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Empty and Padded Sentences - Fort Bend ISD

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Empty and Padded Sentences - Fort Bend ISD

Empty and Padded Sentences Empty Sentences -Empty sentences repeat the same idea -Make statements without supporting them A freight train is a train that carries freight.


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Improving Empty Sentences Add a reason or fact to the following sentence. Train travel is better than car travel. 1. Practice and Apply Eliminate unnecessary words from the following sentences.


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Four Kinds of Sentences - Melody Shaw

Sentences Unit Chapter One Sentences and Fragments A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought. ... The empty glass is the complete subject. The complete predicate includes all the words that tell what the subject of the sentence is or does.


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Explaining Persuasive Text

Such empty sentences are unnecessary and weak. What do such sentences contribute? Explaining Persuasive Text What is Persuasion? When you persuade someone, you convince them to agree with your side of an issue.


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Eliminate Empty Words and Phrases-1 - Welcome to MHHE

Eliminate Empty Words and Phrases-1 Vague terms and nouns (such as to be verbs, involve, center around, aspect, element, factor, field, kind, nature) can lead to wordy sentences.


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The Sentence - SchoolWorld an Edline Solution

As you know, sentences are composed of a subject and a predicate. Subject: a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase that tells what the sentence is about. ... They were very disappointed when they left Anchorage empty-handed. Varying sentence structure. Now, ...


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Empty constituents - Palgrave Macmillan

Empty constituents Kuiper and Allan Chapter 8.2.8 Empty constituents Data Geraldine promised [S' ??? to help her grandfather]. Geraldine asked [S' for the carpenter to help her grandfather.]


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Wordy Sentences - Houston Community College System

Wordy Sentences McGraw Hill Handbook ... Example: Empty Words Total college enrollments have increased steadily upward since the 1940s, but since the 1970s women have enrolled in greater numbers than men have. Example: Empty Words Example: Empty Words How to make your writing more concise 2.


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Writing Concisely

Empty sentences are particularly common in introductions and at the beginning of paragraphs. In your opening sentence(s), do not tell your reviewers obvious things. Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death. Is this a compelling opening?


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What are Sentences? - teacher web

Types of Sentences There are 4 types of sentences Declarative Sentences Interrogative Sentences Imperative Sentences Exclamatory Sentences Declarative Sentences Makes a STATEMENT Ends with a period ... Imperative B. Exclamatory C. Declarative D. Interrogative Question 19 Empty this jug of ...


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Introductions - Livaudais English Classroom | English ...

Introductions should contain five significant sentences including your thesis statement. Insignificant or empty sentences just to use up space should be avoided.


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Lesson 3 Writing Strong Sentences Revising

Writing Strong Sentences Revising Objectives: To identify and correct wordiness To identify and combine choppy; rambling sentences To identify and correct tired images 1. Eliminating Wordiness Empty Expressions: 2. Combining Sentences Combine short, choppy sentences into longer ones 3.


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Writing Anxiety

... give relevant examples Understand all your words Stay away from empty sentences and words Avoid too many adjectives First Sentences “I have spent the past year of my life re-learning everything I ever thought I knew about change in a process that has been both challenging and ...


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“To Be or Not to Be:” an Exploration of the Arabic ‘to ...

“To Be or Not to Be:” the Arabic ‘to be’ Verb in Equational Sentences By Josh Fowler Introduction Semantically Empty Zero Copula Methodology (Preliminary) Analysis Conclusion Future Work The book is big.


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Empty sentences do not belong! Nathaniel Hawthorne is a good author. He writes about immoral, puritan women Adultery was shameful. The Scarlet Letter is a good book that deals with many issues relevant to literature. YUCK!


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PSY 369: Psycholinguistics - Illinois State University

One, saw … then, cutting wood … working … Cookie jar … fall over … chair … water … empty … ov … ov … (Examiner ... “bread”-“cake” Grammatical inflections Normal prosody Syntactical but empty sentences Cannot repeat words or sentences Unable to understand what ...


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Using Rhetorical Strategies to Help the Reader Understand and ...

Using Rhetorical Strategies to Help the Reader Understand and Remember What’s Important Rhetorical Strategies: Sentences Controlling passive voice Pruning Choose words for precision Consider combining sentences Clarifying pronoun reference Consider combining sentences Controlling abstraction ...


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Word Knowledge - Open Court Resources.com

Word Knowledge The Empty Pot Word Knowledge emperor burst perfume person sprout soil flower boy worried issued tended transferred I’ve didn’t won’t you’re bloom choose news grew Bigger happiest higher slowest Word Knowledge Sentences She wrapped ...


