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Rubric - Santa Barbara City College

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Rubric - Santa Barbara City College

Scoring rubrics specify the qualities or processes that must be exhibited in order for a performance to be assigned a ... Another rubric for a complex activity, ... Before they began any work on the murals, she arranged the class in cooperative learning groups and asked them to ...

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Scoring Rubrics - CL-1: Field-tested Learning Assessment ...

Scoring Rubrics [FOR WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS AND ORAL ... “adequate”, “needs improvement” responses. Ask them to work in cooperative groups to analyze the strengths and ... summative assessment provides a description of students’ level of attainment upon completion of an activity ...

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Arkansas IEP Domain Scoring Rubric - Arkansas Department of ...

Student performs independently or initiates the activity with the use of environmental or social supports. ... Support provided by peers in the context of students learning together (e.g., cooperative learning groups, ... Scoring Distribution for Special Education Portfolio.

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Activity: Professional Study Team: Collaborative Grade-Level ...

Teaching and Learning Cooperative Proposal. Proposal Facilitator: Coleen Pittman Work Location ... Preparing for Publication and Publishing/Scoring of Published Work With CSR Rubrics. II. Outside Learning Activities. ... Activity: Professional Study ...

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Textbook Scoring Sheet - Bellevue School District

Problem solving is a goal-related activity that involves applying skills, understandings, ... 24. Cooperative Learning B D. 25. Guided Practice B D. 26. ... Textbook Scoring Sheet ...

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Teaching Process: Contextual Factors - Millersville ...

Scoring Rubrics. June 2002. ... how you plan to assess student learning during and/or following the activity (i.e., formative assessment). ... Cooperative learning processing sheet. Day 7. LG 5. Topic: Conflict and resolution. Teaching strategy:

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Assessment Action Plan - Wikispaces

... Focus on Rubrics. 8. Activity 3: Rubric Development. 8. Lesson 4: ... Rubrics and scoring guides. ... Review games: use cooperative learning strategies recently learned in ICE grant (pair and share; give one/take one, etc)

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Cooperative Learning ... Full Option Science System (FOSS) model for mixed ability groups. Cooperative learning activity involves 4 students working together and taking turns with the following. roles. 1. ... Scoring guides using rubrics are also available online.

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Teacher - Wikispaces

(include rubrics/scoring guides) Reference pages and/or weblinks: ... Cooperative Group Activity. Think/Pair-Share. Real-Life Applications ... Cooperative Group Learning – Helicopter Activity . Wrap-up/Closure – Contest for Largest, ...

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Scoring Rubric

USE THE ATTACHED SCORING RUBRIC FOR THE ASSIGNMENT. Scoring Rubric. Top of Form. ... Culminating or Closing Procedure/Activity/Event: (e.g., review terms ... (e.g., direct instruction, cooperative learning groups, partner work) Differentiated Instruction: Describe accommodations for such groups ...

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Tab 7 Rubrics - Humboldt State University

There are two major types of scoring rubrics: ... This is more compatible with cooperative and collaborative learning environments than competitive grading schemes and is ... The utility of the VALUE rubrics is to position learning at all undergraduate levels within a basic framework of ...

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Scoring - Daemen College

The activity requires students to build upon prior knowledge and apply knowledge and skills from two or more related ... or rubrics. The learning experience includes measures that guide student reflection on the final product that may take the form of ... cooperative, and competitive learning.

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Cooperative learning groups, pairs, etc. Materials/Equipment needed: ... – Activity(ies) of the lesson; ... – How the lesson will be measured. Include the entire test, scoring guides and rubrics. Reflection: Teacher .

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EXPERIMENTS: - Ecological Society of America

... cooperative learning, problem-based learning, scoring rubrics. CLASS TIME: MULTIWEEK - three 3 hour lab periods. ... (such as grasses and weedy perennial forbs, hollys, yews, and conifers). The activity does not work well on dried plant material, because it is a bit tricky, but not ...

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Rating - TNTP

Challenges students to do their best during activity and throughout lesson CLASSROOM CULTURE Sets positive, ... Scoring: Candidate must score ... (i.e. cooperative and/or hands-on learning), ...

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AP Psychology Essay Questions - Dripping Springs ISD

Scoring Rubrics. The enclosed document includes an essay prompt for each unit in AP Psychology and a corresponding scoring rubric. The purpose of this activity is to increase the students’ awareness of how AP exam readers grade ... Learning. Nature and Nurture of Behavior . Developing Person. ...

