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Alfred C. Kinsey and the Politics of Sex Research

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Alfred C. Kinsey and the Politics of Sex Research

Alfred C. Kinsey and the Politics of Sex Research John Bancroft The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction Indiana University

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Kinsey, Unsanitized - Judith Reisman

Kinsey’s Influence on Sex Education • 1964: Alfred Kinsey’s successors at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute began the Sex Information and

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ALFRED KINSEY – THE LEFT’S PERVERT HERO By Don Feder (posted December 24, 2004) Alfred C. Kinsey is the left’s secular saint -- a revered figure who, they are

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Alfred Kinsey’s work 50 years on. John Bancroft

Kinsey 50 yrs on-ssh, 5/12/2005 page 1 Alfred Kinsey’s work 50 years on. John Bancroft Alfred C Kinsey was a biologist at Indiana University with a special interest in taxonomy

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Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Report: Historical Overview and ...

The more I study the development of modern sexuality, the more I believe in the importance and significance of Alfred Kinsey. Although his research was on Americans, it

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How Alfred C. Kinsey’s Sex Studies Have Harmed Women and ...

1 How Alfred C. Kinsey’s Sex Studies Have Harmed Women and Children By Robert H. Knight Indiana University zoologist Alfred C. Kinsey shocked the nation in 1948 with the

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Private Acts/Public Policy: Alfred Kinsey, the American Law ...

Private Acts/Public Policy: Alfred Kinsey, the American Law Institute and the Privatization of American Sexual Morality DAVID ALLYN

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The Real Alfred Kinsey that Kinsey Doesn’t Show

A closer look at Kinsey’s research reveals that: He compiled statistics of “normal” sexual behavior by including a high percentage of pedophiles, inmates, sex

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Alfred Kinsey and the Pedophile Agenda - Executive ...

Child sex propagandajrom the North American Man/Boy Love Association: no longer just on the lunatic jringe. On the basis of interviews presented as a sample of the

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Kinsey - Entomological Society of America

Alfred C. Kinsey, a Harvard graduate who taught at In-diana University in Bloomington from 1920 until his death in 1956. Kinsey is best known for his studies of human sexual behavior—but before he was into sex, he was into gall wasps.

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The Kinsey Institute Exposed -

Alfred Kinsey and his early research team practiced and promoted high-risk sexual behaviors, and the Kinsey Institute continues to endorse high-risk sexual practices such as anal sex and the extensive use of pornography today.

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Alfred Kinsey, Wardell B. Pomeroy, Clyde E. Martin. Sexual ...

Alfred Kinsey, Wardell B. Pomeroy, Clyde E. Martin. Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders, 1948. Chapter 21 HOMOSEXUAL OUTLET

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Sexuality and Global Forces: Dr. Alfred Kinsey and the ...

Sexuality and Global Forces: Dr. Alfred Kinsey and the Supreme Court of the United Statest THE HON. JUSTICE MICHAEL KIRBY AC CMG" I. FAULT LINE OF CIVILIZATIONS?

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ALFRED KINSEY U.S. Sex Researcher (1894-1956)

Lesson Plan ALFRED KINSEY U.S. Sex Researcher (1894-1956) Next Meeting ©[2012] [The Legacy Project Educational Initiative Dr. Gerri Spinella[VS%20Edit%20-1].pdf

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Alfred Kinsey alone argued that sexual satisfaction was a childhood goal.5 PART I: THE LITTLE BOY EXPERIMENTS The number of male infants and young boys observed undergoing sexual stimulation, as reported in the Male volume, is between 317 and 1,739 (seven girls were similarly tested).

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Sex Research at the Borders of Gender: Transvestites ...

Transvestites, Transsexuals, and Alfred C. Kinsey 73 meanings of what we now call biological sex (maleness and femaleness) and gender (masculinity and femininity).

