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CAREER: Neck muscle contributions to head stability and dynamics

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CAREER: Neck muscle contributions to head stability and dynamics

Vehicle Passenger Safety: Exploring Whiplash Protection Systems. Injury Mechanics. Analysis of the forces and motions that occur during events that cause injury (e.g., auto accidents, sports), often in comparison to human tissue injury tolerance levels.


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Whiplash Injury Safety Moment S. Petmecky Definition: Whiplash is an acute injury of at least moderate intensity which causes a strain to the bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, and vertebral discs of the neck region.


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WHIPLASH July 2008 Adapted from BP digital services presentation S. Petmecky ... 12% of persons who suffer from whiplash are symptom-free after 10 years Saab was the first to introduce an active protection system (SAHR); ...


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Preventing Whiplash - Injury Research

In Canada whiplash injuries account for over 2 million insurance claims each year In British ... Review The goal Change in current practice Buy or lease safer vehicles Adjust head restraint properly for maximum protection Implement and sustain educational programs and policies to ...


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Impulse Using wireless accelerometer on remote control car ...

Surviving Collisions European NCAP clips are available from Euroncapcom’s YouTube channel. * * www.euroncap.com includes FlashVideo of good, marginal and poor protection against whiplash injuries.


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EURONCAP 28 june 2005 - Trafikverket

Most seats fitted with whiplash protection showed good results, while models not fitted often showed worse results. However, some models fitted with whiplash protection systems received poor results.


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Manufacturing Equipment Application * Volvo Whiplash Protection Seating System (Whips) * How does it relate to DFF? The WHIPS system, unique to Volvo, is designed to provide markedly better protection from neck and back injuries in the event of a rear impact.


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... Safety Assessment Potential for Improvement 67 percent of cars in 2007 and 2008 scored only 2 stars for pedestrian protection ESC Fitment in EU-27 Boxes Approach “WhiplashProtection Seat and head restraint performance in low speed rear impact ...


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Effekter av forskning om trafiksäkerhet - 6CP

... KFB) 1985-2003 Applied R&D on whiplash prevention solutions Programme on Vehicle Research (PFF) 1994 - 2003 (Co-operation state – automotive industry) ... WHIPS active whiplash protection Chalmers BioRID test model Chalmers test equipment and applications ...


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Vehicle Body Construction - Hackney Community College

WHIPS (Whiplash Protection System) are specially designed seats that absorb sharp movement, protecting the neck and back. Inflatable curtains are available that drop down from a vehicle’s roof to cover both front and rear side windows, giving better head protection than SIPS.


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Whiplash. Protection. Weight Factor. Modified. Scores. Meet ? Minimum . Scores. Class. Integrated Overall. Grading System . Pedestrian. Protection. Rollover & Brake Test. Minimum. Class Scores. Minimum Required Scores to meet Class Level. Crash Test. Scores. Pedestrian Test Scores. Class 1. 83.1 ...


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Mosby’s EMT-Basic Textbook - Chemeketa Community College

... (knee, hip), protection injury to arm Head, spinal (whiplash) Head, spinal, chest abdomen, shoulder, clavicle, upper extremities, hip Mechanisms and Examples of Associated Injuries Fall onto feet Fall onto outstretched arm Feet, heel ...


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Simultaneous bilateral Achilles tendon ruptures in a patient ...

Cervical acceleration-deceleration injury (whiplash syndrome) is a relatively common injury in patients after a motor vehicle collision. ... The bone contributes to airway protection and food bolus transport to the esophagus.


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Even more helpful in light trucks. 49 states require front-seat to have them on. Head restraints:protect against whiplash. ... AND CHECKS PRIOR TO DRIVING Controlling Movement Movement cont’d Aiding Visibility Mirrors Other Devices Protection Features Guarding Against Theft ...


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... more radiant energy) ømechanical protection and to prevent desiccaiton (gametangia) ødispersal of reproductory materials in ... øSimilar food storage compounds, carbohydrates (starch) øSimilar flagellated cells (whiplash type) øSimilar cell wall composition (cellulose ...


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Michelle van Ratingen (6MB) - FIA Foundation

... Protection Rating Child Protection Rating Effect on Vehicle Safety Effectiveness Challenges Ambitions “WhiplashProtection New Rating Scheme Boxes Approach Soft Landing Beyond NCAP Beyond NCAP Process Conclusions Slide 22 ...


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Page turn blue background - Risk Management Consulting

Turn off power and lock the switch during maintenance. Hand Protection Watch out for pinch ... of Back Injury Improper lifting Poor posture Repetitive motion (twisting, stooping, etc.) Traumatic injury (falling, whiplash, etc.) Compression injury (falling objects) Proper Lifting Technique Study ...


