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AngularJS in 60 Minutes - Fast and Fluid

If youre new to Angular and you really havent read much about it you can go to to get all the information. ... this angular.min.js that youll see. Now what I want to do from here is just plop it into a web page and thats all I have to do.

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Angular.JS, I Promise - Uri Sh

Angular.JS, I Promise! Chaining Promises var finalResult = getCurrentUserId().then(function (userId) { if (!userId) { throw "Invalid User"; } return loadUserData(userId); }).then(function(userData) { if (!userData) { return "default.png"; };

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AngularJS Cheat Sheet - Cheatography

angu omJ son (js on) Deseri alizes a JSON string. angu ent ity() A function that ... creating and regist ering Angular modules. Requires argument always creates a new module. angu op() A function that performs no operat ions.

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Intro to AngularJS, JavaScript Done Right - Elliott Sprehn

<angular/> JavaScript Done Right Elliott Sprehn (Google, Inc.) [email protected] ... • Mature JS libraries • jQuery • Mootools • ... • Powerful UI frameworks • jQuery UI • ExtJS • YUI • ... 4... but, it could be awesome. <angular/> 5.

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Angular.js and ASp.Net MVC Advise - MarsHut

Angular.js and ASp.Net MVC Advise Asked by Dev Mondo on 2013-05-16T20:55:02-04:00 Hi, I am a long time ASP.Net Developer, right now I have my own developed CMS,

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Angularjs: Internet Explorer Compatibility - Matt Kruse

Developer Guide / ie This document describes the Internet Explorer (IE) idiosyncrasies when dealing with custom HTML attributes and tags. Read this document if you are planning on deploying your Angular application on IE v8.0 or earlier.

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Angular Expressions vs. JS Expressions - Matt Kruse

Angular Expressions vs. JS Expressions It might be tempting to think of Angular view expressions as JavaScript expressions, but that is not entirely correct, since Angular does not use a JavaScript eval() to evaluate expressions.

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AngularJS A to Z - E4D Solutions

This module gives a quick overview of the main angular components and how they work together. The Challenge with Web Apps (SPA) Directives Filters Model, View & Controller Modules Routes Factories Module 2: AngularJS Conceptual Overview

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Angular JS

Obviously, include angular.js into your page with a script tag In the html tag, add the attribute "ng-app" without any arguments

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AngularJS Testing

angular.min.js, angular-mocks.js and the JavaScript files being tested 3 maybe because node and npm for Windows don’t work in Cygwin. Copyright © 2013-2014 by Object Computing, Inc. (OCI). AngularJS Testing All rights reserved. Browser Support

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Recipes with Angular - Leanpub

An Introduction to Angular.js Including the Angular.js Library Code in an HTML Page Problem YouwishtouseAngular.jsonawebpage. Solution InordertogetyourfirstAngular.jsappupandrunningyouneedtoincludetheAngularJavascript

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D3 + Angular - Who Are We? | Tikal

Our Story We get real-time Check-in data from Storm and we want to visualize it. We would like to integrate our visualization as a part of an Angular.JS Dashboard

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BitNami MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js)

And you can see the BitNami MEAN stack welcome in your browser. BitNami MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js) 5

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By - Syncfusion

An Angular.js interceptor for all AJAX calls is used, which allows you to execute code before the actual request is started and when it is finished: 95 var app = angular.module("MyApp", ["ngResource"]); app.config(function ($httpProvider) {

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AngularJS Directives - Packt

AngularJS Directives . AngularJS Directives. dives into the core building blocks of Angular.JS and provides you with the knowledge you need to create fully dynamic web applications that

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AngularJS 1.2 And Beyond - Fast and Fluid

project on Angular JS and if I want to migrate? And how easy or hard will it be to migrate? What benefits would I get with my AngularJS vs Angular and DART? Igor: Were talking about Angular v1.0 vs v1.2 right?

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AngularJS - สำนักงานบริหาร ...

PUPA & CNR, COE/PSU - V1.08 2 Module Loading Modules can list other modules as their dependencies. Note: include ui-bootstrap.js and bootstrap.css

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AngularJS Tutorial: Learn to build modern web apps ...

The lib directory contains angular.js proper, and also modules that you will list as dependencies for your application. All the AngularJS files you will modify live in the js/ directory. Views obviously live in the views directory. Page 10.

