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Here is a sample script for use in planning your opening remarks: “Good evening! My name is (name) and this is (name) , (name) , (name) , and (name) .

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Ceremony S'96 - Pi Mu Epsilon

{Optional: Show a sample copy.} ... Vice President, {short bio/plans after graduation or for the summer}, _____, Secretary, {short bio/plans after graduation or for the summer}; and _____, Treasurer ... --Closing Remarks:

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Service Unit Ceremonies - Girl Scouts - Diamonds

Closing Remarks and Invitation for Refreshments. Closing Ceremony . ... I challenge you to keep these women in your lives. Send them Christmas cards every year, graduation, wedding and birth announcements. ... Here is a sample design for a Daisy Girl Scout Investiture Ceremony:

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What are your plans after graduation? Besides English and Spanish, ... SAMPLE (BODY - WORK ACCOMPLISHMENT) ... SAMPLE (CLOSING REMARKS) In summary, I am a focused and detail-oriented person who leads by getting involved.

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Creating - Welcome to | City of New York

Closing Remarks and Assignment for Graduation. Key Concept. Developing Screening Procedures for Clinic Personnel. ... Sample Clinic Screening Form for Children with Asthma. Session 5: Handout 5-2 (Activity III) Helping the Family through the Clinic.

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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS - Virginia Department of Education

Plans after high school graduation: ... This is a sample form that may be used in addition to the training agreement to detail school requirements to parents and students. ... (Closing remarks) It is a pleasure to have (superintendent and/or student) of the ...

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Joseph Cunningham - Cameron School of Business

Introduction. As a finance major in the Cameron School at UNC Wilmington, graduating in (graduation month and year), an opportunity was offered me to spend time at a local (firm business) firm, and earn academic credit in my closing semester.

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Curriculum Review Process - Wilkes Community College

A sample Data Elements Report is included as Attachment 2. Following the completion of the Data Elements Report, ... employment upon graduation? ٱ Yes ٱ No. ... Closing remarks on overall status of program Curriculum Review.

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Week 4 Place secured for the Graduation Ceremony. ... Sample Course Worker Job Descriptions. ... Closing Remarks/Benediction. This program is not all-inclusive, but it serves as a guide to creating your own personal program.

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Hatboro-Horsham High School Internship Student Handbook

Getting started with your Resume Sections of the Resume Policies Regarding Resumes Sample Resumes. ... Upon graduation, ... an interviewer expects questions · Conveys your interest in the company/position CLOSING REMARKS 2-3 MINUTES · Thank the representative and request a business card.

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Sample Essay . Wisdom: p. age 217 of . my a. utobiography ... This contains middle school / high school or college information, expected date of graduation and course of ... Each applicant will be given the opportunity to make closing remarks and to thank the committee for their time. Making an ...

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Sample Essay . Wisdom: page 217 of ... This contains middle school / high school or college information, expected date of graduation and course of study. Include academic honors ... Each applicant will be given the opportunity to make closing remarks and to thank the committee for their time ...

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Leicester Medical School - University of Leicester – A Top ...

Below are sample time lines during your registration of Scheme A and B based on the dates of the 2009-2010 academic year. ... Graduation Ceremony. How do I go about setting up my iBSc? ... Closing Remarks:

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<first recto> - Walden University Writing Center

Sample Pages. 53. Sample Abstract Title Page: Proposal. 53. Sample Abstract. 54. ... Graduation dates fall at the end of the quarter. ... Assuming you want the same closing remarks as in the APA section.

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"random acts of family engagement" - U.S. Department of Education

Although it is essential for parents to know about high school graduation requirements, ... In her closing remarks at the forum ... B., & Collins, W. A. (2008). Exceptions to high school dropout predictions in a low-income sample: Do adults make a difference? Journal of Social Issues, 64(1 ...

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Resume and Cover Letter Writing - Carroll College

Make sure your closing is not vague, but make a request for specific action from the reader. ... Sample Headings: Option 2Reese EntgradAddress until May: ... MontanaExpected Graduation: May 2011Honors Thesis: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Young Athletes: Silent But DeadlyAwarded All Saints ...

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Student Handbook - Onalaska ISD

Graduating students will be given an opportunity to provide opening and closing remarks during the graduation ceremony. Only those students who are valedictorian and salutatorian will be eligible to give these remarks; however, ...

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GOLD AWARD CEREMONY Linda G - Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake ...