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Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology

... cooperative learning, problem-based learning, scoring rubrics. CLASS TIME: ... (such as grasses and weedy perennial forbs, hollys, yews, and conifers). The activity does not work well on dried plant material, because it is a bit tricky, but not impossible, ...

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Microsoft Word - 2008 National Initial PETE Standards ...

... in which the skill/activity is performed. Learning activities allow students to achieve objectives ... Griffin, L. L., & Hastie, P. (2004). Sport education, tactical games, and cooperative learning: Theoretical and pedagogical ... Rubrics Glossary, Refs Author: jmcgavin Description: Document ...

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Cooperative learning activities engaged . ... Practice activity engaged . Self and peer assessment opportunities . ... Rubrics/scoring criterion constantly referred to . ELL (sheltered mainstream or modified) CLASSROOM OBSERVATION CHECKLIST .

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SLO Glossary and Guide - Santa Barbara City College

Cooperative learning. Debates. Drama. Role playing, simulations, and games. ... Definition of “Directed Learning Activity ... Analytic scoring rubrics divide a performance into separate facets and each facet is evaluated using a separate scale.

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Center for Performance Assessment - Elkhart Community Schools

Introduction of polynomials wil be presented as a review of addition and subtraction polynomials with a cooperative learning activity. ... for the lesson will be the last 15 minutes of class to construct a model of multiplication using algebra tiles from Activity 21. Task 2 – Scoring Guide ...

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Tips for Teachers: Preparing for Sport and Physical Activity ...

... Key Idea A and Standard 2 of the New York State Learning Standards. ... remind students that they will be assessed on all game or activity components (rubrics), ... and with practice observing students for those rubrics, scoring becomes easier and more efficient.

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Activity: Professional Study Team: Writing Conferences and

Teaching & Learning Cooperative. Proposal. Proposal Facilitator: Kelly Logan ... Share rubrics and language with students and discuss how the scored pieces can be used as one piece of evidence to show whether or ... Next steps for instruction and scoring of papers in pairs using 3 of ...

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Effort and Achievement Lesson Plan - Wikispaces

(Cooperative Learning- Informal) ... (Remind students that they will be scoring how they worked as a group at the end). In a small group, ... feel like, sound like in that subject area. Give students 10-15 minutes to work on the activity. Then share out with the whole class. Finally, ...

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Student Learning Outcomes—A Focus on Results

... Activity 3: Writing Student Learning ... CSU Institute for Teaching & Learning, [email protected] Scoring rubrics are explicit schemes for ... Exploring Competency-Based Initiatives” a report of the National Postsecondary Education Cooperative Working Group on Competency ...

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Classroom Environment is Conducive to Teaching and Learning

Classroom furniture and physical arrangements are conducive to learning and modified as appropriate to learners’ exit activity. Classrooms utilize a common board ... Students take part in cooperative projects where each student's knowledge is needed by ... Scoring rubrics are ...

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The Art of Teaching Rubric

There is minimal cooperative learning. ... Students’ Instructional Activity ... The teacher uses only tradition testing and scoring methods and no authentic performance-based assessment.

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Draft 1 Spr 2004 Syl - George Mason University

... using assessment as feedback for learning; developing scoring rubrics and other performance ... Include the proposed scoring criteria for each assessment activity. ... choices, and models for the learners. (Teacher modeling and cooperative learning, while useful, are not considered ...

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University of Kentucky – College of Education

Research is a valued activity and tool within UK’s educator ... skills essential to reflective practice and policy analysis EDC 323 Create and conduct assessments appropriate for cooperative learning and learning ... complete tasks with scoring rubrics; complete reading assessment ...

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CTE Team 4 Professional Development Model

Copy of all scoring rubrics including Presentation Rubric, ... This lesson will utilize cooperative learning, collaborative groups, teacher modeling, concept mapping, ... This activity can also be extended to the entire school.

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Schedule and Topics:

Points will be assigned to each written assignment and your contributions to the discussion board based on the scoring rubrics outlined below. ... Scoring: 15 Session: Authentic Learning Due: April 10. Assignment #6. Scoring: 15 ... How the cooperative activity promote positive interdependence ...

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Application to Other Standards Council for Exceptional ...

The understanding of these learning differences and their possible interactions provide the foundation upon which special educators individualize instruction to provide ... The interactions could be during a structured activity such as mealtime or unstructured ... Scoring Rubrics.

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Waterbury Public Schools - Central Connecticut State University

... (learning tool for teachers). Rubrics as Evaluation Tools. ... This sample scoring rubric could be easily adapted and used for expectations and scoring numerous cooperative learning activities. ... In most phases of this activity, ...

