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Jean-Philippe Kermoal - SEAMCAT Manager (ECO)June 2014

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Jean-Philippe Kermoal - SEAMCAT Manager (ECO)June 2014

Jean-Philippe Kermoal - SEAMCAT Manager (ECO)June 2014. Jukka Rakkolainen/ERO. Outline. Spectrum Engineering. SEAMCAT. Conclusions. ... Sharing methods: space/frequency/time. Sharing implementation: Agile (cognitive) or Rigid-design (traditional)


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Year 2 SATS - Morley Memorial Primary School | Making ...

Outline of the Session. What are SATs? An overview of the tasks ... Task and Test for 2014. Reading. Reading Tests: Paper test and/or separate booklet. Whole class or in groups, unlimited time, but usually 40-45 minutes. Levels 2 and 3. Reading Task: Sharing a book with a teacher, running record ...


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Assessing quality of income data in a survey vs an ...

... 5 June 2014. Outline. Motivation. Literature. Research hypotheses. Data. Methodology. ... part-time employment and periods of unemployment, ... pension and advance training fund contributions paid by employer, participation in profit-sharing, receives company car, ...


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EPWP Phase 3 Presentation JANUARY 2014 - Parliamentary ...

... sharing best practice and lessons Increase EPWP Contribution to Development ... The key assumption (at the time) was economic growth in the ... Phase 3 Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Public Works Tuesday, 05 March 2014 Outline Outline … continued BACKGROUND ...


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OUTLINE OF RECOMMENDED BUDGET MAIN PRESENTATION TOPICS: 1. ... 2012 $1.3 MILLION TO OTHER AGENCIES $17,242 INCREASE—DRAINS AT LARGE BUDGET RESOLUTION CONTINUED REVENUE SHARING: $ ... Need to avoid complacency Limited resources 2013 & 2014 Where benefit changes lag in employee ...


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Bio-Medical Workforce Presentation - 01/07/2014

... 2014. Outline. Background (Wally) Goals (Wally) Challenges (Jennifer) ... NIH requires submission of data for institutional training grants at the time of application and progress reporting. ... will include data sharing with eRACommons.


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Staff Parish Relations Committee Training 2014

* The general outline of our time together moves from ... Use discretion sharing sensitive ... Calibri Arial Albertus MT Lt Office Theme Staff-Parish Relations Committee Training 2014 Outline of the Day Devotional Reflection Wisconsin Conference Vision & Priorities Roles ...


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Business Planning - University of Rochester

... 2014 Axiom: Don’t ... Quality of Investment Opportunity Financing Financial Projections Risk/Reward Sharing Evaluation: ... & Strategy Marketing & Sales Strategy Organization / Management Team Operations/ logistics Financial Analysis Time Horizon: 3 to 5 years Statements: Income, ...


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Presentation Outline - AIDS Watch Africa | An Africa High ...

... now is the right time . to push for regulatory harmonization in Africa. AMRH Partners ... Resource pooling and information sharing. Faster . registration. 1. WHO prequalification, ... Plans to launch the AMRH in West Africa & Southern African region in 2014. 3.


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... and at the same time to participate actively in the world economy and body politics”. ... Sensitising stakeholders about importance of NPOA Sharing experiences from other APRM countries about the implementation of the NPOA. ... (26Feb 2014) Outline of presentation Introduction: ...


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Monday 4th April 2011 - Norman Pannell

Thursday 6th March 2014 KS1 SATs Meeting Outline What are SATs? ... or [Level 3] or Reading task with teacher. Sharing a book; running record, and discussion. Writing Spelling Test [All] Long task [All] Approx ... Thank you for your time . Title: Monday 4th April 2011 Author: Michelle Last ...


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Achieving the Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic ...

Canada and the US will develop a 2014 outline of a forward plan for regulatory cooperation ... and Enhancing and strengthening the sharing and exchange of regulatory information. Overview of ... Transition period would provide sufficient time for industry to make necessary system changes ...


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Sharing and reflecting

Chapter 8. Sharing and reflecting. Action Research: Improving Schools and Empowering Educators (4/e) Craig A. Mertler SAGE Publications, 2014


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Monday 4th April 2011

Monday 24th March 2014 KS1 SATs Meeting Outline What are SATs? ... or [Level 3] or Reading task with teacher. Sharing a book; running record, and discussion. Writing Spelling Test [All] Long task ... at the shops, on the bus, telling the time etc. Continue to work on targets discussed at ...


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Health Care Reform - SHRM Online - Society for Human Resource ...

Interim regulations issued in June 2010 outline what plan design changes would cause a plan to lose its ... (starting in 2014) Employers with fewer than 100 full-time employees: ... Cost sharing limits: A health plan providing the essential health benefits package must have limits on ...


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2. Processes and Scheduling

... Compatible Time Sharing System (CTSS) ... when threads have 10-msec CPU bursts Operating Systems 2014 * Scheduling: outline Scheduling criteria Scheduling algorithms Unix scheduling Linux Scheduling Win NT scheduling Operating Systems 2014 * Scheduling in Unix Two-level scheduling Low ...


