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Secret Pal Ministry Form - Gateway Ministries

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Secret Pal Ministry Form - Gateway Ministries

SECRET PAL MINISTRY ³A Ministry Seeking Ladies who Desire to Minister to Ladies´ • This is a six month commitment • You need to be a member of this local church in order to participate.

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CG SPOUSES' ASSOCIATION 2011-2012 SECRET PAL FORM Participating in Secret Pals is a great way to get to know another member of our organization, and it is

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SECRET PAL - River City Quilters' Guild

SECRET PAL WELCOME TO SECRET PALS!!! Having a secret pal can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in the guild. Participating in Secret Pals takes commitment, loyalty and a desire to

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Secret Pal FORM A Form for Student to fill out

siler secret pal program (form a) college student / military personnel information sheet please attach a small photo to sheet

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** EWFCCA’s Secret Pal Questionnaire **

Is there anything else that you want your Secret Pal to know about you?_____ _____ _____ Title: Microsoft Word - SecretPalQuestionnaire .doc Author: James Created Date: 9/16/2011 6:37:35 AM ...'s/SecretPalQuestionnaire.pdf

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Secret Pal - Montgomery County Dmv

Secret Pal MONTGOMERY COUNTY EMPLOYEE SECRET PAL INFORMATION 2013 Please feel free to fill out as much or as little information as you wish!

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SECRET PALS INFORMATION SHEET - Country Crossroads Quilter's

name address city state zip phone home first namecell spouse __ # children __ # grandchildren e-mail anniversary month/day birthday month/day

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Student/Staff Secret Pals Activity (Cindy Bader), PDF

An Activity Worksheet from Cindy Bader as featured at Student/Staff Secret Pals - the one week version - great for the Winter Break season.

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SECRET PAL QUESTIONNAIRE Name_____ Address_____City ... To participate in the Secret Pal program, fill in the form above and either bring it to the August meeting or mail it to: Anne Hall 2041 Kellner St. Manitowoc, WI 54220 .

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Secret Pal Information Sheet - Low Country Today

Secret Pal Information Sheet Name: _____ Instrument: _____ Favorite Candy Bar: _____

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Secret Sisters Secret Information Sheet - Welcome to Friends ...

Secret Sisters Secret Information Sheet This is an enjoyable way to make life more fun for other church women, and get to know each other better. Please return the completed form to the labelled basket in the narthex by April 17 for the Keeper of the List to shuffle up

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Prayer Pals - Crossroads | CrossRoads People

Prayer Pals Shhhhhh…’s a secret! Let’s Get Started! • To become a “Prayer Pal”, fill in, tear off, and return the information form below.

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Please complete this form and return to the Secret Sister mailbox or Sheri Lathrop by December 12th. If you have previously filled out a form you need to complete a new one. Author: Sheri Lathrop Created Date:

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SFQG Secret Pal Information Form - San Francisco Quilters Guild

SFQG Secret Pals 2013-14 Come Join the FUN! A Secret Pal is another guild member to whom you give something every month for almost a year. And in return – you have a Secret Pal that gives to you each month.

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IEQG SECRET PAL QUESTIONNAIRE 2012 (January through December) NAME: DOB: (MONTHIDA Y) Address: Phone: City: E-Mail: Zip Code: ... Please complete this form and return it to: Joy Graves, 1896 Kingsford Dr., Corona, CA 92880 951-280-9041 or 951-847-6007

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Calling all Secret Pals! (Shhhhhhhh!) Would you like to show your appreciation to our wonderful Cypress Creek teachers? If you answered yes, simply fill out the volunteer form below and return it to the school.

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IEQG SECRET PAL QUESTIONNAIRE 2011 (January through December) NAME: _____ DOB: ... Please complete this form and return it to: Joy Graves, 1896 Kingsford Dr., Corona, CA 92880 . 951-280-9041 or 951-847-6007 . [email protected] .

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secret pal guidelines - Bing - Free PDF Downloads Blog ...

Secret Pal Sign Up Form Valentine Secret Pal How to Play Secret Pal Secret Pal Information Sheet. Title: secret pal guidelines - Bing Created Date: 2/15/2014 9:59:11 PM ...