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Two Excerpts From ALFRED KINSEY: A LOVESTORY A Play by Mike Folie FromAct I: Kinsey finds himself at an upscale brothelcalled Cupid’s Retreat, where he attempts to take the sexhistory of the

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Dr. Alfred Charles Kinsey - Bowdoin College

Dr. Alfred Charles Kinsey Bowdoin Graduate of 1916 Dr. Alfred Charles Kinsey, regarded as the founder of sexology---the study of human sexuality, was born in New Jersey on June 23,

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Reading Alfred C. Kinsey: Sexuality and Discourse in Mid ...

Reading Alfred C. Kinsey: Sexuality and Discourse in Mid-Century America Brandy Renee McCann Abstract This project concerns various 20th-century rhetorical strategies for sexual

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Kinsey Scale - Bowling Green State University

Kinsey Scale Alfred Kinsey was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, June 23, 1894. He received his Sc.D. in biology from Harvard University in September 1919.

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Kinsey Brochure 8 - The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex ...

At Alfred Kinsey’s death, colleague Paul Gebhard shouldered the mantle of his crusading mentor, publishing four books from the existing datasets. The next director, June Reinisch changed the institute’s name, expanded its research agen-

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Alfred Kinsey's 1948 and 1953 Studies - RAU Visiting ...

Approximately 25% of the sex histories came from these 100% groups. (Kinsey did not believe a random sample was possible.) Method: Kinsey used in-depth, face-to-face interviews by highly trained interviewers.

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Student’s Guide to Understanding Human Sexuality

Alfred C. Kinsey was born in 1894 in New Jersey, the fi rst child of uneducated parents. In high school he did not date, and a classmate recalled that he was “the shy-est guy around girls you could think of. ...

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Study Guide Exam 1 chs 1 - 5 - Lane Library - Armstrong State ...

Alfred Kinsey contributed greatly to our understanding of sexual behavior by a. writing a marriage manual that opposed the restrictions of the Victorian age. b. developing a theory of psychosexual development that emphasized childhood sexuality.

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Studies in the Psychology of Sex - TestBank Instant Downloads ...

A. Alfred Kinsey. B. Richard von Krafft-Ebing. C. Henry Havelock Ellis. D. Magnus Hirschfeld. 22. Which of the following was NOT an accomplishment of early sex researcher Magnus Hirschfeld? A. He established the first journal on the study of sex. B.

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production notes 30 - HollywoodJesus

who had been seeking the right filmmaker to develop the life and times of Alfred C. Kinsey. “Kinsey changed the way America thinks about sex and the way we talk about it, yet as a man he has mostly

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Sexual Dysfunctions, Paraphilias, and Gender Identity Disorder

Alfred Kinsey (1894 -1956) • Biologist at IU • Interviewed thousands; recorded frequency of sexual behavior • crusade for tolerant sexual attitudes,+paraphilias+042810.pdf

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Dr. Bancroft regards Alfred Kinsey as a figure of immense importance to sexology and human science, and the Kinsey Institute as one of the principal institutions of sex research in the world. For this special Kinsey

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TH S H. R. 2749

I 104TH CONGRESS 1ST SESSION H. R. 2749 To determine if Alfred Kinsey’s ‘‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Male’’ and/or ‘‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Female’’ are the result of any

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The Scope of Human Sexuality - Foothill College

Alfred Kinsey Examples of Early Research Findings ...

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Chapter Five: The History, Goals & Strategy of the Homosexual ...

For example, it was Alfred Kinsey, the in-the-closet “gay” activist, who launched the sexual revolution in 1948 with his statistically fraudulent Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and its promotion of “outlet” or recreational sex.

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on the results of Alfred Kinsey’s sexuality r esearch for help with conceptualizing the provisions.9 Indeed, the Commentaries indicate that many of the factors that framed the Code’s sexual offense provisions are still reflected in modern rape statutes. By

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Devvy Kidd -- The Kinsey Syndrome - Will your child be the ...

revolution" and Alfred Kinsey was the lightening rod. The Kinsey Syndrome shows you with full documentation how our laws were changed to protect sexual predators.

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THE FEMALE PHALLUS: On Alfred Kinsey’s sexual vitalism, the ...

