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Sexting Today - Washington Association of School Administrators

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Sexting Today - Washington Association of School Administrators

Vermont and Nebraska legislators are considering a bill that would legalize “sexting” between teens 13 to 18 ... Top Sexting Today An uncomfortable issue... By The Teen Numbers (ages 13-19) Who Are These Sexually Suggestive Messages And Images Being Sent To? Social Impact When ...

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The Phenomenon of “Sexting” - SCHOOLinSITES

Sexting Acronyms Everyone Should Know NIFOC Nude in Front of the Computer LMIRL Let’s Meet in Real Life MOS Mom Over Shoulder KPC Keeping Parents Clueless GNOC Get Naked on Cam DUSL ... the relationship results in children exchanging phone numbers resulting in texting and sharing pictures ...

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Kids and Cell Phone Safety - Missouri Department of Social ...

Define Sexting and the risks associated with it. Recognize tips to prevent Sexting. Identify safety tips associated with cell phone usage. ... Phones should be programmed with parents’ contact information and emergency numbers.

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Internet Safety Internet Use - SchoolWorld

Why is Sexting dangerous? Once a photo is sent, you lose control of that image, ... Phone Numbers & Contact Info Rosalea’s Extension #203 Cell Phone: 341-7687 (leave message) E-mail: [email protected] The End Questions * The Internet is a valuable tool.

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Appropriate Use of Technology - Utah Education Network

Sexting What is it? The sending of sexual messages or sexually explicit photos via cell phone. ... Full name Street address Email address Phone numbers Passwords Credit card numbers Social Security numbers Mother’s maiden name What about this information?

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Attorney General's Internet Safety Training Modules Presentation

... (100+ daily…MOST) Teens and Sexting, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2009, Amanda Lenhart Exploitation Who are kids and ... Street address Hometown/city of residence Name of school Name of favorite playground or park Date of birth Credit card numbers Images that ...

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Bullying Summit Neumann University April 12, 2011

Signs that a student is being bullied Sexting and cyberbullying Why we need to ... or other technological device Creating such messages or images Sharing or distributing such messages The Prevalence of Sexting Reports differ on numbers/percentages depending on the definition used in surveys From ...

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Bullying - Nevada State Board of Nursing

In December, the district began to keep more specific stats on cyberbullying and sexting. Elementary school reports: 127 Middle school reports: 302 High school reports: ... Bullying by the Numbers Is it happening here?

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... Text Messaging Sexting is sending nude pictures via text message 20% of teenagers admit to engaging in sexting http://www ... Shopping Password Selection Complex passwords are harder to crack Include capital and lowercase letters Include numbers Include ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

Title: PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by: Henning Schulzrinne Created Date: 1/1/1601 12:00:00 AM Document presentation format: On-screen Show

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Internet Safety - Galena Park Independent School District

Home and cellphone numbers. Schedules. Social security numbers. Too Much Information. ... Sexting is one way that some teens share inappropriate information. Sexting is the sharing of nude or suggestive pictures and videos through text messages.

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School Bullying - NCSSWA

Hot Topics in Bullying Cyber bullying – “My Space”, “Face Book”, “You-Tube” & “target” websites Sexting ... Cyberbullying Slide 25 Cyberbullying Cases Slide 27 School’s Role and Discipline Slide 29 Some more disturbing numbers….[1].ppt

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Youth & Technology - Informing People in Crisis - Home

Teens & sexting? But have the numbers grown even higher since 2009? How many teens say they have sent/posted nude or seminude pictures or video of themselves? 20 % of teens overall. 22 % of teen girls. 18 % of teen boys. 11 % of young teen girls (ages 13-16)

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Instead of using phone numbers or real names to contact each other, each Kik member has a user name. ... Snapchat can easily be used for sexting, but because it’s simple to do a screen capture on phones, photos can be copied and shared on various platforms. No parental controls.

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Techno-Crime - University of Massachusetts Lowell

... chassis and engine serial numbers; - introduction of motorcycle police and patrol and pursuit cars; - improved premises security including burglar alarms and security patrols; and ... including solicitation and human trafficking Sexting Reporting Computer-Related Crime Computer ...

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Introduction I. ADVANCES IN TECHNOLOGY Wonderful strides have ...

Sexting ” YouTube, other ... look up addresses and phone numbers, even get the latest news. On social networks like Facebook, we can leave messages and comments for one another, we can exchange photos, connecting with high school and home town friends, ...