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AngularJS ui - router

<script src="lib/angular.min.js"></script> <script src="lib/angular-ui-router.min.js"></script> <script src="scripts/diner.js"></script> </head> <body ng-controller="DinerCtrl"> <h1>Welcome to the {{name}} Diner!</h1> <div id="menus"> Menus:

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On behalf of our client, a leading Internet Startup in Berlin, we are currently accepting resumes for the following professional opportunity:!! ANGULAR.JS / PYTHON DEVELOPER (BERLIN)!!

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Modern Architectures Spring with and JavaScript - Martin Lippert

angular.js ember.js... Browser App (JavaScript) forget about JSF ;-) maybe GWT, but likely not maybe also CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Dart. The Server Side. Controllers Repositories RDBMS Service Layer View Generation Channels RDBMS Service NoSQL Service Service Service

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Using Typescript and AngularJS - Marshut

Using Typescript and AngularJS Asked by Todd Adams on 2014-01-21T08:28:35-05:00 Below is a simple implementation of pubsub as an angular service.

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Build Your Own AngularJS - Tero Pa

ANGULAR JS. BuildYourOwnAngular 2 ©2014TeroParviainenErrata/Submit. Build Your Own AngularJS Tero Parviainen ISBN 978-952-93-3544-2. Introduction ... Do you understand how Angular does dependency injection? Do you know the mechanicsofscopeinheritance?

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AngularJS - Jeremy Zerr

Backbone.js coding style feels more similar to back-end coding of Models. Feels more code-heavy. Lots of extending of base classes. AngularJS is designed to be easy to share code with the developer community. Why? Directives!

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D3 on AngularJS - Leanpub

4 <script src="" charset="utf-8"></script> 5 </head> 6 <body> 7 <script> 8'body') 9.append('h1') 10.text('Hello World!'); 11 </script> 12 </body> 13 </html> Liveversion: ...

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Using AngularJS - JetBrains

Using AngularJS IntelliJ IDEA provides integration with the AngularJS framework . On this page: Preparing to use AngularJS Installing AngularJS Manually

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Using AngularJS - JetBrains

Using AngularJS WebStorm provides integration with the AngularJS framework. On this page: Preparing to use AngularJS Installing AngularJS Manually

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AngularJS in Action MEAP v7 - Chapter 1 - Manning Publications

brief contents . PART 1: GET ACQUAINTED WITH ANGULARJS. 1 Introduction - AngularJS . 2 Hello Angular . PART 2: MAKE SOMETHING WITH ANGULARJS. 3 MVW The AngularJS Foundation

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Component-based Web-Apps with AngularJS - Varwig

Just make sure to load angular.js Organize and write your Javascript/Coffeescript however you see fit. Create Classes No special code Stored in Angular module Concerned with code organization Not for loading code! Create TodoList Component

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CHEAT jQuery Mobile Angular Adapter Paging for Lists SHEET

<script src=" 0.9.19.min.js" ng:autobind></script> <body> Your name: <input type="text" name="yourname" value="World"/> <hr ... jQuery Mobile Angular Adapter ngm:shared-controller= "var1:Ctrl1,..." Directive to share the same instance of a controller ...

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Promises Dirty-Checking Isolated Scopes - AngularJS.DE

AngularJS Scopes & Controllers Injector Dependency Injection Service Factory Value Constant Provider Modules Testing Unit Directives Isolated Scopes Kompatibilität

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Senior AngularJS Developer - Trōv

• Build front-end features and frameworks using Angular JS, TypeScript, HTML5 / CSS3 and LESS • Write elegant, high quality code along with solid tests (unit & acceptance) using Jasmine • Be a reference for the best web design patterns and share front-

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Josh Barber Resume | Resume Builder

frameworks that included jQuery, Backbone.js, Angular.js, Twitter Bootstrap, and jQuery Mobile. - Writing server side code using C#, the MVC Framework, and SQL Server. 2.) Management - Responsible for employee day to day issues (reviews and scheduling), as well as employee wellness.

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Metawidget and AngularJS - Meetup

The Angular Experience Standard JavaScript wrapped in directive - makes it easy to re-use for different frameworks (e.g. JQueryUI) $compile(widget)($scope.parent) - after document.createElement('input'), make it 'live'

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AngularJS Directives - Desha's Books

Angular.JS parses and transforms static HTML into a series of directives and dynamic elements. Chapter 5, Keeping it Clean with Scope, serves as a study into the different degrees of scoping and isolation that AngularJS provides for its directives.

