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A Study of Automotive Gear Lubes - Synthetic Warehouse

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A Study of Automotive Gear Lubes - Synthetic Warehouse

viscosity requirements for SAE 75W-90 gear lubricants are highlighted in green in the following chart. Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270) Oil viscosity is affected by temperature changes during use ... the viscosity of oil increases. Gear lubricants with high viscosity at ... Price Comparison Product ...

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lubrication cross reference chart far west oil co mobil oil shell oil texaco oil chevron oil exxon oil castrol oil dodge oil iso grade hydraulic, spindle ... gear oil 320 gear oil 632 omala 320 meropa 320 gear oil 320 spartan 320 gear oil 320 gear oil 320 320

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A Study of Automotive Gear Lubes - Last Great Road Trip

viscosity requirements for SAE 75W-90 gear lubricants are highlighted in green in the following chart. Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270) Oil viscosity is affected by temperature changes during use ... the viscosity of oil increases. Gear lubricants with high viscosity at ... Price Comparison Product ...

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mobil gear oil cross reference chart 630 - Bing

mobil gear oil cross reference chart 630.pdf FREE PDF DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

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GEAR OIL Deolube Industragear Agma 2-EP Mobilgear 626 Omala 68 NL Gear 68 Alpha EP Gear 68 Meropa 68 Extra-Duty NL 2-EP ... LUBRICANT CROSS REFERENCE CHART The above chart is representative of interchangeable lubricants to the best of our knowledge and abilty.

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Motorcycle Oil Comparison -

Oil Comparison. 2 Table of Contents Overview ... An oil’s ability to minimize gear wear. 8. ... The following chart identifies the viscosities of the oils before use. The purpose of testing initial viscosity is to ensure that

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The Viscosity/grade comparison chart compares commonly used systems. In this guide, lubricants within each category are arranged accord- ... Worm gear oil Cling type gear sheild (open gears) General purpose extreme pressure lithium based grease

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Lubricant Cross Reference Guide - Barmacinc

gear oil st 85w-140 automotive gear oil, api gl-1 sae 85w140 no product e gear oil st 85w-90 automotive gear oil, api gl-1 sae 90 ctl b gear oil gx 80w-90 automotive gear oil, api gl-5 sae 80w90 agl b

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µÒÃÒ§à»ÃÕºà·Õº¼ÅÔµÀѳ ...

Gear Oil PULZAR LS Gear Max TOTAL Transmission TM VALVOLINE Syn Power Gear Oil PULZAR EP Gear GL-5 PULZAR AW Hydraulic ... (LUBRICANTS COMPARISON CHART FOR MANUAL TRANSMISSION SYSTEM) Spirax S2 ALS 90 (API GL-5) - - Mobilube HD LS 80W-90 (API GL-5) Axle Z Limited Slip 90-

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Engine and API, ILSAC, ACEA GM MB BMW VW Brand Name Viscosity ...

Additional product information, including Product Data Sheets and this chart, is available at ... 1 zinc levels, mobil 1 zddp, mobil 1 zinc, zinc in mobil 1, mobil 1 dexos, dexos1, mobil 1 phosphorous levels, motor oil zinc, zinc in motor oil, phosphorous in motor oil, mobile ...

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Lubricants Comparison Chart -

Lubricants Comparison Chart MARINE OILS ... GEAR OIL 90 GEAR OIL 140 ENERGEAR EP 80--ENERGEAR EP 80W-90 ENERGEAR EP 85W-140 ENERGEAR HYPO 80W-90 ENERGEAR HYPO 85W-140--ENERGEAR SHX-M 75W-90 ... DIESEL OIL 40--When product comparison table was prepared, ...