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Writing an analytical essay - Wikispaces

Empty sentences have no other purpose than to take up space. PowerPoint Presentation Using our thesis statement from earlier, let’s write an introduction.


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Guide to Good Sentences - St. Cloud State University

Guide to Good Sentences Part I Analytical and Rhetorical Writing ... The inkpot, into which the writer dipped her quill, was empty. Put Subject & Predicate Closer Together John, to rapidly solve the equations, designed a macro. Veronica, because she loves flying, is majoring in aviation science.


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Writing for Emphasis - University of Texas at Austin

Pronoun Reference Pronoun Reference Empty Pronouns It was subsequently confirmed by NOEX USA that the wedge flowmeter had a bias of approximately -3 MMscf/d. ... Combining Sentences Noun Strings Sometimes, you have to unstuff a sentence!


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Writing an analytical essay

All sentences should have weight and meaning. Empty sentences have no other purpose than to take up space. Slide 18 Using our thesis statement from earlier, let’s write an introduction.


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Writing Emphatic Sentences - Luxemburg-Casco Primary School

Writing Emphatic Sentences. DAY ONE OBJECTIVES: Understanding how word order—where you place key ideas—creates emphasis in ... DON’T begin with expletive constructions—”there is/are” and “it is” are empty phrases that weaken the sentence. WEAK: There is much to be learned from ...


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PSY 369: Psycholinguistics - Illinois State University

... words or sentences Unable to understand what they read or hear Usually no partial paralysis Fluent but “empty” speech But contains many paraphasias “girl”-“curl”, “bread”-“cake” Grammatical inflections Normal prosody Syntactical but empty sentences [Examiner ...


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How to Correct Run-On Sentences - Bellevue College

Bellevue College Writing Lab Proudly Presents…How to Correct Run-On Sentences. Welcome! Please sign in and take a hand-out. Welcome! ... after preheating the oven, empty the mix into the bowl and crack two eggs and stir carefully, not too fast. Cut it Out!


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Language Disorders - University of Florida

Code switching Changing languages over phrases or sentences. ... “bread”-“cake” Syntactical but empty sentences Cannot repeat words or sentences Unable to understand what they read or hear Usually no partial paralysis Wernicke-Geschwind Model 1.


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Loose , and Periodic Sentences - Greenville County School ...

Sentences AP Language and Composition ... On the table burned a lamp in the empty room, and near it lay a little cat.(periodic) The key words—a lamp and a little cat—are withheld at the end of the sentence b, ...


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Fragments, Comma Splices, and Fused Sentences

You cannot run together two sentences with no punctuation! ... While the family stared at their empty plates. dinner; Elizabeth seasonings, and glasses while No change is necessary. Running late with dinner, ...


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Strategies for Engineering Communication - School of ...

Avoid placing references in the middle of sentences and never place figures in the middle of sentences. Empty Sentence Openers There are many aspects of the problem that have not yet been considered.


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Empty words & expressions - Architecture, Design and Planning ...

Categories Empty words & expressions Easy to use Efficient User’s experience The nature/atmosphere ... it is, what it does, and the principal benefits to the users User needs – what people want; best stated as complete sentences rather than bullet points; stated in the affirmative not ...


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Reviewing Basic Sentence Patterns - Spearfish School District ...

Combine each pair of sentences by changing the italicized sentence to an adverb clause. ... and the building was empty. A serious fire broke out while the building was empty. One sentence merely adds one fact to another.


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Chapter 6 Writing Process Phase 3: Revise, Proofread, Evaluate

Keep it Simple Keep it Conversational Remove Opening Fillers Eliminate Redundancies Reduce Compound Prepositions Purge Empty Words Purge Empty Words Purge Empty Words Purge ... inasmuch as at a later date despite the fact that when now because later although Unclutter your sentences. As for the ...


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Parts of Speech : Structure Classes - Binus University

Parts of Speech : Structure Classes 3rd meeting Qualifiers Qualifiers usually occur in the position before adjectival or an adverbial as shown by the empty slots in these sentences.


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Inference in First-Order Logic - Computer Science and ...

Logical Inference Chapter 9 Some material adopted from notes by Andreas Geyer-Schulz,, Chuck Dyer, and Mary Getoor * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Ordered resolution Search for resolvable sentences in order (left to right) This ...