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revised secret pal form 2012 - Theater Arts for Children

SECRET!PAL!FORM!! Name:!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Character:!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Age:!! ! ! ! ! ! Favorite!Candy:!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Favorite!Pop:!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Other!Favorite!Beverages:!! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Secret Pals - Country Crossroads Quilter's

Label Secret Pals Information Sheet MARCH 2010 THRU FEBRUARY 2011 We will draw Secret Pals at the March 9th program meeting. NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP

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2011 2012 Secret Sister Questionnaire - Friendship Star ...

of your form and picture. Please send it to me no later than 10 august. Name: Address: E-Mail address: Home Phone: Birthday: ... Is there anything you want your secret sister to know: Please list past Secret Sisters if you would like a different quilter:

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Secret Sister 2011! - Grace Community Church

Secret Sister 2011! ... • Please complete the secret sister information form on the back side of th is page and turn in to anyone on the Women’s Ministry Team (Sharleen Mahoney, Chrissy Adkins, Michelle Barger, Dawn Camp or Ginny Gross).

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2010 Secret Pals - Quilters Sew-ciety

2010 Secret Pals Fat Quarters Exchange or Block of the Month 1. A Block of the Month Secret Pals – where you buy enough fabric to make 10-12 blocks (lets make

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TEAM CANADA 2009TEAM CANADA 2009 SECRET PALSECRET PAL Please fill out the attached Secret Pal Form and return to Steven Kopas by May 15th.

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Calling all Secret Pals! (Shhhhhhhh!) Would you like to show your appreciation to our wonderful . Cypress Creek Teachers? If you answered yes, simply fill out the volunteer form below and return it to the school.

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Secret Sister Guidelines -- 2010 - Broadman Baptist Church

Secret Sister Guidelines -- 2010 1. Know that this is a commitment. You are committing to be a good Secret Sister for an entire year. Pray

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secret santa secret pal - Bing

Secret Santa Movie Secret Santa Form 1 2 3 Related searches for secret santa secret pal secret ... When it comes to secret pal gifts there are many different ideas available. First, try to find out what type of things your secret pal likes.

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Dal’s Secret Pals

Dal’s Secret Pals “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.” Dalhousie’s Secret Pal Initiative anonymously matches individuals from across the University so they can

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CFQG Secret Quilting Pal (SQP) Form 2005 - Cabin Fever ...

CFQG Secret Quilting Pal (SQP) Form - 2009 SQP ASSIGNMENT: Instructions: Complete this form and hand in, mail or email to the SQP Coordinator (below).

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BE!ASECRET!PAL!! W.E. - Wallace Elementary

BE!ASECRET!PAL!!!!! WE!parents!love!our!Wallace!teachers!and!staff! Helpus!showappreciationandsupport!for!all!they!doby!signing!uptobe!a!PTA!Secret!Pal.

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2 Feb 07 - Valley Forge Homestead Quilters

Secret Pal Is Back 2 Birthdays 2 Meeting Minutes 3 March Meeting Preview 3 Guild Workshops 4 Got a Guild Scrapbook? 4 Block ... “forms,” then click on “New Secret Pal Form.” This document is formatted so that you can easily enter the information on-line. From there, ...

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY EMPLOYEES’ COMMITTEE 2014 To All Montgomery County Employees: The Montgomery County Employees Committee is sending out this letter about the Secret Pal Program.

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June 2014 — Vol. 21 Issue 3 - Webs

secret pal form, which can be approxi-mately a $15 value. The gifts are some-thing to brighten your club woman’s day, so anything you give would be appreciat-ed. Page 10 of our 2012-2014 Yearbook has the Secret Pal Rules printed.

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Friends Of The - Storytelling Festival of Carolina

Friends Of The Friends of the Storytelling Festival of Carolina Donation Form I/We would like to make a donation to: _____Individual Sponsors _____Secret Story Pal _____Business Sponsor

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Community of Grace WELCA Secret Prayer Pals

Secret Prayer Pal Ministry OBJECTIVE To get women of Community of Grace involved in the ... Ladies first fill out the prayer pal ques-tionnaire. This form can be submitted by the February WELCA meeting. All submitted forms will be placed in a large basket & each participate will select their ...