Sample Girl Scout Award ... U.S. Congressman, Federal Agencies State Governor, State Senate, House of Representatives, Board of Selectmen Closing Remarks (my 'inspirational ... high school, and plans for college. Give a graduation certificate as they come. They should remain at the front ...

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Unless there is a new session or substantial revision, or an outstanding new approach, sample presentations should be unnecessary at CDC. ... Graduation and thanks; closing remarks, closing ceremony, etc. Evaluations (participant and staff) Take down, clean up.

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This sample text may be adapted for any nonemergency, ... Emergency School-Closing Information61. SAT, ACT, AND OTHER STANDARDIZED TESTS61. ... Reviewing the requirements of the graduation programs with your child once your child begins enrolling in courses that earn high school credit.

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ALUMNI CHAPTER SAMPLE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. ... Remarks for the good of the chapter. Adjournment. Closing Ritual. Policy 3. ... College or University and Date of Graduation. Collegiate Chapter Offices or Responsibilities Held.

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5:50 to 6:00 Closing Remarks (Workshop) Albert L. Wiley ... Russia. Several years after graduation, she joined the BioTraces, Inc. located in ... In particular, the platforms are designed for automated sample-to-answer operation by unskilled personnel in mass population exposure ...

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Joseph Cunningham - Cameron School of Business - University ...

... and provide a sample of the actual duties performed. This report closes with some concluding remarks, ... It couldn’t hurt me since there was still two more summers before graduation and there was plenty of time to get internships in either accounting or finance.

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… Access Content - Knox County Public Schools

... /school testing program. 6.4 Use assessment results and other sources of student data in formulating student career/graduation plans. 6.2 Assess, interpret and communicate ... The Chairperson of the Panel will make closing remarks. The decision of the Panel, after sufficiently ...

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Assessment Plan for: - University of Alaska Anchorage

All students are required to take this exam prior to graduation. ... a standard deviation of 100 ** Final report for 2004-2005 not yet available *** Average weighted by yearly sample size **** These topics dropped in 2003 because they are not areas where we have ... Closing Remarks: ...

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TABLE OF CONTENTS - Middle Tennessee State University

The upper-division form is a degree plan outlining courses required for graduation. ... (10 or greater), which requires a blood sample, ... closing remarks. 6. Graduation candidates may purchase the SON pin, ...

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THE BOARD REPORT - Connecticut

The graduation standard is level 4, ... as determined by the state in consultation with a representative sample of local education agencies, or who becomes a victim of a violent criminal offense*, ... In his closing remarks, ...

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THE COVER LETTER - Columbus School of Law

SAMPLE COVER LETTERS 8. TOP TEN COVER ... deadline for follow-up contact (no more than 2-3 weeks from date of letter); and remarks: what did they say when you called, i.e., we’re not ... I plan to return to the area to practice securities law after graduation in 2005 from Catholic University ...

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The Christian Life Program (CLP)

Each participant should fill up and submit an Information Sheet (sample per Annex A). a. ... Guidelines for the closing remarks. a. ... Prepare the "graduation kit" to be given to the new members, ...

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Safety Officer - Civil Air Patrol

Attachment 2: Graduation Banquet/Dining Out41. Attachment 3: Graduation Ceremony52. ... Mess President: Closing remarks. Benediction. ... Cancellations within 10 days result in complete forfeit of tuition fees. (sample)

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Table of Contents - Fort Thomas Independent Schools

For a sample of a completed growth plan, see the Appendix. ... The Chairperson of the panel will make closing remarks. The decision of the panel, after sufficiently reviewing all evidence, ... use assessment results and other sources of student data in formulating student career/graduation plans.

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Report on First QEC Workshop - Khyber Medical University

... to be statements that describe the expected accomplishments of graduates during the first several years following graduation from the ... A sample of the forms for such surveys is ... 2:45 PM Closing Closing remarks by HEC representative Concluding remarks by VC KMU Certificate ...

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GP Handbook 2013-2014

Graduation Project Guidelines. ... Single space remarks made by an individual speaker. ... This closing paragraph should be a thoughtful reflection on the content of your interview. Sample: Excerpt from an Interview Report. Randall 1Sarah RandallMs.

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... Fetch Document - Home - Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity

Appendix C—Expansion Coordinator Sample Four Week Petition 29. ... (Beyond graduation) Benefits of the Colony Experience. Entrepreneurial experience (like starting a business) ... 8:30pm Closing remarks/ Meeting adjourned. Refreshments.