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What is Good Writing? - Center on Disability Studies

Sadly, they left empty-handed. Example: The Winslow family visited Canada and Alaska last summer to find some native American art. ... FOUR TYPES OF SENTENCES Simple Compound Complex Compound-Complex National RtI Writing Demonstration Project ...


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Making Use of Infinitives - Spearfish School District ...

because I thought it was empty. I threw it away the box, _____ it was empty. ... After the above sentence, which of the following sentences would offer greater variety –a or b? As I looked down the street, I saw clouds of smoke. Looking down th.


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Meaning and Language - University of Pennsylvania

Meaning and Language Part 1 Plan We will talk about two different types of meaning, corresponding to two different types of objects: Lexical Semantics: Roughly, the meaning of individual words Compositional Semantics: How larger objects (clauses, sentences) come to mean what they do.


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Body Paragraphs - Rutherford County Schools

Topic Sentences. A paragraph usually begins with a topic sentence. Example: Some amusement park rides can be frightening experiences. Topic sentences can be divided into two elements


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Avoiding Run-on Sentences , Comma Splices , and Fragments

The 4th way is to… Join the two sentences with a comma and one of the conjunctions. (FOR, AND, NOR, BUT, OR, YET, SO) We all like grammar , and we all love this ... Run-ons and Comma Splices 4. Our neighbors must really love pizza a stack of empty cardboard pizza boxes sits by their trash ...


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Cracking Open Sentences - Wikispaces

Cracking Open Sentences Some sentences are boring and tired. It was a nice day. I had fun. Snow is nice. It was pretty. Let’s Crack one Open!


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Biological rhythms, sleep and dreaming - UCSD Cognitive ...

... “bread”-“cake” Syntactical but empty sentences Cannot repeat words or sentences Usually no partial paralysis Wernicke-Geschwind Model 1. Repeating a spoken word Arcuate fasciculus is the bridge from the Wernicke’s area to the Broca’s area ...


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Theme 9 Week 2 - Mr. Conlee's Corner

Theme 9 Week 2 Friday Combine these Sentences. 1. The cookie jar was empty. Mother made a batch of cookies. She put the cookies in the jar. _____ 2.


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Improving Sentence Concision and Coherence

Cut the Clutter 1. Avoid empty sentence openers. Avoid expletives--There is, There are, and There were--as sentence openers when There adds nothing to the meaning of a sentence: Wordy: ... Circle all the expletives at the beginning of your sentences. Revise to eliminate the expletives. 2.


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Section - Villanova University

... there is a finite subset of that is not tt-satisfiable. Horn Sentences 17.3.a A Horn Sentence is a conjunction of sentences ... Cube(a), BackOf(b,a) } C2 = { Small(a), Cube(b) } The special notation is used for the empty clause. A truth assignment is considered to ...


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Workshop For Parents Tuesday 12th January

Can partition second number to count on and back Seagull method Empty Number Sentences Children find these particularly difficult 2 + = 9 + 5 =12 7 - = 4 - 6 = 8 Word problems Children are encouraged to think of the problem as a story which they can use objects to help them, ...


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Verbs – what are they and how do we use them?

His pockets appeared empty. Also, they can link a noun with another noun Fred became the coach. The clue proved to be the key. Practice Linking Verbs Determine whether the italicized verbs in the following sentences are action or linking verbs Mom’s chicken and dumplings taste too salty for ...


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Basic notions of logic - UW Faculty Web Server

PHIL 120: Jan 8 Basic notions of logic More implications of the recursive definition of SL Kinds of sentences Main connectives and sentential components


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Writing for Biology Class - San Ramon Valley High School

... 12 Use Well Developed Paragraphs Each paragraph focuses on one topic The first sentence introduces the topic Subsequent sentences support the topic sentence ... Totally unique Unique The solution was obtained and transferred The solution was transferred Examples of Clarity Empty ...


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Sentence Patterns - Katy Independent School District

The empty coffin in the center of the crypt had a single horrifying meaning: ... Sentence Pattern 3 Exercises. Complete each of the following sentences with an independent clause. If the first clause is missing, provide a general statement. If the second clause is missing, add an explanation.


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Probabilistic Context Free Grammars - Temple University

Learning PCFGs: Estimating Parameters, Learning Grammar Rules Many slides are taken or adapted from slides by Dan Klein Results: Combined Models Multilingual Results Treebanks An example tree from the Penn Treebank The Penn Treebank 1 million tokens In 50,000 sentences, each labeled with A POS ...


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