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Internet Crime Schemes - University of Massachusetts Lowell

... sexting, email monitoring New types of drug ... and victim is responsible for sum of check Credit Card Fraud Unauthorized use of credit/debit cards or card # Card numbers stolen from unsecure website or as part of identity theft scheme Victim generally lose between 5,000-20,000 ...

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Safe Surfing - North Star Behavioral

Unknown phone numbers on the phone bill. 2011 NATIONAL CENTER FOR MISSING & EXPLOITED CHILDREN. Anchorage sex offenders. ... Sexting – under 18? Distribution of Child Pornography – a state and federal offense requiring registration as a sex offender.

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Internet Safety for your children and your home.

NOTE: Phone numbers can be traced to addresses, names, pertinent personal information. “If you don’t…do what I ask, ... Even teenagers can be registered as sex offenders for sexting. Play Video. 10/8/2011. Sexting – Serious Consequences. View Video: Rachel’s .

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DVRC Young Men’s Respectful Relationships Resource

... consent and pressure Respect and how to get it Masculinity Communication ‘Sexting’ Helping a friend Website and phone numbers for additional information and support Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Distribution and launch Mid year distribution to ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

... Composition Numbers What difference does the kind of group make on group gender/sex behaviors? Orchestra study: women less satisfied when they were in orchestras with 90% or more men than when in orchestras with 40-60% women but esp. dissatisfied where 10-40% women.

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Seth Walsh, a 13-year-old boy from Tehachapi, California, has ...

In fact, these numbers also show that most violent altercations between students are more likely to occur on school grounds than on the way to school for many teens. ... •Sexting, or circulating sexually suggestive pictures or messages about a person. Jamie Hubley, Gay 15-Year-Old Ottawa, ...

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Cell Phones in the K-12 Classroom

... mobile phone numbers and the names of their mobile phone service providers. ... Sexting is the “practice by which teens forward sexually explicit images of themselves or their peers via text messaging” (Soronen, 2010, p. 1).

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PowerPoint Presentation

Have an explicit discussion of sexting with your child. Establish privacy and ... Octal digits separated by comma 1981, 10,000 subscribers Mail addresses were numbers Convenience for education dependency, depression, depravity August 2009 – 10 billion view on You Tube ...

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Module F

The card numbers, along with additional account information, ... others Don’t post personal data that could be used for identification Don’t post anything you would be ashamed of Sexting Dec. 8, 2009 ( – Parents of Dead Teen Sue School Over Sexting Images Dec. 3, 2009 (Wired ...

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The Impact of the Internet on Adolescent Health

-- such as sending multiple inappropriate e-mails or texts (raging/stalking), engaging in sexual risk-taking behaviors (sexting or online porn), binge shopping ... Increasing numbers of teens are developing significant problems with online pornography. The combination of the . accessibility ...

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Presentation on Internet Safety - Colorado State University ...

Educate you child about safe Internet practices Use strong passwords (including numbers, ... "Youth Safety on a Living Internet" “Sexting” - Consequences Photos sent to boy/girlfriend could potentially be distributed over school, ...

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Slide 1

Cyberbullying Estimates Numbers vary widely (between 10% and 40%) depending on the group studied and how it is defined. ... 2000 Sexting Continue to educate kids of all ages on the consequences On the Law: Ohio Felony 2, ...

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Communications Essentials for Good Impressions

– data and numbers add credibility, but the stories will help the audience remember the points. This allows people to use both sides of their brain during the presentation or meeting. Involve audience

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Slide 1

How young is too young? Sexting. Legislation about texting and driving – common sense, anyone? Facebook Facebook – more than ... Generally ages 10-12 Communication - a generational thing First, the numbers: Say what? And what they are saying, is: Cell phones & texting Facebook ...

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Jeff Poiner David - Detroit Conference

Texting / Sexting. Identity Theft . Acceptable places - Where your child is allowed to go in the community? ... “What do these numbers Mean?” Jessica R Cooper Oakland County Prosecutor. Website Referenced;

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Ethical Conduct for Idaho PTE Teachers

Should teachers allow students to know their cell phone numbers and call them with questions, problems, etc.? Cell phones allow teachers to: ... Sexting – “the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, ...

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Large numbers of women in the workforce later in the generational cycle. Religious and/or spiritually oriented. ... Texting/Sexting. Web Surfing. MySpace/Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare(Social Networks) Finger on the pulse of the World.

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The Impact of the Internet on Adolescent Health

-- such as sending multiple inappropriate e-mails (raging/stalking), engaging in sexual risk-taking behaviors (sexting or online porn), ... Increasing numbers of teens are developing significant problems with online pornography. The combination of the . accessibility and intensity .