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Foundations for Student Success: Closing the Assessment Loop

Foundations for Student Success IV: Closing the Assessment Loop Monroe Community College May 9, 2011 College Assessment and Program Evaluation Committee (CAPE)

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FLEMING COUNTY SCHOOLS - Kentucky Department of Education

career/graduation plans. ... Sample Performance Indicators. Examples may include, but are not limited to: The principal: ... Each party will be asked to make closing remarks. E. The chairperson of the panel will make closing remarks.

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Welcome Letter - Florida State University

Closing Remarks and Door Prizes. 8:15 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Break ... Participants will also have an opportunity to create sample goals and objectives in small break ... The GED Exit Option Model is a statewide graduation strategy that provides an additional opportunity for students to earn a ...

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Country Support Programme (CSP) - Global Environment Facility

Questions on the SGP Graduation Policy were raised: ... The presenter shared a sample of indicators adopted as part of the nationalization of MDG-7, (example network of PAs, tons of CO2 emitted etc) ... In closing remarks, the GEFSec ...

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PRESIDENT’S REPORT - Empire State College

Consistent with the team's closing remarks at the end of the visit, ... and CDL, sample degree plans have been completed to accompany the partnership application for McDonald’s Corp ... Met with all the center deans for graduation planning review and rewrote the Graduation Guidelines manual.$FILE/March%202010%20Quarterly%20Report.doc

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The University of Texas at El Paso - Academics Portal Index ...

Closing Remarks. Pauline Dow ... examine a dual language graduation plan, and ask questions of students, teachers, ... A sample of predominantly Hispanic parents who have children diagnosed with autism was recruited to complete the Parenting Stress Index-Short Form and the Norbeck Social Support ...

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Transcript for February 20 Meeting of the Safe and Drug Free ...

Discussion and Closing Remarks 173 P-R-O-C-E-E-D-I-N-G-S (9:05 a.m.) MR. LONG: Good ... We are asking states to use the NGA four-year graduation rate, ... It's a probability sample of ninth to twelfth grade students, anonymous, ...

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Jackson State University

Closing Remarks……………………………………………… ... Local Election/JSU Graduation. Recruitment Strategies. Contact: Arthur C. Robinson @[email protected] 314.853.1879. March 6-7. 2009 Mid-Winter Alumni Council and Board Meeting.

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White Out Teen Crashes 2011 Manual - National Safety Council

Sample Certificate of Appreciation Attached. About the Florida Teen Safe Driving Coalition . Florida Teen Safe Driving Coalition (FTSDC) is a coalition of ... Closing Remarks. ... prom or graduation.

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Training - Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Sample memorandums and letters were created to make processing mandatory retirement ... ODI suggests keeping in touch with the student to offer him or her a permanent position after graduation. ... provided an overview of the day’s activities as well as forum summary and closing remarks.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS - Paintsville Independent Schools

The chairperson of the Panel will make closing remarks. The decision of the Panel, after sufficiently reviewing all evidence, may include, but not be limited to, ... Uses assessment results and other sources of student data in formulating student career/graduation plans.

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COMMUNITY ADVISORY COUNCIL - California School for the Blind

Graduation. Phil Hatlen has ... Closing Remarks. Sharon wishes all of the CAC members a happy and healthy holiday season. Jamie Rizzo, Residential Program. Thanksgiving Lunch. ... Debby passed around a sample of a tree that was drawn on the computer and then embossed.[1].doc

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Content Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes Gained in the ...

Closing Remarks on the Future of the Teaching ... and attitudes regarding teaching do Vanderbilt departments and programs want their doctoral students to possess upon graduation? ... The sample contains individuals from the College of Arts & Science, the School of Engineering, Peabody ...

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APRIL 2008 - Lohn High School

Graduating students will be given an opportunity to provide opening and closing remarks during the graduation ceremony. Only those students who are approved by the Superintendent and/or Principal will be eligible to give these remarks.

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Grade 7 - Lafayette Parish School System

(See Sample Business Letter BLM) Students, if ... heading, inside address, salutation, body, complimentary closing, and two-line signature) of various business ... a graduation cap and gown, a lab coat, clipboard, or other symbol of professional expertise. Ask students to stand shoulder ...

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YASSER PAYNE - University of Delaware

consequences of race-related stress in a clinical sample of African-American males”. Presenters ... Closing Remarks. Yasser Arafat Payne & Charles Madden. Christina Cultural Art ... Wilmington Street PAR Project Graduation Ceremony. Keynote Address/Project Overview. The Neighborhood ...

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