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Kung Fu San Soo

These books have remained within the Chin family, where the techniques and forms were taught and passed down from generation to generation. ... Kung Fu San Soo is a direct result of the refinement, organization and documentation of


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HAND TO HAND COMBAT - Acupuncture In Chula Vista

Kung Fu San Soo . Title: Brochure Author: dr rick Created Date: 1/13/2009 2:09:51 PM ...


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kung fu san soo black belt - Bing

1 Kung Fu San Soo Videos Kung Fu San Soo YouTube Kung Fu San Soo Schools Kung Fu San Soo Books Kung Fu San Soo DVD Kung Fu San Soo Oregon Kung Fu San Soo Monrovia


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San Soo From The Ground Up: Part 2 - Kung Fu San Soo, Tai Chi ...

When Kung Fu San Soo is done correctly it should seem effortless to you. Jimmy would say to me, “It’s like walking young man, ... Then practice any forms you might have memorized th ... San Soo From The Ground Up: Part 2


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San Soo From The Ground Up: Part 3 - Kung Fu San Soo, Tai Chi ...

San Soo From The Ground Up: Part 3 exercises and eventually this will flow into your forms and San Soo practice. Relaxed structure is rooting in motion and allowing power to


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1 of 27 PhD Martial Arts® 530-226-9494

KUNG FU SAN SOO FORMS Impact Posture Flow POWER With BENEFITS Exercise- Using Pressure points & Organs normally not used in other activities Movement- 4 in all Directions Trajectory-Fist or foot to target Each movement changes target -At point of impact


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iXL Rehab, Exercise & Wellness Center Membership Fees

Kung Fu San Soo (功夫散手) is a martial art based on techniques from all over China, both Northern and Southern Chinese martial arts systems.. Kung Fu San Soo as taught in China has many traditional forms and isometric exercises in its training regimen.


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ACCS Newsletter - Kung Fu

7 Kung Fu Corner New Students 8 Testimonials Events ... Roger Soo. Keiko calls Roger brother and ... I never knew before the workshop how much fun you can have learning kung fu, even if you're a beginner! The forms you showed us, ...


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White Belt Study Guide - PHD Martial Arts

This is when Kung Fu San Soo works beautifully for a practioner. ... Pull ups: There are 3 forms of pull ups; A) Bent arm, B) Fingers facing in, C) Fingers pointing away. A) is often an good way to build strength and confidence.


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White Belt Requirements - Y-Lee's Martial Arts

... Soo- Do Mak-Ghee Front Leg Limbering up.....Appo-Lo Bal-Ol Leg-Ghee ... Forms Knowledge ... TKD, Gung Fu Founder's name of TKD- Choi Hong Hi Father of Chung Do Kwan- Won Gook-Lee Father of American TKD- Jhoone Rhee


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After school Tai Chi Program For middle school students

... as well as Kung Fu San Soo and Bak Fu Pai since 1994. He has ranked in national and international forms competition, including gold medals at Taiji Legacy (2000), Dallas, TX; USAWKF National Championships (2000), San Diego, CA; and the International Chinese Martial Arts Championships ...


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martial arts tri fold flyer

various forms of Wushu were well established in Korea, Japan, Tibet and many other countries. ... Kung Fu San Soo Shoalin Kung Fu Tai Chi On location! We come to where you are. Executive Training Gift Packages Motivation, Focus, Concentration, Balance


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Form Information Form Information - CG Martial Arts Academy

... Ki Cho forms were developed to simplify the principles taught in the Pyong Ahn forms. ... Kong San Goon Other Names: Kanku, Kushanku Style of Origin: Tomari-Te ... Wong Fei Hung started learning Kung Fu and traditional Chinese medicine from a very early age under the


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Dojo Legends - The Champion - Genwakai America

"I have a black belt in jujitsu, and a purple sash in kung fu, and I am rated inestimable in karate and judo, ... The champion demonstrated hapkido and San Soo and three other thrilling forms in downing his opponent without taking a single blow. And still the old man disapproved.