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Comparison and Contrast Essay

Point By Point Structure/Outline. Sample Point by Point Outline. Thesis: Point 1. A. B. Point 2. A. B. Point 3. A. B. ... (for example, why one time period is better than another). Problems to avoid. Avoid the “so what” thesis. ... 04/30/2014 07:50:14 Title: Comparison and Contrast Essay


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Diapositiva 1 - G-NEXID

... (profit and loss sharing) ... supplier is unknown to the bank which may cause a delay in delivery time goods and non ... Switzerland March 28/2014 Outline of the Presentation I. SEP Program Diapositive 4 Diapositive 5 Diapositive 6 Diapositive 7 Diapositive 8 ...


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FDIC May 2014 - FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Outline. Fundamentals of Deposit Insurance Coverage FDIC 2014 . Part 1 – General Principles. ... Special exception for time deposits – For time deposits (i.e., CDs) ... including profit-sharing plans and 401(K) ...


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Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications (WAIC). Agenda Item 1 ...

Pattaya, Thailand – March 2014. Outline. What is WAIC. Why is WAIC Important. Overall Regulatory Process. ITU-R. ... Certification of Aircraft. Technical Effort. WAIC Technical Characteristics. Preliminary Sharing Study Results. What is Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications ... in time for ...


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Lilly Wave Lilly Brand PowerPoint Template

5/20/2014 (MBSW) Outline. Background. Data Generation. Performance Measurement. Example. Operationalization. Conclusion. ... Interaction testing, one at a time. Many statistical issues. Many gaps for tailoring. Biomarker and subgroup identification (BSID)


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WIGOS Implementation - World Meteorological Organization

... time and funds needed; 2.2 Silent observing station problems ... well documented observational data with associated observational metadata WMO Outline What is WIGOS & Why WIGOS WIGOS ... (maintenance, …), Lack of qualified staff; Through coordinated data sharing and networks ...


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Introduction to Computer Hardware - UMass Boston Computer Science

3/13/2014. Portion of the Harvard-IBM Mark 1, left side. Right side. ... sharing of information across computer networks between file servers and clients ... A SO-DIMM, or small outline dual in-line memory module, ...


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Supply Chain Management - San Jose State University

Lecture Outline. Supply Chains – Slide 4. The Management of ... software that integrates the components of a company by sharing and organizing information and ... fraction of orders filled by a distribution center within a specific time period © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. - Russell and ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

February 27, 2014 Accounting for LCAP ... Correcting entries can be made at the end of the year based on the best information available at that time. Additionally, ... Engagement, Metrics Sample LCAPs – Outlines & Sharing CCCOE LCAP Review Checklist ...


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Aggregate Planning - San Jose State University

Lecture Outline. The Sales and Operations Planning ... Some industries may shut down manufacturing during the low demand season and schedule employee vacations during that time © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. - Russell and Taylor ... Sharing information and synchronizing production across supply ...


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2014-17 Blue book presentation to SCoAG

... objectives and performance measures with strategic initiatives Sustainability Strategy Budget 2014-17 Presentation Outline Summary of Strategic Goals and Objectives Improving the lives ... the amount of time and other costs spent ... Best practice knowledge sharing with ...


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HIA Training May 20, 2014 - Minnesota Department of Health

May 20, 2014. Outline. What is HIA? Definitions, background, steps. ... 1 full time person. 1 full time person. 1 full time person, and supporting help. 1 full time person, and supporting help. Complexity. Provides a broad overview of potential health impacts.


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Annual Report

Outline. Background. 2012-2013 Goals – Highlights. 2013-2014 Strategic ... Advance the transformation in scholarly communication related to openness, sharing and validation ... Libraries have collaborated for a long time but now there is a move to even larger and deeper or more “radical ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... Likely to be overkill unless data sharing very common Memory Coherence in Replicated ... Stamp each event with the time of the local clock Only works if you have clocks ... (T, Cj) + 1 Outline Distributed implications for RPC Distributed shared memory Causally ordered multicast ...


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Denise's presentation to NACO March 2014

Outline technical solutions that enable real-time sharing of crime data and analytical products on a local, ... Denise's presentation to NACO March 2014 Subject: PREA, ACA, BCJI, NTTAC, JRI, Pretrial Author: Authorized User


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Life after Levels

Outline Agenda. Revisiting ... Looking at Secondary Proposals . Looking at timescales . Sharing good practice or ideas. The way forward. Q. What is the relationship between levels, formative assessment, summative ... The first time children arriving from Primary Schools not having levels will be ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

Updated 2014 * Artificial Neural ... One’s performance is thus measured on both sharing their knowledge with others via KES and on using ... * * Outline Knowledge Concept & Kinds Knowledge worker Knowledge Life Process Knowledge Works Systems Organizational culture and knowledge Summary ...


