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HVAC Operations - E3 Designs

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HVAC Operations - E3 Designs

... and maintenance problems Benefits of Re ... and productive work environment Benefits of Re-commissioning E3 DESIGNS E3 DESIGNS HVAC/Control Systems Building Envelope Lighting Systems Electrical Systems Water Systems Renewable Resources ... HVAC Operations Author: J. Watson ...


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Service Agmt Sales Flip Chart

... planned service and replacement programs are designed to meet your complex maintenance and operations ... As much as 20% of your total building construction cost may have been HVAC systems and equipment? HVAC maintenance and repair ... Owning & Operating Cost Analysis. Typical HVAC Owning ...


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Introduction to Integrated Chiller & Building Retrofits

... replacement with other measures deals with CFC issues avoids lost opportunities Steps to an Integrated Approach Find operations & maintenance opportunities Look for building load reductions Use low or no-energy HVAC systems Introduce high-efficiency ... Cost Savings More ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

GMP Manufacturing Environments Air Handling Systems HVAC Systems Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Module 5 ... Systems Retrospective qualification Inspection of HVAC Systems Maintenance of HVAC Systems The ... on the extent, cost and time of the qualification ...


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Pilot Testing of Oxygen Ionization for Odor Control at City ...

... Can be used in conjunction with existing HVAC systems Summary of Ionization Technology Liturature states 1,000 to 2,000 ion clusters (reactive oxygen clusters) ... operations and maintenance cost compared to other alternatives.


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Recommendations for 08’-09’ Facilites Goals

... reduced equipment life cycle, Increase maintenance cost. Option 2: Develop recycle program and refine solid waste collection. Advantages: ... HVAC and computer systems, ... Partner with local power providers to use the latest technology to monitor systems .


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Introduction to Maintenance & Operations

Maintenance & Operations ... visits by Maintenance and Operations staff Identified building system deficiencies Projected life-cycle of building systems Estimated replacement cost of ... - Roofing - HVAC - Refrigeration Equipment & Food Service Equipment - Seal Coating of ...


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Slide 1

Bridging the gap from policy/concept to operations & maintenance Strategic Direction Track, ... Develop performance metrics and rating systems to certify operational performance of buildings for energy efficiency and IEQ. ... 638 kW Energy cost savings ...


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Building Commissioning - Washington State University

HVAC systems Air distribution ... To provide training for facility operators on the operation and maintenance of the existing building systems. What is the cost ... Avoided equipment replacement costs Improved profit margin for building owners Properly trained operational staff Operations and ...


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MBO Inc. Commissioning Presentation - Sustainable Resource ...

Benefits and cost of LEED HVAC design and Cx HVAC ... Focuses on operations rather than maintenance. ... Final version of BOD Single line diagrams As-built sequences of operation Operating instruction for integrated systems Recommended maintenance schedules Recommended retesting schedules ...


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Energy $avings Oppourtunities - Pollution Prevention Office

... low cost (operations & maintenance) ... of unoccupied time Optimize the use of facilities You may be keeping an entire building conditioned to use one room HVAC No Cost Opportunities Adjust your thermostat 70 deg max ... HVAC systems with dusty and dirty coils can increase the cost of ...


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Ohio Public Facilities Maintenance Association (OPFMA) and ...

... BOC is skill building with energy efficiency focus Preventive maintenance Optimize operations Reduce energy cost Tests ... www.opfma.org BOC Level-2 Classes BOC 201 - Preventive Maintenance & Operations ... Advanced Electrical Diagnostics BOC 203 - HVAC Troubleshooting & Maintenance ...


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PowerPoint GRAY Template - Corporate

... Global HVAC Systems and Service Brands. 4 x Trane plants (total 56,000 m2) Taicang(35,500 m2) ... cost effective, safe, secure, sustainable . Safety. ... Operations, maintenance and scheduleimprovements. RESULTS.


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Saving Energy and Reducing Costs in RI Hotels & Restaurants

... Operations and maintenance Upgrade lighting Reduce plug load Upgrade HVAC ... cost them out for other applications Fluorescents and LED’s cast off much less heat than ... Operations and maintenance Upgrade lighting Reduce plug load Upgrade HVAC systems and other energy ...


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... (How long a piece of equipment lasts and Cost and maintenance frequency) ... instructions and repair manuals in hardcopy which must be organized and maintained in order to support building operations, maintenance and renovation throughout the ... Very poor PM on HVAC systems was found ...


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Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund - CT Clean Energy

... low-cost improvements Incorporating energy-saving behavioral changes into work lifestyle ... Lighting systems Building control systems Age of HVAC systems and boilers General overview of building envelope Review of preventative maintenance and operations & maintenance processes ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

High/Low-Cost Opportunities. Low/No-Cost Changes. ... The Federal Energy Management Operations and Maintenance Best Practices Guide reported, ... It may range from as little as 10 years for lighting to as much as 30 years for HVAC systems.