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... Ki Cho forms were developed to simplify the principles taught in the Pyong Ahn forms. ... Sip Soo Other Name: Jit Dae, Jitte Style of Origin: Tomari-Te ... Wong Fei Hung started learning Kung Fu and traditional Chinese medicine from a very early age under the


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Starting the New Year with Los Angeles City College Community ...

This is a class in Kung Fu San Soo. Learn Martial Arts Kung Fu fluid movements and counter defense strategies. No experience necessary. Included ... city and county tax forms, business licenses and reporting systems, payroll and income taxes, and federal and California requirements.


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Kung Fu San Soo Diamond Bar Calvary Chapel Golden Springs 22324 Golden Springs Drive Diamond Bar ... National Champion. Forms and Weaons Expert. TPA Team. Weapons expert International & US Champion ERIK National champion. World Class Champion. Is Known For His Weapons . Chili's Grill & Bar 10643 ...


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Year 2011 US Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductees

both national and international tournaments and has taken 1st place in both forms and sparring in his ... Founder and President of the Tang Soo Do Karate Association in San Antonio ... Aikido, Tang Soo Do, and Kung-Fu. Garry is an active member of the United States Martial Arts Association ...


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Master Outline of ASFA 11-18-2006

Street Fighting: Kung fu San Soo Right hand punch: 1-Inside grab block, with right and left hand 2-Same side snap kick to knee ... Blue Belt Form (All yellow-Blue belt forms with/Broken Staff) (Free Form) (Create your own Form) Stances: Front Knee Block Deep Front Stance


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The University Number Illinois Archives.For more information ...

Kung Fu San Soo Exercises, 1987-89 Latino Programs, 1978-88 Legal Conference for Women, 1975 Male Feminist Views, 1973 ... Forms Insurance, ca. 1981-82 OFAB Application, 1982 Report, 1975 Statistics, 1981 Thank You Letter, 1980-81 Training Manual, 1980


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Fall 2009 PES Course Offerings - Northern Arizona University

This course will primarily focus on learning the basics of Kung Fu San Soo, an ancient Chinese martial art. The basics of this art include fundamental stances, forms, punches, kicks, pressure points, skeletal manipulation/ leverages, throws, how to fall/roll, and


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entry forms are available at the JC Penney photo studio. Proceeds from the event will go to the Maslow Project and ... KUNG FU SAN SOO, 2 p.m., GP Community Center, Fourth and L streets; self-defense; $4.95; 541-474-2202. PARTNER STRETCHING, 3 p.m.,


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PES Course Descriptions Spring 2010 - www2.nau.edu

Kung Fu: This course will primarily focus on learning the basics of Kung Fu San Soo, an ancient Chinese martial art. The basics of this art include fundamental stances, forms, punches, kicks, pressure points, skeletal manipulation/ leverages, ...


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United States Head Of Family Martial Arts Association NEWSLETTER

Jang , both were championship Competitors in weapons, forms, fighting ... The San Yama Bushi and Combination GoJu School of ... Presenters will be skilled in Ju Jutsu, Karate, Kyusho-Jutsu, Japanese Sword, Judo, Kenpo Karate, Hapkido, Kung Fu, Tang Soo Do, Defensive Tactics, and ...


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... Kung Fu Master named Yang, Kuk Jin where he trained in She Bop (postures) Bo Bop (steps), Ryun Bop (conditioning) and Hyung (forms) with there applica-tions.1 The above is an important point when looking at the characteristics of Tang Soo Do. This is because when we look at the history of ...


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Year 2010 US Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductees

... All Japan San Shou Full Contact, ... featuring Short and Long Weapons Internal Gung Fu, and over 300 forms that makes the “Mon So Chi ... Mr. Tran has studied the arts of Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing-Chuan, Jujitsu, Tang Soo Do. He is a member of WOMA, MAA-I, USDKA.