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CROSS REFERENCE INDEX - Performance Oil Store

Esso Gear Oil GX 75W-80, 75W-90, 80W-90, 85W-140 MPX Gear Oil Esso Gear Oil GX Extra 75W-90, 80W-140 Pontonic LP 75W-90 Exxon Gear Oil GX-E 80w-90 MPX Gear Oil Esso Gear Oil LS 80W-90 Pontonic LS Mobil Glygoyle 30 (obsolete name) 220 PAG Gear

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Lubricant Cross Reference - Metal Fluids

Lubricant Cross Reference Viscosity SUS@100oF/ cSt@40oC Mobil Shell Chevron Castrol 76 UNION ... Gear Oil 353/68 523/100 785/150 1150/220 1700/320 2450/460 3300/680 600 XP 68 ... The above chart is representative of interchangeable lubricants to the best of our knowledge and ability.

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Furnished by: John R. Henriksen

Gear Oil (ISO VG 68) Mobilgear 626 Spartan EP 68 Omala Oil 68 Sunep 1050 Meropa 68 (ISO VG 150) Mobilgear 629 Spartan EP 150 Omala Oil 50 Sunep 1070 ... Lubrication Comparison Chart 1 of 2 11/4/2009 11:21 AM. TDW-057 Attachment 10.7. EP 023 Yield ...

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Synthetic Lubricant Cross Reference Chart Series

Synthetic Lubricant Cross Reference Chart Series Synthetic Industrial E. P. Gear Lubricants ... Synthetic Gear Oil 6692 (320) PAO Benz Oil Syn-Tech PAO ----- 68 100 150 220 320 460 680 ----- PAO BP Enersyn SG-XP ...

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T:17 in Choose Mobil Industrial Greases as your lubrication ...

Sector/Industry Grease Color* Thickener Base Oil Viscosity NLGI Typical Applications ... bearings, environmental protection, drive gear boxes, food machinery, and electric motors. ... Mobil Grease Chart Studio Artist: B. Mantz

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mobil oil temperature chart - Bing - PDF Downloads Blog | PDF ...

Mobil Oil Comparison Chart Mobil One Oil Filter Chart Mobil Oil Viscosity Chart Gear Oil Temperature Chart Cooking Oil Temperatures Chart Oil Viscosity Temperature Chart [PDF] 1 2 3 4 5 Images of mobil oil temperature chart

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CROSS-REFERENCE GUIDE This Summit Products Guide deals with approximate competitive products comparison and is not intended to be a guideline for making lubricants recommendations. It is important to know the ... Delvac Syn Gear Oil 75W-90 SYNGEAR 75W/90

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OIL COMPARISON CHART GEAR OILS NOTE: Use as a guide only. Confirm with your manufacturer's requirements and specifications. PROLUBE CASTROL SHELL BP CALTEX VALVOLINE MOBIL FUCHS

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oil comparison chart gear oils ocoma castrol shell bp caltex valvoline mobil fuchs mastergear 7590 vmx 80 spirax gx 80w energear easyshift duragear mobilube xhp titan gear rx 80

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BDU-10/21 Hydrostatic Transmissions Service and Repair Manual

Troubleshooting Chart. ... The fluids used in HYDRO-GEAR products have been carefully selected, and only equivalent, or better products ... tion (see chart), a change to a 10w-40 engine oil may be necessary. Another alternative that will provide excellent

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Consult the factory or the chart below for alternate lubricants. Be sure to install the breather plug in the ... Sun Oil Co. Gear Oil 7C Gear Oil 8C Texaco Honor Cylinder Oil 650T Cylinder Oil Union Oil Co. of CA Steaval A Worm Gear Lube 140 . Title: SPEED REDUCER LUBRICATION

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Oil Sales Guide - JDParts: Unsigned Landing Page

Engine Oil Engine Oil Performance-Level ComparisonOil is not just oil. There is a difference between high-perfor-mance oils and oils that just meet the minimum industry

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engine comparison - Catalina 30

Engine Comparison Comments in table are from Joe DeMers od Sound Marine Diesel LLC ... Water Pump Location gear driven raw water pump, faces fwd, easily serviced easily serviced ... Oil change pump mounted on engine.