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United Way PowerPoint Presentation Template

... time, talent, relationships, expertise, technology, money, etc ... including how you may be sharing resources and how these partnership will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the program. ... Application Outline 2013-2014 Community Investment Grant Example: ...


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Database Management Systems - University of Manitoba

Updated 2014 Outline Data Administrator ... (Op DB) Copies Entire OpDB Backup Database (Bkp DB) time 1: copies new data from Op DB Partial backup time 2: copies new ... Programmers Visitors Consultants Business partnerships Strategic sharing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange & other ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... name bed sharing death risk factors ... If you catch the baby at this time he/she will fall asleep easily: This is the ... * Outline Sleep physiology Causes and effects of sleep disruptions Prevention of sleep disruptions Intervention techniques Cultural Competence Community ...


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Health Care Reform Overview of Federal Health Insurance ...

... and grandfathered plans that exist at time bill is enacted Many provisions also apply to ERISA self-funded plans ... Statement that summary is an outline only Phone number for consumers to call for additional ... Reforms Effective January 1, 2014 Guaranteed issuance ...


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The Dynamics of Implementing HIPAA in the AR –

... Create charge Capture Analyst position RAC 2014 * “Time” Charting Ideas Create a stamp for Drug adm start and stop times. ... by care area Continue to evaluate improvement to the process: ed, sharing of data, new tools, ... Outline of Training From the pt: ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... to the store and keep on buying us the sporting goods they need. Also, this business is expected to open April 30,2014. ... There are major opportunities to get into this industry at this time. ... Bruna’s Sporting Goods is going to compensate its employees with a profit sharing plan.


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Fermilab Test Beam Analysis

25/03/2014 Outline Motivation Setup at Fermilab beam line Data Analysis ... 4. Time bin characteristic: Time bin of max. signal amplitude. (3250V, Eta5) The DAQ was configured to ... as expected for electronics that measures charge-sharing well P. Barria Resolution versus HV Aiwu ...


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Cooperative Execution of OpenCL Programs on Multiple ...

CGO—2014. Outline. Introduction. The Problem. The FluidiCL Runtime. Optimizations. Results. Conclusion. ... Benchmarks Normalized Execution Time CPU ATAX BICG CORR GESUMMV SYR2K SYRK Geomean 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 GPU ATAX BICG CORR GESUMMV SYR2K SYRK ... Work sharing approach for generalized reduction ...


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Chapter 6 slides, Computer Networking, 3rd edition

Spring 2014. Wireless, ... Master/slave mode: the master node can transmit every odd-numbered time slot, and the slave node can transmit only when polled by the master. Zigbee: ... Two techniques for sharing mobile-to-BS radio spectrum. combined FDMA/TDMA: ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... 42% is the average amount of time a PI spends on administrative tasks related to the project rather ... April 2014: Knowledge-Sharing Resource Center available for sharing ideas and ... Grants data standardization proposed vision, project outline, and governance framework. Long Term ...


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... 2014 * * Outline Introduction Motivation Scenario And Solution OSCAR architecture OSCAR communication protocols Data Tsunami Problem Expected explosive data Expensive data roaming charges Users’ expections to remain connected In all places At all time ... at sharing neighboring ...


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Title of the Presentation - Energitilsynet

... DG COMP Outline ACER’s functions REMIT scope and definitions Market monitoring and cooperation Data reporting and sharing The way ahead Time line of ... 2014 REMIT’s entry into force 20 days ... Cooperation Outline Data Reporting/Sharing & Data Transparency ...


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Presentation Template - Sample with Slide Styles with CMS logo

... Outline Changes to the timeline New EHR software certification standards for all in 2014 New requirements and options for stage 1 Stage 2 requirements New quality measurement requirements starting in 2014 for all What you need to do now What you can do to prepare Prepare for sharing ... time ...


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Fractional Order Motion Control

May 27, 2014. Tuesday 8:40-12:40 ... Outline of Tutorial Introduction. About MESA @ UC Merced. ... Dropbox material downloading or USB file sharing. 9:00am-9:15am. Introduction to tutorial. Dr Chen. Tutorial schedule. 9:15am- 10:15am. Introduction to CSOIS, UAS research programs.


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Health Care Reform PPACA Presentation 2011

2014 Rating Changes Redefine small ... then Employer penalty = $2,000 for each of its full-time employees in the workforce 2014 Employer Mandate Penalty ... 2010 A part of the 2010 implementation mandates Outline list of tests/procedures to be covered with no cost sharing to the plan ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... for measuring progress towards RI Governments to accelerate their efforts in implementing RI activities/programmes Sharing of ... visa upon arrival Time taken to issued a visa Cost of visas by MS 8 Selected ... at end March 2014 in Abuja Seek endorsement by Ministers ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

4/24/2014. Presentation Outline. Background on TOF MS and concepts ... Thanks to Dr. Ann Richard for sharing the master list with us, which includes compounds in TOX21, ToxRef Database ... shown in both sample 0196 and 0296 Retention Time (min) # 0196 5.74 27.625 27.576000000000001 35 ...


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