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Facilities and operations - AAALAC

Mechanical systems Design HVAC for worst case Dedicate to animal facility Provide component redundancy Ductwork integrity ... Space (and renovation) costs of CMU versus RFP Noise control Life cycle cost - maintenance burden Epoxy, tile, RFP Surface preparation and cure times!


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… Document Viewer - The Official Web Site for The State of ...

... Track unscheduled maintenance Establish control measures for pollutants Renovation and construction Specific facility operations Maintenance activities Recordkeeping Annual Written IAQ Program ... at little or no cost using ... HVAC Systems Testing ...


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Introduction to Commercial Building Energy Efficiency through ...

... preventive operations and maintenance, and performance tracking. Plans should also be made for periodic recommissioning or ongoing commissioning of the building. ... lower-first-cost equipment in fan and HVAC systems.


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HVAC - University of Arizona

© 2009 Bahill * * Operations phase The operations ... which equipment to turn on: heater, air conditioner, or evaporative cooler. Added value: Necessary for operation and maintenance Scope: An HVAC controller for a ... Systems and software engineers are speaking the same language. © 2009 ...


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... useful life Relative costs components of a commercial building over 30 years Design & building = 2% Operations, maintenance, finance ... Lighting Windows HVAC Systems Efficient lighting & better windows can lead to ... Economic Barriers to Increased Recovery Cost of ...


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... (Operations & Maintenance) ... U.S. General Services Administration U.S. Department of Energy July 1998 History of Commissioning Origins in HVAC construction Accepted ... Annual Savings Commissioning Costs Building Type Existing Building Systems 1 1 Gregerson,Joan, “Cost ...


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Hobart Consultant and Designer Training - Energy Star

One of the easiest ways for a restaurant to save energy is to implement a routine operations and maintenance ... improves the visual environment and may reduce the sizing needs of HVAC systems ... Lifecycle cost savings based on a 4% discount rate Additional Benefits of ENERGY STAR ...


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Building Commissioning - Washington

A systematic process for improving and optimizing a building’s operations and maintenance. ... Verifying and documenting existing building systems’ performance. Testing HVAC systems ... Assigning maintenance staff to assist the commissioning agent can also help reduce the cost and it ...


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MBO Inc. Commissioning Presentation - Sustainable Resource ...

... (Systems Manual) Trained building operators Lower Operations & Maintenance (O&M) cost ... HVAC&R System Guideline 2 ... Final version of BOD Single line diagrams As-built sequences of operation Operating instruction for integrated systems Recommended maintenance schedules Recommended ...


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Hamel Builders, Inc. Building Relationships

*Energy Cost Savings Council Multifamily Building Energy Uses #1 cost is HVAC in mixed or cold ... motors on large Air Handling Units Install modulating boiler systems with boiler feed tanks and fully ... October 2010 Operations and Maintenance Detailed Maintenance Schedules for ...


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Session Learning Objectives

2,000:1 is the cost ratio for productivity vs. energy. Saving energy does . NOTHING. ... Knowledge of HVAC Systems. Knowledge of Control Systems. ... Allow deferred maintenance items to exist. OPERATIONS. NEBB. Good List.


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SAIC Corporate Briefing - Defense Transform

... energy usage, demand response, cost, etc. Control systems System components, interactions, sequence of operations, maintenance, energy ... Sites Throughout North America SAIC completed over $50 million of energy conservation projects at 38 facilities HVAC energy savings of over $ ...


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SchoolDude Overview

Dramatically cost effective ... & Landings Overall appearance Concrete/Wood Railings & Coverings Grade Footings/foundation Semi-Annual Schedules HVAC Systems General & Overall conditions ... AS&U Status Report on Education Facilities, Construction & Maintenance Operations, Presented at ...


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HVAC System Control - NJATC

... four HVAC systems were used to give examples of common system-level control functions and ... optimization is defined as minimizing the cost to operate the entire HVAC system, while still ... Analog-electric control systems require much less maintenance than pneumatic systems, ...


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Variable Air Volume - Sustainable Sandhills

... alarming, diagnostics, trending VAV systems Sustaining Performance Centralized alarming, diagnostics, trending Building operations ... commissioning Increased maintenance cost More pieces ... Ventilation Reset rooftop VAV system HVAC Energy Savings Trane Control Systems Architecture ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

Schematic duct layouts are needed to perform maintenance or repair on HVAC equipment. ... Ideally, an organizing tool enables personnel to keep track of the cost of PM operations, the time spent on PM, ... Modern HVAC systems cannot be maintained and repaired without using operating manuals and ...


