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Clinical Case Presentation Sample Guidelines

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Clinical Case Presentation Sample Guidelines

Clinical Case Presentation Sample Guidelines The following is provided as a guide for presenters of clinical cases at ALD’s annual conference. It is intended to provide the presenter with an outline of elements to include in clinical presentations and has

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Example Case Presentation

Example Case Submitted to the ABO Clinical Examination Disclaimer This case presentation is an example of a case that fulfilled the Board's clinical examination

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SAMPLE CASE PRESENTATION - American Board of General …

1 Comprehensive Treatment Plan (Original case submitted by Dr. Nicholas DuVall) BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Patient Introduction/Data: The patient is a 50 year-old African-American female who recently moved to San Antonio, TX from

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Template for Clinical Case Presentations - Main Page ...

Template for Clinical Case Presentations In the table below, a content outline has been provided as a template for your patient case. This presentation is not a publishable case report in that you don’t have to include a literature review or

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ORAL CASE PRESENTATION - North Dakota Board of Addiction ...

ORAL CASE PRESENTATION The 0ral exam begins with a presentation that is designed to replicate a treatment team meeting, where the applicant presents the pertinent background information on a client for discussion on the treatment plan.

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A Model of Case Presentation for the Clinical Supervision of ...

A Model of Case Presentation for the Clinical Supervision of Psychotherapy Date of presentation: “Fabricated first name ...

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Case Presentation Special Exam - Case Western Reserve University

Special Exam - Clinical Case Presentation Presenter: _____ Date: _____ Content of presentation (e.g., summary of case, rationale behind diagnosis,

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Comprehensive Case Presentation Rubric - Uni

Comprehensive Case Presentation Rubric Background Information An acceptable presentation would have evidence that the intern had carefully considered the multifaceted

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Giving Presentations in Psychology

Paper Presentations in Psychology: How to give a good talk in Psychology or other Sciences K. H. Grobman, ... Sophistication of Presentation ... case, there will be audience members who do not know what you are saying.

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A Case Presentation in Gestalt Therapy: II

A CASE PRESENTATION IN GESTALT THERAPY: I1 Robert Harman - Presenter Rudolph Bauer Harvey Freedman Laura Perls - Respondents Jack Aylward - Moderator

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Case Study Assignment Abnormal Psychology Ashley R. Worlock 3 ...

Case Study Assignment Abnormal Psychology Ashley R. Worlock 3 March 2003 . ... Upon assessment of this case study, it is shown that Lamanda suffers from several disorders. On Axis I, the clinical syndrome, she suffers from Generalized Social Phobia.

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How to write a patient case report - ASHP

Ensure that the patient case presentation provides enough detail for the reader to establish the case’s validity. IV. Discussion Compare and contrast the nuances of the case report with the litera-ture review.

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Psychology 686: Internship in School Psychology Intervention ...

8/2010 Psychology 686: Internship in School Psychology Intervention Case Study Report and Presentation . I. Overview . A. Case study Guidelines

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CASE STUDIES 7-25-00 - CNS Productions

Case histories are designed to help counselors test their ability to think their way through ... These terms have different meanings to different schools of psychology. Find ... excuse herself in the middle of her presentation. In the bathroom she took another Xanax? to calm

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AP® PSYCHOLOGY 2006 SCORING GUIDELINES © 2006 The College Board. All rights reserved. Visit (for AP professionals) ... convey that a case study does not allow us to generalize our results. Point 3 was not awarded because the

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Psychology Internship Lectures and Case Conferences 11-12

Psychology Internship Lectures and Case Conferences: 2011-2012 Lectures: Monday, 8am ... Case Conference: Case presentation Apr 23 Psychological Approaches to the Severely Mentally Ill Patrick Kerr, PhD Case Conference: SES and Culture in the SMI

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Clinical Psychology Internship Psychology Staff - Jesse Brown ...

Department of Psychology Case Conference, Chicago, IL . Hill, E. K., Llanes-Macy, S., Ammar, A. ... panel presentation at the VISN 12 MOVE Conference, Chicago, Illinois. Clinical Psychology Internship Psychology Staff : Eric J. Proescher, Psy.D.