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equivalent hydraulic oil chart

equivalent hydraulic oil chart.pdf DOWNLOAD HERE 1 / 2. ... Hydraulic Oil Gear Oil Turbine Oil Compressor Oil. Hydraulic Basics. ... Referring back to our valve chart, ... Comparison of 4100 and 4201 - OCIMF APPS. http://www.ocimf-

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Automatic Transmission Fluid Chart - FCSD Chemicals and ...

Automatic Transmission Fluid Chart Version 3 Published 6/2013 TRANSMISSIONS TRANSAXLES TYPE 5R110 MODEL YEAR C6 AL4D E4OD 4R100 TORQ SHIFT AOD AODE 4R70W/ 4R70E 4R75W/E 4R44E4R55E5R55E5R55N5R44E 5R55W/S 6HP26 6R60/ 6R75 6R80 6R140 TORQ SHIFT 6 ATX F4E (4EAT) 4F20E CD4E 4F27E * AX4S (AXODE) 4F50N

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Comparable Grade List 0607 - GoMoG

esso gear oil gx synthetic 75w-90 geartex s5 75w-90/multigear s 75w-90 esso gear oil lsa 85w-90 geartex ls 85w-90 esso gear oil rx 85w-90 geartex ep-b 85w-90/geartex ep-c 80w-90/multigear 80w-90 esso gear oil st 90 geartex ro 90 esso ...

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lubricating oil equivalent chart - Bing - Free PDF Downloads ...

Oil Equivalent Chart Gear Oil Equivalent Chart Shell Oil Equivalent Chart Lubricating Oil for Women 1 2 3 4 5 Related searches for lubricating oil equivalent chart ... Lubrication Comparison Chart - METAL WEB NEWS

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Lubricant Handbook - United Farmers of Alberta

Kinematic Viscosity Comparison Chart ... gear oil for Dana, Eaton and Meritor extended warranty. Performance Benefits include: · Full synthetic base oil formulation to provide extremely broad operating temperature range · Full EP gear protection

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Competitive Comparisons Mobil Chevron Corn parable Mobil

Competitive Comparisons Competitive Product Mobil Chevron Corn parable # Mobil Mobil I@ FFV 10W-30 Mobil 1@ MX2T Motorcycle Oil Mobil 18 MX4T Motorcycle Oil

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As shown in the chart below, Cone Drive ... Selecting an unapproved “gear oil” just because it happens to be in stock can lead to serious problems. ... Efficiency Comparison by Reducer Type 1750 RPM Input Speed 4” Worm 10” Worm

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Oil Analysis Tables - RSA Reliability and Maintenance ...

Tables on Oil AnalysisTables on Oil Analysis File No. RSA-006 revision. 0 -7/08/03 ... Table 2 : Fluid Cleanliness Standard Comparison for New Oil 1 Table 13. ... Gear Motors 22/18/15 25 20/17/14 16 19/16/13 6

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industrial lubricant equivalent chart

LUBRICATION CROSS REFERENCE CHART - Far West Oil Company. ... Industrial Lubricant Viscosity Grade Equivalent ISO,'AsrM I soo 320 Crankcase G«xses SAE Gear 250. Contractor Report Template - CalRecycle. ... Comparison Chart ...

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South Bend Lathe Lubrication Chart - Blue Chip Machine Shop

Gear Reduction TYPE OIL "B" Keep Full 16/24" only Spindle Bearings TYPE OIL "A" Keep Full Motor LUBRICATI ON CHA Dial TYPE OIL "C" When ... You may use this chart comparison purposes to procure the proper grade Of machine Oil from any Oil company of your own preference.

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marine oil comparison chart - Istanbul Ship Supply

alpet denİz yaĞlari karŞilaŞtirma cetvelİ/ marine oil comparison chart alpet bp castrol shell mobil total protector mlp-3009 - - melina 30 - disola m 3010

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OIL SALES GUIDE - GreenPartStore

gear oil viscosity comparison Engine Oil Gear Oil Viscosity Viscosity SAE 0W SAE 5W SAE 70W SAE 10W SAE 75W SAE 20W SAE 80W SAE 30 SAE 40 SAE 90 SAE 50 ... • Read down the chart to determine oil category performance of John Deere oils. Service

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VS - Losi

24mm diameter oil-filled with compensation bladders SHOCK TYPE 26mm diameter oil filled coil over springs ... Losi, 5IVE-T, Desert Buggy XL, ... trademark is used with permission of Bachmann Industries, Inc. Gear One, K&N, KC, Mastercraft, ...

