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Compensation Theory, Job Evaluation and Pay Administration

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Compensation Theory, Job Evaluation and Pay Administration

Reward Systems Compensation Theory, Job Evaluation and Pay Administration Why is compensation important to organizations? Need to control costs to remain solvent and competitive Need to remain competitive with internal and external labor markets Need to use pay to motivate employees The basic ...


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Job Evaluation Chapter 5 ... Hay Guide Chart – Profile Method of Job Evaluation Step 3: ... Compensable factors are work-related criteria that the organization considers most important in assessing the relative value of different jobs.


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Job Evaluation - 广州劳务派遣 人才派遣 临时工 ...

Old, Bold or a Story Untold Marcus Downing Hay Group Content What is Job Evaluation? Job Evaluation Processes and Guidelines Job Evaluation and Pay Setting Reward Structures Using Job Evaluation Job Evaluation and Salary Management Job Evaluation Benefits Job Evaluation Risks and Considerations ...


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Proposed Pay Plan Designs - Department of Administration ...

Job Evaluation Job Evaluation is a formal process to determine the relative value of a ... Hay recommends the State consider the introduction of a formal ... a broad banded pay plan with placement in the band and movement through the band being based on pre-determined multiple criteria.


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Compensation Management

... appraisal system Regular feedback of performance Appropriate quantum of pay which is subjected to performance criteria Periodic evaluation Recognition to factors outside the control of ... The job’s content is the sole basis for the job evaluation. The Hay method of job ...


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Psychology Applied to Work Sixth Edition - PageOut

... Job Evaluation External Equity Wage Survey Internal Equity Methods of Job Evaluation Compensable Factors Hay Plan Issues in Job Evaluation Comparable Worth Equal Pay Act Job Performance ... of Job Evaluation Issues in Job Evaluation Job Performance Criteria Objective ...


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Mgmt 383 - University of Mississippi

Evaluation criteria of jobs: Relative importance of one job to other jobs. Skills required to perform TDR of one job as compared to other jobs. ... [highly delineated TDR]. Job Evaluation Methods Hay System (1943) Know How Problem Solving Accountability 1. Functional Expertise 1.


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City of Kalamazoo - Fox Lawson

Presented to NPELRA April 9, 2003 Bruce G. Lawson, CCP Fox Lawson & Associates LLC (602) 840-1070 Objectives To Discuss: The history of job evaluation The role of job evaluation Selecting a job evaluation tool Alternative job evaluation approaches Whole Job Ranking Market Pricing Point Factor ...


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Managing Human Resources 14e - Bohlander and Snell

Job Evaluation for Management Positions Hay Profile Method Job evaluation technique using three factors—knowledge, ... and white-collar professional employees are exempted on the basis of their exercise of independent judgment and other criteria.


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Compensation - University of Wisconsin–Parkside

... the evaluation process to be accomplished on a factor-by-factor basis by developing a factor comparison scale Hay Profile Method Job evaluation technique using three ... Standard for Comparison Other Jobs Fixed Criteria Unit of Comparison Whole Job Job Factors Ranking Classification ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

The system defines, analyzes and measures each job in our organizations against established criteria in a consistent manner. The classification system is comprised of classification structures, tools, supports and processes. ... Both plans are based on the Hay job evaluation methodology.


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Chapter 5 Evaluating Work: Job Evaluation Learning Objectives After discussing Chapter 5, students should be able to: Discuss the relationship between internal alignment, job analysis, job evaluation, and job structure.


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Compensation Terminology (Hay Group)

A classification means that the same required selection criteria are needed for ... Job Evaluation Job Evaluation A formal process to determine the ... Times New Roman Arial Wingdings Hay Group presentation_blue _noclient logo State Employee Compensation Oversight Commission ...


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Managing Human Resources 15e. - Home :: Andrews University

Know how to effectively perform a job evaluation. Explain the purpose of a wage survey. Define the wage ... and white-collar professional employees are exempted on the basis of their exercise of independent judgment and other criteria. ... Job Evaluation for Management Positions. Hay Profile Method.


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Recruitment and Selection - Wikispaces

Choose against criteria. JOB ANALYSIS. The purpose of job analysis:- ... The Hay Plan. How the position fits into the organisation. General composition of supporting staff. ... Most commonly used job evaluation system in the public sector.


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4.ppt - Faculty & Research - Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Hiring Managers create overly detailed job descriptions in an attempt to receive an accurate Hay score. Flawed Job Descriptions Output from ... grading jobs. They use multiple criteria for point allocation such as: skills, exposure, impact, creativity, etc. Hay evaluation does not take ...