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Riverbend Tae Kwon Do Academy

black belt all required forms and step sparring. Please review the pages that correlate with your ... In 1943 Judo, Karate and Kung-fu were officially introduced to the Korean residents and the martial arts regained popularity. ... Soo Bahk Do, Kwon Bop, Kong Soo Do, Tae Soo Do and Kang Soo Do.


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Martial Arts Insurance Application Risk-Can Underwriting Managers

Waivers / Release Forms being used Agreements Students contracts ... Conventional Boxing Choi Kwang Do Kung Fu San Soo Jujitsu Goju-Ryu Muay Thai Kendo Gracie Jujitsu Savate Kung-Fu Jeet June Do Shito-Ryu Ninjitsu ...


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SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2013 - City of Santa Monica

Arts, who has been practicing Kung Fu San Soo for 38 years, will teach a self defense class ... For itineraries and reservation forms for all trips, please visit our website or call: www.wiseandhealthyaging.org (310) 394-9871 Treasures of


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April Prayer for Prodigals Children’s Ministry Texting ...

7:00pm Kung Fu San Soo [Self-Defense Class] Banquet Hall Wednesday, April 20 7:00pm * Evening Service Sanctuary ... Forms, including Job Description are available at the gazebo, or at the church office. TODAY. REGULAR STORE HOURS MONDAY - CLOSED


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This is YOUR camp! This is YOR camp! Be there!!

... Tai Chi/Kung Fu San Soo . Toma Rosenzweig – 3. rd. dan CaneMasters . David Ortiz – Escrima Instructor . George Kirby – 10. th. dan Budoshin Ju-Jitsu . Sam Combes - 9. th. ... ADDITIONAL REGISTRATION FORMS AT THE DOOR!! CAMP BUDOSHIN IS SATURDAY OCTOBER 1, 2011! 8:00am-5:00pm ...


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JOMEC Journal - Cardiff University

range of combat forms, have a plethora of cultural manifestations, including philosophies, ... (Tang Soo Do/Tae Kwon Do) than Japanese karate. ... teach you real kung fu’. If wu shu/san da takes the place of the ‘hard’ karate from the 1984 film, ...


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RESULTS 2012RESULTS 2012 - Jimdo

Michael Mussoni San Marino Shotokan Club SMR FORMS KOREAN STYLE Tang Soo Do Forms - Youth/Adult, mix, Advance ... Chantal Schröder Phönix Kung Fu GER 2. Sebastian Steinbrück CDK Erfurt e.V. GER 3.


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Midori yama budokai Fall Newsletter

kung fu” system. After years of study with his father, ... The forms (hyung) used by Tang Soo Do are believed ... These forms include Tsan Tjin (Sanchin), Jun Jang, Ssi San, Ssi Boai (Saifa; Saipa), Bae Rin Bba, SsanSsi Bbai, Sei San (Seisan; Hangetsu), Sai Hoo Ah, ...


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DRAGON’S LAIR - Reocities

available in 3 forms. Regular membership – which is for Certified Ins t ruc os f D agon Kenpo. Student membership – ... Tang Soo Do, and San Soo Kung Fu, where it has been proven, that these individuals learned from texts. Now, there was no flash


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GENERAL INFORMATION John Stebbins is currently honored to ...

he quit and did not start training again until 1978 in San Soo Kung Fu. During college he continued training in Traditional Tae Kwon Do and in 1985 he began training in “American ... forms and playing practice matches. Karate forms are the base of karate.


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8° WTKA World Championships & Martial Marathon - ITALY 2012 ...

... lowkick - muay thai - submission wrestling - mma light - kung fu - traditional forms - free styles forms - sanda light - brazilian ju jitsu ... san marino, scozia, senegal, serbia, slovacchia, slovenia, spagna, sri lanka, stati uniti, sud africa ... tango soo do - ju jitsu - bodyguard- all ...