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Petroleum Hydraulic Fluids Recommendations

products we note that DTE 26 is a Grade 68 oil. The correct Viscosity/Temperature Chart for an SV-80 is Chart #3. ... Chart #5 Gear Pumps 68 46 32 * Viscosity values extrapulated at low temperatures may not be acurate. Confirm

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Omala S4 WE - Royal Dutch Shell

Advanced Synthetic Industrial Gear Oil Shell Omala S4 WE is an advanced synthetic heavy duty industrial worm drive gear oil ... comparison with mineral oil-based products and 11% over other synthetic hydrocarbon-based lubricants.

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oil cross reference chart - Bing

Lubrication Cross Reference Chart Oil Type Cross Reference Synthetic Motor Oil Comparison Hydraulic Oil Cross Reference Charts [PDF] 1 2 3 ... Table & Aux. Sp Bearing Oil Gear Bearing Oil Hydraulic Oil Grease Lubricating

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Specification of the gear oil approval for QM PI – FLENDER ...

Specification of the gear oil approval for FLENDER gear units Suitability Verifications for gear oils used in FLENDER Marine gear units QM PI – Lubricant Management Page 2 of 3 ... Changes in comparison with the previous revision

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USA - Evolution Revo

1 Trike Comparison Chart Take the Side by Side REVO Challenge . STRUCTURE DESCRIPTION . REVO. OTHER MODEL . Made in the . USA. Parts available next day air Available

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Lubriplate Lubricants - Associated Petroleum Products

Lubricant Classification Comparison Chart Lubriplate District Managers 4 4-5 5 6-7 8 9 10 ... No. 105 Gear Lube, 130-AA, 630-AA, LOW-TEMP, and APG 90 GEAR OIL are available in 10 OZ. / 284 g plastic tubes, 36 to a case. ... The chart below indicates product packaging availablity and package

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GoPower - Biodiesel Gear

you to run your diesel engine on straight vegetable oil. Fuel Comparison The chart will show you the differences between the three vegetable oil fuel methods. As you can see, biodiesel is a good substitute or additive fuel for diesel fuel.

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Appendix - United Farmers of Alberta

Kinematic Viscosity Comparison Chart 210°F limits converted to 40°C on basis of 95 VI oils NLGI Grease Grade Definitions ... SAE Gear Oil Viscosity Grade Definitions PROPERTY W 0W W 0 0 0 Viscosity, cSt 100°C Min. 4.1 7 11 13.5 24.0 41 Max ...

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Oil Viscosity - ZDDPlus

Oil Viscosity When people hear the ... The viscosity comparison between water and mercury in figure 4 illustrates the difference between dynamic and ... Most engine oil pumps are of the positive displacement gear type, and assuming the inlet is not starved, ...

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bucyrus recommends two bel-ray oils for use in 495 enclosed ...

In a head-to-head laboratory comparison of Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil 320 and Mobil SHC XMP 320, Bel-Ray significantly outperformed the Mobil product in an important text measuring the ... See the chart on the next page for further results. oem approvals

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Used-Oil Evaluation— Trend Analysis - ExxonMobil

Used-Oil Evaluation— Trend Analysis Introduction Viscosity, acid number and water are parameters that generally indicate the condition of the oil and lend themselves well to

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Vickers General Product Support Hydraulic Hints & Trouble ...

Chart 1 Excessive Noise ... A comparison of early classifications versus the ANSI classification ... hydraulic oil, be sure that the hydraulic fluid is as specified and that ...

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Comparison of Powertrain Configuration for Plug-in HEVs from ...

Comparison of Powertrain Configuration for Plug-in HEVs from ... dependence on foreign oil by diversifying the fuel sources of automobiles, ... a single gear ratio before the transmission, which is a

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