample proclamations, drafts, and letters of ...

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Lighting Justification Report PPM, Volume I, Chapter 10; FDOT Design ... Must follow format from Sample Memo provided in the LAP ... (SHS) LAP Preliminary Phase (Off-SHS) LAP Initial Phase (Off-SHS) LAP Construct. Phase (Off-SHS) LAP Final Phase (Off-SHS) sample engineers cost estimate sample ...

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Enclosure05.xls - Navy

Documents the Development, Procurement, Construction, and Operations and Support (O & S ... release of evaluation results may be withheld until the final report according to the established policies of ... (See APSG Enclosure 10 for sample format) RISK ASSESSMENT CNO/CMC CAE / MDA / CNO / CMC 10 ...

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FEMP Services will participate in Delivery Order Award kickoff meeting with Agency and ESCO to establish construction roles, responsibilities, and ... FEMP Services will review the first final proposal against format and evaluation requirements cited in the ... Sample Statement of ...

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Sheet1 - GSA

1700 9700 4740 4/30/2010 43000 4 804355790. 8/23/2010 29103.61. 4735 4700 4735 10/8/2009 30061.599999999999 126675656. 3/25/2010 30061.599999999999. 2/5/2010 38233

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Sample name raw file source name organism molecule description PROTOCOLS growth protocol SAMPLES SERIES library strategy processed data file instrument model library construction protocol SRA_center_name_code PROCESSED DATA ... This information will not appear in the final records and is only ...

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Green Scoring Spreadsheet for Scoring New Residential ...

Landscaping is phased to coincide with achievement of final grades to ... Statement from professional that maintenance of vegetation during construction complies. Report from qualified ... operation, and maintenance of the building. Paper or digital format manuals are to include ...

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Report format review comment will be minor. ... __?__ copies of the final Asbestos Assessment Report will be submitted. __?__ ... time of construction completion plus __?__ years.

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Download - US Environmental Protection Agency

The final volume of the sample after sample preparation. ... spike duplicates, surrogate compounds, LCS and any spiked sample. Report as percentage multiplied by 100 (e.g., report "60%" as "60"). ... Date of well installation in MM/DD/YYYY format. Date well construction began in MM/DD/YYYY format.

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G5 Project Plan Example - Connecticut

Determine best format for standard blurbs Task 12. ... and edits to the Appendix A of the General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater and Dewatering Wastewaters From Construction Activities. ... pending sample biologist report and staffing decisions. Summary of pending issures prepared for

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Format: mm/dd/yyyy Method used to sample lithology during drilling. Restricted input, ... 2003 LTC CLASS 1 INJ WELL SYS CONSTRUCTION PROG, PSL FROM ARCADIS, 2003. WESTPORT CLASS 1 INJ WELL CONSTR. ... 'SWFWMD, 2005. ROMP29A SEBRING FINAL REPORT' This test was conducted over a very long interval, ...

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PBCore 2.0 Schema Development Tasks

... and enable the construction of usable (and machine-readable) profiles. Other The schema should not require a particular ... A comprehensive guide to understanding the built-in report utility. ... Provide sample documentation for interacting with PBCore records such as using OAI to ...

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Final Room Name Number Area* Schematic Difference Drawings ASF Totals Gross Sq. ... The following Project Performance Report information, ... (Data format shown in table at left. Delete sample data and insert your project data.)

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FY 2014 Contracts - US Department of Labor

Applied Economic Research, Self-Insured Group Health Plans Report ... Regulatory Economic Analyses and Final Regulatory Economic Analyses ... Equipment for Directorate of Construction, ...

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... difference was found between villages located in reserved and unreserved GPs for any of the village characteristics The final sample for this study consisted of 810 villages from these two sources when analyzing ... This report is the final outcome evaluation of UNDP Egypt's Multi ...

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Tropical Council financial statements 2012-2013

Effective for annual report periods ... Wage and materials expenditure incurred for the acquisition or construction of assets are treated as ... This process involves the valuer physically sighting a representative sample of Council assets across all asset classes and making their own ...

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Edit and format a report in Layout view Insert a picture in a report ... Enter sample data in the consolidated worksheet using the fill handle ... Unit C: Independent Challenge 1: Greenhome Construction Unit D: Independent Challenge 1: Harvest Catering Tutorial 1: Case Problem 1: ...

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... releases and spills of fuel/oils from construction vehicles; ... soils), PVC piping, field sampling kits, acetate sampling sleeves, sample containers, IDW samples Water consumption for site ... review document, comment on document, Draft and Final report preparation, review and comment

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Download - Environmental Data Management Software | EarthSoft

Date well construction began in MM/DD/YYYY format ... Sample preservative used final_volume ... Required for spikes, spike duplicates, surrogate compounds, LCS and any spiked sample. Report as percentage multiplied by 100 (e.g., report "60%" as "60").

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Sample Owners Quality Assurance Manual, G 4.4 - 2006 ... Construction Site BMPs Details and Drawings ... Permanent Ground Anchors, Volume 1, Final Report FHWA-DP-90-068 Permanent Ground Anchors, Volume 2, ...

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21. 21 0. 21 0. 21 0 1. 21 0 1. 21 1 1. 21 1 1 7/2/1980. 21 1 1 9/10/1980. 21 1 1 4/16/1981. 21 1 1 6/18/1981. 21 1 1 1/26/1982. 21 1 1 9/6/1985. 21 1 1 6/4/1986. 21 1 1 6/11/1986. 21 1 1 6/18/1986. 21 1 1 7/28/1986

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Develop a plan for the distribution and use of data in a usable format specific to each school site and usable by the administration and school leadership ... Construction started/ Substantial ... Produce a final report that identifies cost per child associated with buses and ...

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