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Psychology Internship Lectures and Case Conferences: 20122013-

Psychology Internship Lectures and Case Conferences: 20122013- Lectures: Monday, 8am Case Conferences: Monday, 9am ... Case Conference: Case presentation Nov 5 Cardiac Psychology and Rehabilitation Melisa Chelf Sirbu, PhD Case ...

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PREPARING A CASE STUDY: A Guide for Designing and Conducting ...

Case studies do not have set elements that need to be included; the elements of each will vary depending on the case or story chosen, the data collected, and the purpose (for example, to illustrate a best case versus a typical case).

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Psychology - > Welcome

Psychology Professional Practice Committee All Mental Health and Allied Health staff are invited to attend the Case Presentation and Research Day which will be held on Friday February 22, 2013 from 8:15 to 4:30 at the

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Writing Patient Case Reports for Peer-reviewed Journals ...

PRESENTATION STYLES OF CASE REPORTS The styles of case reports described below help authors present ... and analysis: new directions for psychology and educa-tion. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers; 1992:1-14. 14. Young KJ.

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Handbook for the Graduate Training Program in Clinical Psychology

Specialty qualifying exams and case presentation 37 Review paper special exam 37 Teaching a one-credit specialty course 42 ... Since its inception, the clinical psychology program at Case Western Reserve University has been

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Psychology 371: Child and Adolescent Psychological Assessment

Psychology 371: Child and Adolescent Psychological Assessment Syllabus – Spring 2005 Class Time: Monday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Meeting Place: ... Case Presentation 15% . 6 Critique of Assessment Instrument (additional information)

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School Psychology Certification Program CASE STUDY ...

School Psychology Certification Program Psychology 686: ... Students will present case study through an exit assessment consisting of an oral presentation of completed intervention case to program faculty. Calculations: 1) Slope

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Adler Graduate School - Practical Psychology, Inspiring ...

5 AT format for In Class Case Presentation Group members please use the time to process the student’s case presentation through your artwork.

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Case Study Sales Psychology Australia Case Study Sales ...

Case Study Sales Psychology Australia Page 1 of 2 Case Study Sales Psychology Australia The power of flexibility and on-demand presentation capability - is one of the best kept

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Response to Intervention: Evaluating the Effectiveness of ...

Department of Psychology Policy on Withdrawal and Incomplete Grades. All withdrawals must be completed by the end of the 13. th. ... * Each student will make one Special Topics in RTI Presentation and one Case Presentation (dates will be determined during the first class meeting). Title ...

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Case Presentation David Malone University of Tennessee at ...

Case Presentation 2 Case Presentation Case Study part A Identify a client system available in the agency setting Eli was referred for clinical psychology services related to behavior and emotional

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Annual/Rotation Performance Review - American Psychological ...

Case Presentation Review Description The person being assessed discusses client/patient/system characteristics, assessment methods, intervention planning, implementation, and outcome. ... psychology to evaluate therapist performance and psychotherapy process

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Psychology 694d Clinical Neuropsychology Practicum

Psychology 694d . Clinical Neuropsychology Practicum . Fall Semester, 2009 . Class Meetings: Monday, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, Room 7325, UMC . Note: The first class session will be on 8/24 . ... Case reviews will be devoted to presentation of patients seen through the

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Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center Psychology Internship Program

case presentation-based supervision. Psychology interns start the year with fewer cases and gradually increase their responsibilities as their skill levels develop. TRAINING MODEL-developmental and sequential learning The internship ...

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Psych 562- PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT- - Iowa State University

This class is designed for counseling psychology graduate students in Psychology and has Psych 360 (normal personality), Psych 440 (tests and measurements) and ... email report after case presentation . March 10: Interpretation of MMPI-2 profile- discuss evaluations & reports

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Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Program Catalogue Page 3 students to submit a proposal to IRB and to produce an oral presentation or a published article.

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Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology The Graduate Center ...

Students will complete a term paper on the treatment of a specific disorder of interest that is different from the disorder presented in their clinical case presentation.