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AngularJS Mobile -

Angular is what HTML would ... ANGULARJS: angular‐gesture Wrapper di Hammer.js hm-double-tap hm-drag-start hm-drag hm-drag-up hm-drag-down hm-drag-left hm-drag-right hm-drag-end hm-hold hm-pinch

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BrettDavis resume web - Brett Davis - User Interface & User ...

• Javascript, jQuery, node.js • PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, C++ • AJAX/JSON/XML • LAMP server-side technologies Interested In Improving • Android and iOS development • User testing techniques • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator • Backbone.js & Angular.js • Typography & Icon design

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Node .JS Appliances on Embedded Linux Devices

Outline 3 Introduction to Node.js Cross-compiling Node.js and NPM Development environment Scripting samples in embedded devices Development story of a surveillance application

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AngularJS and quirks mode: blank screen on IE8+

Title: AngularJS and quirks mode: blank screen on IE8+ Author: Surreal Subject: I'm working on an Angular project that will be included in a HTML page I don't have control on.

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Addition of Angular Momentum - Reed College

Addition of Angular Momentum Lecture 28 Physics 342 Quantum Mechanics I Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 We consider the physical e ects of spin, and for this we need an interaction ... particle one in js 1 m 1iand particle two in js 2 m 2i, then S z 1 2 1

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Developers - Huihoo

<script src='angular.js'></script> <script src='UserControllers.js'></script> </body> </html> MVC index.html UserController.js. Structure Notifies Manages Observes Logic / Controller (JS Classes) UI / View (DOM) RAM Data / Model (JS Objects) <div> <span> <ul>

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responsive design with angularjs/bootstrap webapps

the installation of the collapse.js bootstrap plugin, but here we are trying to avoid plugins based on JQuery and use a pure angularjs approach. the fix Fortunately Stack Overflow came to the rescue! Using these instructions I

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Angular for the Enterprise Getting More Work Done with Less ...

Angular for the Enterprise ... evaluated, including Ember.js, Knockout.js and Angular. The fact that AngularJS was backed by Google increased confidence that it would continue to be supported indefinitely. The documentation was excellent, ...

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Dependency Injection with AngularJS - Packt

angular.min.js"></script> While AngularJS does a good job of helping you get organized, along the way, it also makes you think a bit differently about DOM and how to manipulate it. When you are used to working just with tools such as . jQuery. or .

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Abe Yang User Experience Designer

EXPERIENCE 2012 - NOW UX Designer Kareo Built out a system for faster prototyping using Angular JS and jQuery. Also, I did design explorations throughout the year as to how our

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AngularJS component of Assignment #4. I ve added this to the ...

2 You may either use the more advanced Controller initialization scheme or initialize your data directly in the HTML file. Note: You may get a copy of the angular.js file from the lecture examples.

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How to pass values through an AngularJS directive to a function?

Title: How to pass values through an AngularJS directive to a function? Author: AlanW Subject: I have a directive with an attribute like this in my app.htmlâ ¦other html â ¦and angular.js file:App.directive ("eachpost", function {return {restrict: "A",scope:{id:" (at) "},templateUrl ...

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AngularJS*for*the*enterprise - JPoint B.V.

Based on Node.JS Karma (Testacular) Angular Batarang (Chrome Dev Plugin) 47 AngularJS*for*the*enterprise donderdag 6 juni 13 47. IntelliJ/PhpStorm/WebStorm JetBrains Chrome Plugin Live reload angularjs-plugin (by John Lindquist) Code completion & live templates 48

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HTML5 SPA(rchitecture) Shift - Keyhole Software

Angular.js Knockout.js Agility.js Ember.js Backbone.js extJs.js CanJs Spine KendoUI …... UI Elements are produced by 100% client side JavaScript code... Server side application data is accessed via asynchronous (AJAX) HTTP calls...

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Skills Languages Other Technologies Software Operating ...

Refactored some UI components to use Angular.js. Rebuilt the campaign builders for Offerpop apps, which were originally built using a combination of mod-python, Django templates, and SQLAlchemy. This laid the ground work for building new

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