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SECRET PAL YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM . PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE FILLING OUT APPLICATION . 1. Applications will be accepted from Fullerton residents for $60.00 scholarships

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St. John's United Church of Christ, Lewisburg PA AUARY

You can make reservations by filling out the Secret Pal form enclosed with December’s mail-ing. Please pay your $11.00 to Anna Brouse by Sunday, January 20th, 2013. We will draw for a new Secret Pal name for the coming year at this time.

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LUKE ENLISTED SPOUSES CLUB (LESC) MEMBERSHIP FORM Last Name First Name Spouse’s Name/Rank Address City/Zip Spouse’s Squadron Home Phone Cell Phone Your DOB (month ... Secret Pal (gift exchange) Other Interests Please select your preferred dues option All dues payable by cash or check only E ...

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Glorifying God by Inviting All into a Relationship with Jesus ...

to have a Secret Pal for this coming school year, I need for you to fill out the Secret Pal form. It is found on the church’s website under forms. You may mail it to me or the church, put it in my box in the church office or just hand it to me.

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V A L L E Y O F T H E M I S T Q U I L T E R S Baste & Banter

Secret Pal Form 4 Monthly mini Secret Pals Newsletter Info Philanthropy 5 Charm Squares Opportunity Quilts 6 Quilt Show Block of the Month Advertisers 7 —9 Mission Meeting Location Reminders 10 Inside this issue: January Program—

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President - Candy Koester

form. Remember the Secret Pal year runs Jan.-Dec. If you ever have any questions about Secret Pals just give me a call. ... My Secret Pal - thank you for the cookies they were great. I hope you and your family have a great new year. And, ...

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Yankee Tole Crier - Yankee Heritage Tole

11–Secret Pal Form 12–Education 13 Raffle 14–Seminar with Cheri Rol 17-Webpage/newsletter/Chapter Membership ... New secret pal forms will be available in November for 2008. Ricky will pullnames and you will be notified by mail.

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We drove up the mountain and the view from the top was g n m g r

Your secret pal The letters circled in the words above form a spelling word. Unscramble it and write the word here. Now write a short reply on the post card. Use the words continuous, jealous, studious, industrious,

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San Antonio Calligraphers Guild Membership Form 2013 -2014

Membership Form 2013 -2014 Name: _____ Spouse’s Name ... Fund Raising Mentoring Secret Pal Greeters Mini Workshops Dues are $24.00 a year Make checks payable to SACG Mail to: San Antonio Calligraphers Guild

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Share the fun of Teatime Moments With Your Favorite People! A ...

Prayer Day Secret Pal “The Art of Prayer & Tea & Thee ...

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PLEASE PRINT Is it okay to print in the Roster? (yes/no ...

MEMBERSHIP FORM FOR 2013-2014 (Effective dates: June 1, 2013 through May 31, 2014) ... [ ] Secret Pal [ ] Quilt Show [ ] Hospitality [ ] Wearable Art Challenge . An indication of interest is not a commitment. However your participation is encouraged and essential to the continued success ...

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Tole It To The Mountains - White Mountain Decorative Painters ...

15 Retreat Sign Up Form 18 Chapter Policies & Secret Pal Info 19 Secret Pal Application Form 20 News from NET 21 News from SDP 22 ... ANYTHING ELSE YOUR SECRET PAL SHOULD KNOW_____ ALLERGIES ...

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Dear Teens and Parents – Welcome to Veritas XXV 2014 – a ...

SECRET PAL GIFTS: Your teen will be assigned a Secret Pal throughout the weekend. ... Place the form and all medications in a zip lock bag labeled with your teen’s name and turn in at Early Luggage Check-IN. 3) If your teen should need vitamins, ...

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DRF.COM/BREEDING DAILY RACING FORM Sunday, February 16, 2014 ...

DRF.COM/BREEDING DAILY RACING FORM Sunday, February 16, 2014 PAGE 25 of $1,877,136. Lunarpal finished the year with 27 ... stakes-placed Secret Pal. Lunarpal, who stands for $2,000, is out of the winning Quiet American mare Quiet Eclipse.

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Volume 20 Issue 2 Baste & Banter - Valley of the Mist Quilters

Secret Pal Form 7 8— 9 10 Mission Reminders 11 Inside this issue: Volume 20 Issue 2 February, 2010 ... Your Secret Pal gift must be new, not photo-copied, opened or used. Give the quality of gift that you would like to receive, yourself.

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