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Psychology Internship program to prepare interning psychologists for ethical, competent, and ... presentation of comprehensive case conceptualization skills. 4. Professional competency to develop and execute a treatment plan utilizing research

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Mr. Pustay AP PSYCHOLOGY AP PSYCHOLOGY CASE STUDY OVERVIEW: We will do only one RESEARCH activity this academic year. You may turn in the CASE STUDY ... of another person, including papers, words, ideas, information, data, evidence-organizing principles, or style of presentation taken ...

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ED 200 Educational Psychology Case Study Rubric

ED 200 Educational Psychology Case Study Rubric Criteria/content Weak-1 to 3 pts Average-4 to 7 pts. Excellent-8 to 10 pts. Intro-Background No or little background Some background Age, gender, relationship to

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Fees and Course Structure Training Topics Certification in ...

International Psychology Centre ... experience such as: research, tutorial, case study, supervision & presentation. Assessment includes case study presentations, reviews and presentation, group participation, research paper and assignments.

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Abnormal Psychology Course Syllabus - University of West Florida

Abnormal Psychology Course Syllabus Spring Semester, 2006 Course Title: Abnormal Psychology Course Number: CLP 3144 (Reference Number 0344) ... Apply diagnostic criteria and case formulations to the assessment and diagnosis of major mental disorders.

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A Study of Self-Presentation in Light of Facebook

A Study of Self-Presentation in Light of Facebook Subject: PSY3190 Written by: Sasan Zarghooni Autumn 2007 Institute of Psychology, University of Oslo

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Educational psychology Case studies: Applying educational ...

2. Presentation of Psychological Theory (Theory to Practice Presentations): Students will choose groups of two to four people. Each small group will be asked to analyze readings and research in a

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CPSY 689: LATINO PSYCHOLOGY May 16 – May 27, 2011

2. Case Presentation (15 minutes): Monday May 23rd To gain an insider's perspective, you will conduct an in-person structured interview of a Latino to

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Abnormal Psychology Syllabus - Fort Lewis College

he can help you with case studies and learning the DSM. READINGS – Abnormal Psychology, ... (10-minute) presentation to the class about the research reported therein. An outline for this assignment ... apply abnormal psychology to your own lives and people you work with

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Vocational Psychology – PCO 7537

Vocational Psychology – PCO 7537 Instructor: Ryan D. Duffy, Ph.D. Office: Psyc 218 Phone ... Case presentation: Everyone will present a case that we will discuss during the second half of class. This case will be one of two types, based on your choosing.

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Psychology & Law

Department of Psychology Fall 2012 PSYCH 383 Sections 9080005, 9080010, and 9080015 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1:10 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Room LAGOMAR E0164 Psychology & Law ... September 12: Aileen Wuornos Case Review/ Video Presentation

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Psychology: Social Determinants of Behavior

Psychology: Social Determinants of Behavior ... presentation or impression management. ... In the case of self -descriptions, however, people are more likely to selectively present true information about themselves than they are to lie.

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Predoctoral Clinical Psychology Internship Program

Predoctoral Clinical Psychology Internship Program ... One writing sample (case presentation, assessment or testing report, presented paper, etc.) Please use the AAPI application portal to submit all materials. Use the deadlines

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Eric Garland, PhD, LCSW - The Mandel School - a Top-Ranked ...

Barbara Fredrickson, UNC‐Chapel Hill, Psychology Steven Passik, Vanderbilt University, Psychiatry Yoshio Nakamura, University of Utah, Pain Res. Ctr. Norman Farb, University of Toronto, Psychology Craig Bryan, University of Utah, Psychology Nicole Geschwind ...

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Tennessee State University Department of Psychology

Tennessee State University Department of Psychology PSYC 6506 5 - 5 - Case Study Presentation and Paper 10 points Case Study Presentation and Paper 10 points

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reviews, formal case presentation, transcription, etc. 2. First Time Practicum Placement: These students are provided additional one-on- ... Psychology and Philosophy of Texas Woman's University strongly encourage all

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