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Managing Human Resources Bohlander Snell Sherman

Discuss the mechanics of each of the major job evaluation systems. Explain the purpose of a wage survey ... Are used as important jobs in salary surveys Hay Profile Method Job evaluation technique using ... is not linked to some performance-related criteria. When pay rates ...


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The Equal Opportunities Commission

... How would we safeguard against unequal pay for work of like value Needs an objective method of job evaluation ideally it needs a universal method of evaluation need to identify objective measurement criteria need skilled ... Hay system Paired comparison Whole job ranking all ...


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Managing Human Resources 15e. - El Camino College

All rights reserved. 9–* Job Evaluation for Management Positions Hay Profile Method Job evaluation technique using three factors—knowledge, ... and white-collar professional employees are exempted on the basis of their exercise of independent judgment and other criteria. © 2010 South ...


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Classification for Managers and Supervisors

... resulting consequences and effect on results * Hay Evaluation Process ... and type of work Provides leveling criteria Explains ... Necessary to perform the work described in the definition Should be achieved prior to employment Used by SCSC for evaluation and testing * Job ...


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State Compensation Plan Audit (Project #1)

Other criteria can be used for changes such as salary upon promotion ... All Rights Reserved * State of Idaho\DHR and DFM\Reports\Idaho Audit Report.ppt © 2006 Hay Group. All Rights Reserved Job Evaluation The Measurement of Work Pay Delivery The Recognition of Performance of Work ...


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Learning Objectives After discussing Chapter 5, students should be able to: Discuss the relationship between internal alignment, job analysis, job evaluation, and job structure.


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Chapter 11

Job evaluation Compensable factors Preparing for the job evaluation Job evaluation methods: Ranking Job ... What criteria were used for your recent pay increase?” What factors do you believe ... Area wage surveys Industry wage surveys PATC surveys Private consultants Hay ...


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Managing Human Resources 15e. - Southeastern Oklahoma State ...

... and white-collar professional employees are exempted on the basis of their exercise of independent judgment and other criteria. Minimum Wage Laws in the ... Hay Profile Method. Job evaluation technique ... the value of the job as determined by one of the job evaluation methods ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

Job Positions Covered by ... of strategy Highly specialized expertise Talent Assessment Develop and communicate standard competencies and other evaluation criteria ... 2001 Source: “Confronting The Leadership Crisis: What Works, What Doesn’t, What Lies Ahead”, Hay Group & Chief ...


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Compensation Review - Tulane University

• Understand the criteria and process for determining pay increases • Understand any changes that are made to their compensation or benefits program. ... The oldest and most widely accepted job evaluation methodology is the Hay Guide Chart®-Profile Method of work measurement.


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Step 3: Scale the Factors (cont.) Criteria for scaling factors: ... Profile Method of Job Evaluation Source: Hay Group, “The Hay Guide Chart-Profile Method of Job Evaluation: An Overview,” http://www.haygroup.com/ww/services/index.aspx?ID=1529. Step 2: Determine Compensable Factors ...


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What is Job Evaluation? Job evaluation is a decision process of comparing one job with another job with the aim of establishing the ... Criteria for Success of Incentive Scheme It should be appropriate to the type of work ... Hay Job Unit Ranges. Most Typical Value. Actual Mid-Point. 34-39. 40-46.


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Excluded Admin Job Evaluation Plan Employee Orientation

Point Rating Evaluation Plan Job Evaluation What is Job Evaluation? A systematic process of determining the value of jobs in relation to other jobs within the organization.


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Using Staff Evaluations to Motivate Your Team

* An evaluation process that’s perceived as unfair can erode morale, so you want to do everything you can to make the process equitable. In fact, in a survey by the Hay Group, a management consultancy, ... The Hay Group Ask Yourself Are performance criteria job-related?


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Human Resource Management 10e.- Gary Dessler

Equal Pay Act focuses on these four elements Hay consulting firm focuses on ... Job Evaluation Methods: Ranking Ranking each job relative to all other jobs, usually based on some ... Figure 11–3 This is a summary chart of the key grade level criteria for the GS-7 level of clerical and ...


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... 4. Rate Worth of all Jobs – use predetermined system - most common system is point factor system (Hay Method & MAA) - both systems use compensable factors (work-related criteria ... most large organizations classify jobs into grades as the last step in the job-evaluation ...


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Managing Human Resources 9e. - Jackson and Schuler

... PAY STRUCTURES FOR BASE SALARY AND WAGE RATES ESTABLISHING THE INTERNAL VALUE OF JOBS Objectives of Job Evaluation Job Ranking Method ... and administrators Must be paid fixed salary and meet criteria for job ... Hay Guide Chart-Profile Internal equity Job-based pay structure Job ...


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May 12 Ch 11 - Wartburg College | Waverly, Iowa | Bachelor ...