7 2. Anthropological misprisions of Kinsey’s work In the rather uneventful reception of Kinsey’s work within anthropology, it is doubtless significant that Edgar Gregersen dedicated his impressive anthropological survey of Sexual

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Queer Theory and Film - Scarecrow Press

Alfred Kinsey et al., Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders, 1948); Alfred Kinsey et al., Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders, 1953). 6. Henry E. Adams, Lester W. Wright Jr., and Bethany A. Lohr, “Is Homophobia Associated

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KinseyToday - Indiana University

KinseyToday A publication of The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction Fall/Winter 2008 Volume 12 team of researchers affiliated with The

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Assessment Plan - Eastfield College

Alfred Kinsey is best known for his research on ____. a. senescence b. people who are aged 85 and older *c. sexual behavior d. cognitive development Assessment Plan--Psychology of Adult Development and Aging.doc printed 08/26/04 . 7 6 ...

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Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D. - SelectedWorks | Create faculty web ...

of Alfred Kinsey was unquestioningly benign… In the course of producing my documentary - 'Kinsey's Paedophiles' – it became clear that every substantive allegation Reisman made was not only true but thoroughly sourced with documentary evidence - despite the Kinsey Institute's

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Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Sexual Rights vs. Sexual ...

6 Dr. Alfred Kinsey was a depraved human being, and his emotional illness expressed itself through his sexuality. And sadly, this man‘s personal sexual

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Jeffersonian Principles in Action Restoring Legal Protections ...

4 Finally, zoologist Alfred C. Kinsey was not the conventional, middle-American family man and academic as marketed by Indiana University and the

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Methodistj Alfred Kinsey burned with the hardy ^em-likeflame ofa convert to atheism^ determined to reform society along rational lines. were consciously designed with a hid den agenda of advocacy in mind, but the fact remained that, in Mr. Jones's

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Methodological Considerations from a Kinsey Institute Mixed ...

Alfred Kinsey and his associates (1948; 1953) interviewed over 18,000 US men and women from 1938 to 1953, producing extensive data on their sexual experiences and histories. The initial published volumes focused primarily on data from 5,300 white men (Kinsey et al., 1948)

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‘As firecrackers to atom bombs”: Kinsey, science, and ...

Kinsey, Science, and Authority 31 Sexual experience leading to orgasm (for men, in this case) is another important point to be made about the work of Kinsey and

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Infidelity/Extramarital Sex - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

collected in the 1940’s in the U.S. by Alfred Kinsey estimated that nearly one out of two married men and one-fourth of women commit adultery. There have been additional studies, with some supporting Kinsey’s findings and others not. Some researchers suggest that the incidence of ...

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Media Kit Sex and the Sacred City

Margaret Sanger, Alfred Kinsey, Helen Gurley Brown and others were prominent in promoting this level of ignorance. For each of these individuals, and others like them, their unique misunderstandings of God and sex drove them more and more completely down a dark road.

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1. During the Victorian era, a man who engaged in frequent ...

Alfred Kinsey. _____6. Which of the following individuals made positive contributions toward the understanding and freeing of female sexual pleasure? A. Helena Wright B. Alfred Kinsey C. Sigmund Freud D. Richard von Krafft-Ebing Page 1 _____7.

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Preliminary Testing of The Sell Assessment of Sexual Orientation

INTRODUCTION The Kinsey Scale, the most widely known and well-regarded measure of sexual orientation ever developed, has been criticized recently as theoretically flawed and of limited value for research (Kinsey,

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204 JOURNAL OF BISEXUALITY January 5, 1948, was the official publication release date for the first of zoologist/sexologist Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey’s two main works on human

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Child Molestation by homosexuals and heterosexuals

Sex educator and Alfred Kinsey co-researcher Wardell Pomeroy said that “People seem to think that any [sexual] contact between chil-dren and adults has a bad effect on the child. I say that this can be a loving and thoughtful,

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TC Steele Murder Mystery Dinner 2014 “A Strange ew Song ...

Dr. Alfred Kinsey is the internationally famous leader of the groundbreaking sex study team at Indiana University. Just a few months ago Kinsey’s team published their second blockbuster: Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. Politicians &

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