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Chapter 29: Trauma Systems and Mechanisms of Injury

© Alexander Gordeyev/ShutterStock, Inc. Impact Patterns Rear impacts Have the most survivors Whiplash injury is common. ... Direct contact Chemicals Courtesy of AAOS Motorcycle Crashes Any structural protection afforded to victims is derived from protective devices worn by the rider.


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Statistics - New York University

Snidely Whiplash is an insurance company He need not have any reserves to insure that he can actually pay off if the borrower really does default There is no regulation over ... This is because the expected value of protection payments is exactly equal and opposite to the expected value of the ...


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Shaken Baby Prevention and Immunization - Navy Medicine

Original description “Whiplash Shaken Baby Syndrome” ... Medical Staff send VCS to Armed Forces Center for Child Protection Other Efforts to Reach Deployed Fathers OB prenatal screen to identify deployed parents and families needing support of home visitation RN Fleet and Family ...


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Shaken Baby Syndrome - Emergency Medicine Symposium - Fourth ...

Child Protection and Safety Center St. Joseph’s Children’ Hospital ... Whiplash Shaken Infant Syndrome” Historical Caffey: Case: 15 patients and their injuries occurred while in the care of Virginia Jaspers, who was employed to care for infants.


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POWERPOINT TEMPLATE - Newsroom - Hyundai Motor America

Front seat active head restraints Extra protection against whiplash in rear-end collisions Shingle-style rear seat head restraints for improved visibility 3-point seatbelts for all seating positions Seatbelt pretensioners and load limiters Child seat LATCH system Class-leading standard safety ...


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Hand Protection Watch out for pinch points! ... Traumatic injury (falling, whiplash, etc.) Compression injury (falling objects) Proper Lifting Technique Study the load “before” you lift! Get help if you need it. Use mechanical devices or hand trucks for heavy or awkward objects.


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Folie 1 - Start - Adseat

Jakobsson L., Norin H., AIS1 Neck injury reducing effect of WHIPS (Whiplash Protection System), Proceedings of the International Research Conference on the Biomechanics of Impact, IRCOBI 2004 pp 297-305 16.)


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HWS DISTORSION - Trafikverket

Whiplash injuries from a medical perspective Dr. Wolfram Hell LMU Ludwig Maximilians ... protection of the spinal cord shock absorbing function for the brain 7 cervical vertebra 12 thoracic vertebra 5 lumbar vertebra C1 - C7 T1 – T12 L1 – L5 cervical spine elements upper ...


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Pseudo-controversies in Abusive Head Trauma

State Child Protection System, Local system administered by Sheriff’s Office with expert consultation by CPT for mandatory referrals. ... Compelling/persuasive Guthkelch, Infantile Subdural Haematoma and its Relationship to Whiplash Injuries, ...


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Adult Health Nursing - CCCTC Home

What types of activities would result in contusions, sprains, whiplash, and strains? What do sprains, whiplash, and strains have in common? ... protection, movement, mineral storage, and hemopoiesis. Review the minerals that play a role in the functioning of the skeletal system.


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Accelerator Pedal – increase speed if pushed. Safety Belts – protection against injury in collision. Head Restraints – reduces whiplash in collision. Inside Mirrors – view through the rear window. Outside Rearview Mirror – view to side and rear.


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Care and Prevention of Injury in the High School Athlete

... Femur – thighbone Tibia – larger shinbone Fibula – smaller shinbone Patella: Provides anterior protection and increased leverage with knee extension KNEE ANATOMY Menisci: ... (“Whiplash”) A condition in which the ligaments that link the vertebrae are stretched or torn ...


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... Costs for whiplash injuries amount to about €10 billion p.a ... the safety and protection of children is ensured but there still remains much to be done Country reports and statements of the expert panel illustrate the situation in the participating countries ...


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Training Manual - Introduction - World Health Organization

Promoting crash-protective vehicle design stronger passenger compartment head-rests to prevent whiplash injury collapsible steering column laminated windscreens padded instrument panels door locks crash-resistant roofs side protection bars on doors front end ...


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Angiography/ Interventional Basics

... vascular approach GUIDEWIRES CATHETERS Straight- end hole only Pigtail- circular tip w/ multiple side holes to reduce whiplash and control contrast ... Slide 25 CATHETERS Interventional Imaging Procedures Preparation to procedure Post Procedure Care Radiation Protection ...


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(Air Assault) Operation Iraqi Freedom Safety Lessons Learned

support the force protection initiatives by finding viable ways to mitigate safety concerns with seating, gun mounts, ... head restraint to prevent whiplash. use the uh60 helicopter seats as a baseline for development. note: see following slides for improvised seating initiatives.