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Materials - GeorgiaStandards.Org

Rubric for Hook Activity. Materials: 3 judges, rubrics, score sheets, white boards, markers, 4 contestants. ... Rubric for scoring: Scale. 1 2 3 4 5 Noun. Any noun Is an organism Is an animal ... Spencer. Cooperative Learning, 1990.

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Instruct students to think about an activity done the prior evening. ... Arter, Judith and Jay McTighe. Scoring Rubrics in the Classroom: ... Cooperative-learning grouping has a powerful effect on student learning.

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See Attachment C, Post-Assessment Scoring Rubrics. Instructional Procedures: Administer the pre-assessment. ... Engaging in kinesthetic activity. Use of cooperative learning groups has a powerful effect on student learning.

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The Georgia Teacher Evaluation Program was developed in ...

What are the key steps and proper sequence for this learning activity? What related learning needs to ... Structures cooperative group learning activities in which students facilitate each ... Assesses student learning through authentic assessment tasks and scoring rubrics Guiding ...

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Unit Plan Template - Intel Units - home

... (Invention Scoring Guide, Newsletter Scoring Guide) Rubrics (Multimedia Rubric for Simple and Compound Machines Newsletter) ... Put students in appropriate cooperative learning groups. ...

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Transformations Vol II - Kentucky Department of Education

... ( Cooperative Learning The competitive learning environment had become an individual effort where learners were ... Rubrics for scoring instructional assessment activities should meet the same criteria discussed earlier for ... The classroom was a bustle of activity and learning.)

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The Validation of a Student Survey on Teacher Practice

Grouping – strategies for cooperative learning. ... Overlapping – sustaining an activity while doing something else at the same time. ... scoring rubrics, and student work. While many systems use some sort of artifact analysis, ...

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Northwest Missouri State University and SuccessLink

... traditional scoring guides, and rubrics. ... You are encouraged but not required to include a cooperative learning structure. ... I look to see if the activity contains all the information needed to implement this lesson.

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ECED Elements of a Lesson Plan

... portfolios, projects, homework, worksheet, scoring system, rubrics. Informal – observation notes, performance tasks ... Cooperative Learning such as Jigsaw. Inquiry-based ... Extensions: A lesson extension IS NOT a filler. It is an additional activity extending the concept being ...

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HISTORY-SOCIAL SCIENCE SCORING RUBRICS AND SCORING SUMMARY FORM. ... Reniforced via teacher modeling practice and cooperative learning. ... grammatical structures that hide the agent of an activity (e.g., passive voice, abstract subject), reference patterns ...

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State Program Report – Agriculture Education

The teacher intern uses a variety of appropriate teaching strategies (e.g., cooperative learning, direct instruction ... The teacher intern manages transitions smoothly from one activity to another with little loss ... scoring rubrics, common assessments, data sharing (scoring and ...

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Using rubrics. Lesson Planning Activity Reading Assign: Chaps 2 & 3 in MS ... Cooperative Learning considerations for inclusion Reading Assign: Part 2 ... Application Project Assignment and Scoring Rubrics. CEC Standard 4: Instructional Strategies and 7: ...

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... higher-order thinking, connections to the world beyond the classroom, metacognition, Socratic seminars, cooperative learning ... and rubrics; others as developmentally appropriate Apply scoring rubrics to their writing and the ... Sum-Up Write–End of Activity/Discussion ...

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Resources - Whitman College

Group work and cooperative learning are highly valuable. ... ... Scoring Rubrics. Student Assessment of Learning Gains.

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PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENTS: - Header, Footer and Contents Frameset

Scoring Rubrics DESCRIPTION ... adults) and how they are involved (parallel play, cooperative). 3 4. Description of how child interacts with other children (if any are present). ... and assess learning experiences that use technology in the delivery of the learning activity.

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EC-4 Intern Unit Assignment - Baylor University

... 12 boys 13 girls Provide mixed gender grouping during cooperative learning activities, 2 shy girls need extra encouragement ... (e.g., scoring rubrics, observation checklist, rating scales, item weights, test blueprint ... Include the topic or activity you are planning for each day ...

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CTE Team 4 Professional Development Model

Copy of all scoring rubrics including Presentation Rubric, ... This lesson will utilize cooperative learning, collaborative groups, teacher modeling, ... From this activity students realize that there are specific animal/plant groups in the Chesapeake Bay area.

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