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FY 2011 Operation and Maintenance, Navy Budget Overview

... (fire sprinkler heads and HVAC systems), regulatory inspections (elevators and ... Leave Ship Maintenance at 77%. Cost to mirror FY 2011 President's Budget ... Operating Forces Slide 5 Flying Hours Aircraft Depot Maintenance Ship Operations Ship Maintenance Baseline Readiness ...


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(Download) - AABC Commissioning Group

... (BOD), and construction documents. HVAC&R systems and controls Lighting and daylighting ... LEED 2009 for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance LEED-EB for O&M (short life ... breakdown of energy use Perform savings and cost analysis of “all practical measures ...


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Requirements Management Program Functions - SEDC Conference 2014

Leads to unanticipated schedule delays and unexpected cost growth. ... Key Systems Engineering concepts are needed. Clear roles, ... Operations, Maintenance, Human Factors HVAC Personnel Safety Mechanical Design


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Retro-Cx - Commissioning

A Tool for Improving HVAC Systems and Energy Cost Reduction ... HW Boilers Improper Base Sequence of Operations Design coil ... more energy Antiquated control systems that don’t work Energy saving control strategies missed in design Neglected maintenance wasting energy and/or causing IAQ ...


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International Green Construction Code - iccsafe.org

... Leaks Defective equipment and systems Extensive prescriptive list limited to 10% of the cost of ... Carwashes Cooling towers HVAC systems and equipment Water treatment systems Metering Rainwater ... and Comfort Chapter 9: Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance ...


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... (HVAC) Part 3: Design, qualification ... Replacement of filter elements Maintenance of air handling systems Exceeding of established limits (action limits ... Due to the high cost of the ventilation in class A areas, the tendency is to keep these areas as small as possible. Room 3 ...


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... yet account for 60-80% of litigation White Roofs Are Cool Money Makers Auditing Operations & Maintenance ... C band Controls fungi in HVAC systems to reduce or eliminate mold ... kWh Energy Cost Savings $13,090 Maintenance Cost Savings $500 Total Annual Cost Savings $13,590 UVGI ...


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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Grant Program

... small and large Energy efficiency Bldging Insulation Lighting HVAC Systems Water Heating Power Systems ... Equipment procurement Equipment installation Operations and maintenance Decommissioning For RE projects with total eligible project cost greater than $400,000 and for EE ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... HVAC, controls, sensor systems, solar, water efficiency, computer power management, ... Broad range of cost reduction opportunities. New HVAC systems ... especially when IT is involved in maintenance operations.


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Training Course on - EFCOG Main Page

... Requirements vs. guidance Interpretation and enforcement Relationship to the Construction Specs LANL Drafting Manual Operations and Maintenance ... implement contract, laws, etc. O&M -- reduce cost ... This experience includes conceptualization and design of the HVAC systems ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... and electrical systems Introduce energy education and awareness to students and staff Reduce pollution emissions Use utility rebates, State aid and incentives * Energy Project Financials Total Project Cost: $ ... ESCO selection Operations & Maintenance issues ...


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Building Optimization: The Process & Benefits

* Ease of design change is inversely proportional to cost of design change and impact on ... Maintenance, and Repair Costs Replacement ... climate/occupancy conditions allow * High efficiency lighting systems High efficiency plumbing systems High efficiency HVAC systems How do we ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... HVAC operations, ... Adequate maintenance of energy using systems. Understanding energy costs. Energy Efficiency Act 2007: Enhance Energy Efficiency Optimize energy efficiency. ... HVAC systems and HVAC systems operating cost.


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... the Virginia District 14 LEED Accredited Professionals 11 Certified Energy Managers / Auditors The world’s largest HVAC ... deferred maintenance, ... improvements Typical Energy Conservation Measures Lighting Retrofits Chiller & Boiler Replacements Building Management Systems ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... Cost Estimators (4,500 / 160) Electricians (13,900 ... 2 week intensive OJT) Operations & Maintenance Technicians for HVAC and PV systems (Associates or ... Occupations in Energy & Technology Emerging Occupations in Energy & Technology Systems Technician (Associates or ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

FAILED HVAC SYSTEMS. Regularly . Occuring. ... systems: Site. Building. MEP Systems. Operations. Personnel. Site selection: Flood plain, earthquake zone: Know what you are getting into, and plan accordingly; ... O & M COST MANAGEMENT: Document your costs;


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New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program Opportunities for ...

... Prescriptive Custom Electric and Gas NJ SmartStart Buildings Electric Chillers Natural Gas Cooling Electric Unitary HVAC Systems & Controls Ground Source Heat ... automation systems Project Cost = $ ... operations and maintenance Guidance on NJ Clean Energy ...


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