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To Ensure Maximum Protection From Your Safety Belt ... Head Restraints- Padded and protects against whiplash. Author: Danette Dodson Created Date: 10/23/2013 08:12:48 Title: NATURAL LAWS AND CAR CONTROL Last modified by: Danette Dodson Company:


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What causes AGGRESSION? - Quia

... lacerations or abrasions Spiral fracture or dislocation from twisting of an extremity or whiplash from shaking the child Painful urination-recurrent ... to the therapuetic setting for the patient or other patients Restricting visitation is necessary for the physical protection of the ...


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CPS Conference Call - University of Maryland, Baltimore

Meg Miller, BS Occupant Protection Coordinator Maryland Highway Safety Office at SHA CPS Conference Call 2006 Why booster seats? ... Usually less severe Common injuries include Cervical fractures Stretching/tearing of neck ligaments and tendons (whiplash) ...


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Cervical Spine - Uniformed Services University of the Health ...

... RC, wrist extensors, pronator teres +/- Positive Spurling’s Stingers Treatment Protection Rest until asymptomatic May Return to Play when: Full cervical ROM w/o pain Normal sensory, ... Whiplash Cervical Sprain Usually higher-energy trauma ...


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The Spine - Auburn University

... disk so disks “dry out” ability to distribute load across disk changes Disk Herniation Tearing of Annulus Whiplash Rapid ... Anterior Motion Segment Posterior Motion Segment Bone tissue in the pedicles and laminae is very hard providing good protection for spinal ...


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KINEMATICS - North Seattle College - NSCC NetID: Personal Web ...

... causing whiplash Vehicle may strike other object causing frontal impact Worst ... Collisions Rider impacts motorcycle parts Rider ejected over motorcycle or trapped between motorcycle and vehicle No protection from effects of deceleration Limited protection from gear Pedestrian ...


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Chapter 3 Elasticity and Strength of Materials

At a 105-km F= 1010 dyn Stress= 107 dyn/cm2. probably injure the passenger * * Whiplash Injury the impact is ... Inflating Collision Protection Devices Slide 18 Whiplash Injury Falling from Great Height Nonomaterial Nanomaterials Example Some recent publication in dentistry material ...


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Vertebral Artery Issues Update - Chiro.Org – Providing ...

Contemporary Perspectives on Patient Safety and Protection, ... Think About What? In the presence of a patient who: expresses non-traumatic or post-whiplash neck pain as a new chief complaint… refers to the pain as unlike anything they have ever had before ...


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CONOPS Elements - Association of Defense Communities

Force Protection/Threat Working Group. Internal Threat Procedures. Cops and Robbers. Consolidated Legal Office. ... Short notice space requests cause a whiplash effect and often less than optimum decisions . In Progress—planning on RIE mid-Feb. Events/Projects/Initiatives. On-Going (cont’d)


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... tinsel flagellum and shorter whiplash flagellum Classification ... provide habitat to a diversity of animals Provide food for overwintering waterfowl Provide erosion protection Wasting Disease of Eelgrass Eelgrass populations on both sides of the Atlantic underwent major decline ...


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Traffic Occupant Protection Strategies ... Resulting injuries include: Cervical fractures Stretching/tearing of neck ligaments and tendons (whiplash) A properly set head restraint can decrease risk of injury * A common form of collision, ...


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... (n=257) Nadler et al., 2002 Observed for 1 yr Abs strengthening no added protection asymptomatic subjects (n=402) ... 64:1337-1342 Nausea Ferrari R. A re-examination of the whiplash associated disorders (WAD) as a systemic illness Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 2005; ...


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Systemy bezpieczeństwa w samochodach osobowych

Systemy bezpieczeństwa w samochodach osobowych Systemy bezpieczeństwa biernego i czynnego * SIPS (Side Impact Protection System) ogranicza skutki zderzenia bocznego.


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Chapter 7 The Skeletal System - pc|mac

Functions of Skeletal System Support—provides body’s supporting framework Protection Bony “boxes” protect delicate enclosed structures Skull—protects brain Thorax (breastbone and ribs) ... whiplash type injuries) ...


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PACKAGING OF FOODS - Srikumalaningsih's Weblog

... of a package It must keep the product clean and provide a barrier against dirt and other contamination It must provide protection to the food against physical damage, moisture, oxygen, and light. ... whiplash Other titles:


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Neck Roll - Protects the head from whiplash during contact. Shoulder Pads - Provides protection when the player makes contact with their shoulders. Some shoulder pads are designed with the neck roll and rib pads built together.


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... Brands Customers Complete Safety System Supplier Vision system Inflatable curtain airbag Passenger airbag Pedestrian protection Night driving assist ... Active structures Active knee bolster IN-CRASH Pedestrian protection Adaptive seatbelts Adaptive airbags Anti-whiplash ...


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