Compensable factors are work-related criteria that the organization considers ... sure you’re paying attention! Job Evaluation Methods: Job ... Accountability Equal Pay Act factors Hay Consulting Try not to rely on guesstimates Best for small organizations Example of GS ...


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... skill/experience grading independent of job content Assigning Hay points to jobs Job rated on ... Communicate strategy, values, expectations Build the culture Evaluation Current job (e.g., salary and bonus) Future jobs (e.g., promotion ... (e.g., of selection criteria) ...


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The equity equation

These let employees focus on different criteria at different places in the pay range. The usual combination is ... Illustration 3: Factor Comparison: Pros & Cons 4: Point Method 4: Point Method : Pros & Cons Hay’s Method of Job Evaluation Hay Guide Chart : Compensable Factors ...


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Management Performance & Rewards Program - Edinboro University

... Results-based goals Competency-based goals Training and education needs During evaluation phase, ... There was a perceived lack of consistent definitions of performance criteria. ... David McClelland was a pioneer in the area of behavior measurement and formerly worked for the Hay Group.


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PowerPoint Presentation

... Single pay scale for all employees Role analysis and job evaluation - HERA and Hay job profiles National library of academic role ... priorities – the individual Looking for promotion – what are the criteria? Fitting in – Southampton job families, an example Education Research and ...


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Job Analysis - Wartburg College

For example, employers must be able to show that their selection criteria and job performance are ... Hay Plan Managerial organization Interview Impact of ... Uses of Job Analysis Information Job Analysis Recruiting and Selection Decisions Performance Appraisal Job Evaluation— Wage ...


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... * Rationale for the job * Result areas * Competencies * Hay Management: a format - Evaluation - Professional development ... to attract and hire school leaders - Job descriptions and evaluation of ... eligibility criteria - Professionalising ...


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Systems Design Project - NUS - Industrial & Systems Engineering

... Awareness Helps Evaluation Criteria ... Hay & Dr. Boray Huang 5 IBM High End Project Bridge Mr. Ma Ming 66037582; [email protected] Chan Jing Hua Gabriel, Lim Junming, Loy Jue Ying, Tay Guo Hao, Wong Daquan A/Prof. Lee Loo Hay & A/Prof. Ng Szu Hui 6 Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Job ...


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Managing A Salary Survey Project - Shrm Online - Society ...

Job evaluation is the process used to establish the relative worth of the jobs within an organization. ... Consulting firms such as Hay, ... The organization must decide which criteria are most important when comparing market data.


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Management Performance and Reward Program Powerpoint Presentation

Take your assigned goal Evaluate it against SMART Goal criteria Explain what “significantly exceeds expectations” would look like ... Hay Group is a consulting firm that helped us ... The depth and breadth of job know-how are evaluation factors. The amount and complexity of problem ...


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Chapter 10: Direct and Indirect Compensation

2. Theories underlying pay systems. 3. Internal and external equity. 4. Advantages and disadvantages of job evaluation. 5. Contemporary issues in ... new or innovative projects. Figure 10.4 Major Factors of the Hay Plan Know-How Problem Solving ... What specific criteria would ...


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Do not use this chart alone for classification purposes; additional grade level criteria are in the Web-based chart. ... (Hay Plan) Job Evaluation Methods: Ranking Ranking each job relative to all other jobs, usually based on some overall factor.


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Chapter 11

Job Evaluation Job evaluation is the formal and systematic comparison of jobs in order to determine the ... What criteria were used for your recent pay ... pay rates Skill Effort Responsibility Work conditions Know-how Problem solving Accountability Equal Pay Act factors Hay Consulting ...


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PPM Products And Services

... PPR IDP progress HiPo Development Cycle Reward & Retain Meritocracy Recognize Selection Consistent Process Evaluation criteria Talent Pipeline Studies in 1998 by the Hay Group showed that organization with ... TALENT IS EVERY LEADER’S JOB REBUILD RECRUITING STRATEGY New ...


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HRM and Remuneration Systems

Job evaluation - evaluate the job not the person doing it Flexi-time schemes Supervision ... formal career paths & criteria. professional and technical job families achievement of ... Hay Consultancy 3-category rating system individuals evaluated for base pay on ...


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Comparative/International Management - College of Business ...

Complexity Internal Equity Develop of job hierarchy Job Evaluation Job Evaluation Methods Compensable Factors Ranking Classification Point Factor Method The Hay’s System ... Reasons Selection is based on headquarter criteria Lack of training, ...


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Preconference Course PC 2.M Simulation-Enhanced Curriculum ...

How do I add a competency/evaluation component to a course that has been primarily instructional? ... Boston: Hay Group. * * James Russell, ... by what criteria is the behavior measured against?


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