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MARTIAL ARTS VITA - Jerry Galloway

of Master Kim Soo in the Chayon-Ryu system. Spr, ‘79 ... Early forms of martial arts can be traced to ancient Korea, China, and Okinawa. Dr. ... Kung Fu) in Manchuria. [Back to Top ] Part 2. Byung In Yoon then taught both Nam Sok


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Grandmaster Kim: Tang Soo Do, Keeping Nlari'ial Ar'l's as an Art

Graneb+taster Tang Soo Do, Keepíng Martíal Arts as an Art ... martial arts when I was nine. I trained with instructor Eyi I. Su in a suburb of Seoul, South Korea (called Young San) where my grandmother lived. We didn't have labels ... great Kung Fu masters and movie stars. I decided to ...


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Ki (weapons-dominated) trend is - TaeKwon

... the Yoo Soo Nam Ship Pal Ki system has also ... 13 One of the advanced forms taught at the Korea Taek Kyon Association is an ... Korean version of Shaolin Kung Fu called Sip Pal Ki Sorim Kwan in Korean. ...


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The Universal Post - Kuo Lien Ying

in San Diego. Thank you all for making this year's conference the ... Printed renewal forms and checks should be sent to the membership coordinator at: Julie Li ... Kung Fu in 1965 at the age of fourteen, and in 1969 he


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He is a four-time medalist in Men’s Black Belt Sparring and Forms at the PA State ... Kyuki Do (Korean Ninja) and Tang Soo Do. His teaching experience includes instructing at the Korean Judo College, ... Wing Chun Kung Fu. He has also tried his hand at t’ai chi and wrestling. When not


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Lester's Karate-Do - Yola

Ryūkyū Kempo (琉球拳法) is a generic term often used to describe all forms of karate from the ... Taikyoku San Dan Taikyoku Yon Dan ... by the Shaolin kung fu systems, mainly in its use of the butterfly kick (also


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Most Tang Soo Do students practice the static form. Everything is prearranged or choreographed. Take a wrist ... We teach applications of our forms for every movement. You cannot properly do a form if ... Kung Fu than what I was learning in the United States.


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In China open hand fighting is called Kung Fu or Daeji-Chon; in India Selambam ... In Malaysia Bosilat; in Thailand Kick Boxing; and in Korea it is known as Tae Kyon, Soo-Bak-Gi, and Taekwon-Do. Some of these forms of self ... painted in the age of San-Sang, the tenth king of Koguryo ...


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Colored Belt System - American Ju-jitsu Association

But, just as in Japan, some particular forms and techniques were hidden from most st udents and were given only to a select few. While this ... Hapkido and Tang Soo Do from Korea, Kung Fu from China and many other martial arts


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The Secrets of the Korean Sword - Kuk Sool Won Richmond

with its large variety of Kung fu weapons. ... San Francisco. It is from this kuk 500 1won school that In Hyuk Suh oversees w hat is possibly the largest Korean martial arts system in the world. ... sword forms, or principle s, taugh t.


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Kung-Fu was the direct ancestor of Goju-ryu Karate there have been some complications. ... (Soo, 13). A master’s art was closely guarded and handed down often only within a family, ... A Taoist immortal named Chang San-feng was a recluse in the Wu-tang mountains of


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25th Anniversary Event Program Page 1 - Chun Kuk Do

... Kung Fu, and boxing in 1967. ... Mr. Gallacher competed for six years taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in both fighting and forms in the Las Vegas Nationals, Las Vegas International Championships, ... He was born and raised in San Jose, California.


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List of Participants - AYP Rogaine

sm6 025-3 azeo kung wing fai lau kam tak kent tang yiu sun ... sx6 098-4 abes mak lok to lee wing san wong wing fu lee lap hung ... yx6 262-4 adeu li chun ho soo wai hin queenie kwan yik ching lam cho yu


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