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Dr. Joanna F. DeFrancoSchool of Graduate & Professional ...

Virus for Droid will harvest phone numbers and data that can be used to disclose your location. There were 80 infected Droid web apps discovered last week. ... Sexting – Steinberg, S., “Sexting surges nationwide, and it’s not just teens doing it”, Philadelphia Inquirer, July 22, 2010.

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PowerPoint Presentation - Internet Safety - Area3LTC - home

About one in five teens have engaged in sexting – sending, receiving, ... Cyber harassment – over 18 Make sure kids know the difference 8 characters, letters and numbers, acronyms, make a song * Title: PowerPoint Presentation - Internet Safety Last modified by: Cyndie Mutka McCarley Created ...

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Technology mediated abuse and exploitation: a victim perspective.

Robert offender interviews Then I asked for her phone number and we exchanged numbers and so then I didn’t use the chat room after that ... (Seto et al., 2011) Self-generated content? PowerPoint Presentation Sexting NJOV3 (Wolak, 2012) Three different data sets: An analysis of Luring ...

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Sex Offenders - Red River Children's Advocacy Center

The other found that when teen sexting images do come to police attention, few youth are being arrested or ... Prevalence of Legal Sexual Compulsive Behavior The numbers of paid subscribers for selected pornography magazines are (The National Research Bureau, 1992): Penthouse ...

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Exploring the Internet - University of Massachusetts Lowell

Exploring the Internet The Dark Side of the Internet 91.113-021 Instructor: Michael Krolak 91.113-031

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Arlington County Police Department - Arlington Public Schools ...

Alcohol and Drug Possession Tobacco Possession Weapons possession Bullying and Harassment Sexting Larceny Traffic and Parking issues Missing/Runaway Juveniles Juvenile Crime & Investigations The School Resource Unit works closely with the Criminal ... The numbers go up as you go clockwise ...

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Domestic Violence Delta VOICES: (Vision of Inspiring Change ...

– Foundling, sexting, rape, forced prostitution, etc. ... Memorize emergency numbers & gather emergency supplies. Tell others you trust & talk to your children. Identify escape routes & places to go Trust your instincts. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE facts.

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Chapter 3

... video games Not the Web 1-* Challenges Posed by the Internet Many-to-many communications Dynamic connections Huge numbers of Web ... al. 3.6 Children and Inappropriate Content Web Filters Child Internet Protection Act Ethical Evaluations of CIPA Sexting 3.7 Breaking Trust on the ...

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Text Messaging - The Alberta Library

Library by the numbers: Serve the population of Edmonton (782,439) 17 library locations around Edmonton. Broad range of uses (information, job search, ... “sexting” if initiated by patron) It is not inappropriate to refer patron to another library service that does not provide texting (e.g., ...

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Learning at the Digital Frontier - Jisc

Huge huge huge numbers online. Technology: The Toolbox. Image Credit: iStockphoto. ... Sex Talk (Porn, Paedophilia and Sexting) Image Credit: Stockfresh. Again = humanbehaviour exaggerated = more vulnerable offline, also online ...

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State of Alabama Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board ...

Internet Safety (including “sexting”, and internet exploitation prevention) Parenting for Teen Parents. Page 19 - Tar Wars® endorsed. ... policy is not modified after grant target numbers for services. are met.

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Ten Ethics Questions to Get Your Students Talking

... so hackers scanning individuals to obtain their numbers is not yet a security issue and the chips do not contain technology like GPS that can be used to track the physical location of ... ‘sexting’ (18-year-old Ohio girl’s suicide; 20% of teens have sent nude photos of themselves to ...

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Child Sexual Exploitation Workshops 2013 - Welcome to the ...

... Family Group Conference ‘Sexting’ “Sexting” is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between cell phones. ... it is common for them to swap numbers, make friends on facebook and here contact is maintained, ...

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Healthy Media for Youth Act - Columbia University

... exposure to sexualized media can have negative consequences on sexual health and avoidance of sexual risk including sexting These messages and images of girls impact boys as well Boys develop unrealistic and unhealthy ... TVG and TVY7 shows had the highest numbers of human male ...

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Current Investigations/Audits in Ohio

Federal and State Law as applied to “sexting”: ... Potential security leaks in the trash include: phone books: names and numbers of people the attacker can impersonate. policy manuals: show hackers how secure or insecure the entity really is. calendars of various kinds: ...

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Children and Cyberspace

Children can inadvertently accumulate very large telephone bills in a short space of time by accessing Internet Dialer numbers that transfer them to an overseas phone line. Incorrect and inaccurate information . ... Sexting: sending digitised ...

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